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  1. 1. Writtenby: MattMBoge WellingUnited ScoutingReport vs Grimsby Town
  2. 2. WELLING UNITED (LAST FIVE GAMES, League only, most recent first) W (4-3) W (4-0) W (3-0) W (3-0) W (3-1) Formations: Flexible system with variations on 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 Style of Play: Emphasis on combination play and building passing moves from the back into midfield with good width and pace on both flanks. Good technique throughout the side and attacks are based on quick, short inter-passing. Defensively, a well-structured, resolute unit with discipline and team spirit who will counter-attack in numbers and at quick pace. Lineup vs Grimsby Town (H) L 1-2 WITH POSSESSION Welling work off a flexible 4-4-2 that can morph into 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 where the full-backs are encouraged to get forward and midfielders try to work passing moves out to the wide areas for wingers or fullbacks to provide deliveries into the box. They get the ball forward quickly to front men, with the option to play high balls or balls into the space in front of them plenty of options offered to whoever is the ball carrier with good movement in front areas, particularly from Lafayette. Wingers and full-backs are encouraged to run at opposition defences and are not restricted to keep wide and like to cut inside, Fazarkerley in particular. Lafayette operates as the target man, but doesnt traditional look to win headers but instead will hold his ground and draw fouls from his markers, deceptively strong and moves to get under high balls before cushioning to supporting players able to alternate this role with Guthrie. Hughes-Mason drops a couple of yards from his marker and is the option in behind and the team look to play through balls into the space in front of him for him to chase he can be a constant threat to the opposition with his skill, pace and direct running. Midfield unit provide good movement, good interchange of positions and support in attacks and middle two play with one anchor (usually Kinch) and the others ghosting into the box. They play short simple passes and try to work openings for wingers to open their legs vs opposition fullbacks. Healy can drift across the whole midfield in order to find ball to feet. Patient build-ups, however this can sometimes be over-elaborate Healy and Clarke prefer short passing options to feet but Kinch will play more direct to front men. Kinch has a good strike on him when he manages to get the ball out of his feet. Back four all comfortable in possession with overlapping full-backs who are also strong defensively and are quick. Both full- backs have previously played on the wings so are an attacking threat on the ball. Acheampong & Franks will look to play the ball short to midfielders but can also play direct to front men if that option is not available. Clarke & Healy can interchange their positions and one can operate as left midfielder if required. Plenty of fluent off-the-ball movement where midfielders will drift into the wide areas but are generally encouraged to leave the space to the full-backs. Clarke and Healy are good at reading clearances from opposition defenders and are dangerous from long-range, able to get their shots off. ATTACKING THROW-INS Taken quickly and look to find feet to continue emphasis on passing and possession. Also able to deliver to forwards who will hold the ball and bring others into play. ATTACKING FREE-KICKS When they win fouls they take the free-kicks quickly maintaining a quick tempo throughout. If direct Fazarkerley on his right foot is the usual taker from the left or Healy or Oberstaller on their left from the right. Free-kicks in the wide areas are in- swingers and the setup is as for a corner, usual takers are Fazarkerley and Oebrstaller. In the main, Oberstaller is able to deliver effectively from a number of areas on his left foot. ATTACKING CORNERS Deliveries are usually in-swingers with Oberstaller the nominated taker on the right and Fazarkerley from the left. Acheampong, Martin and Franks are best headers Acheampong in particular gets goals from set-pieces, he makes the majority of his runs to the far post and this is where set-pieces are aimed at - but he may also look to mark the keeper. PENALTIES Joe Healy is the nominated taker last kick was successful with placement to bottom right corner on his left foot. 2 MMBOGE
  3. 3. WITHOUT POSSESSION Welling defended with a five in midfield with Guthrie and Hughes-Mason asked to drop deep to help support the three in the middle. The midfield stood off their men and retreated to the half-way line, Clarke and Healy having to work hard in particular to get on the right side of their men. Generally gave Grimsby the time to build their passing moves and the pressing intensified from the wide areas, Kinch as the enforcer and the back four. Clarke and Kinch dont have the required fitness levels or mobility to provide sustained pressing but will time their challenges to force mistakes and pick up loose passes and also make interceptions. Kinch operates as the screening midfielder able to make strong aggressive challenges, also covering for the inside runs from opposition wingers and is usually at the forefront of any physical battles. Strength in depth at centre-back areas with Acheampong, Martin and Franks Acheampong is strongest defender currently and he makes things difficult for opposition attacks as hes very good in the air, has the pace to track quick forwards and is strong in the tackle. The full-backs are strong in 1 v 1 situations as both have good pace and covering skills to track their men although Fazarkerley has a tendency to dive into challenges. Guthrie & Hughes-Mason worked hard to play covering roles although Hughes-Mason tends to react slowly and not drop back as quickly as he should. When he is helping out he often finds himself too deep to have any positive impact going forward. Lafayette will stay high as the outlet ball, only dropping to provide pressure to opposition midfield men. They have a committed, hard-working team ethic strengthened by their charge for promotion and recent run of good results but against Grimsby they often dropped into contain and counter mode, even though they were playing at home however, their opponents high standing may have been a reason for this, in future, expect them to play a much more expansive game. DEFENDING THROW-INS Can be slow to pick up men and are happy to let receiver have ball to feet but will then close down the second ball, Acheampong particularly good at reading and intercepting flick-ons. DEFENDING FREE-KICKS Plenty of aerial strength in the team mean that they have a solid record at defending set-pieces in general, Lafayette is usually asked to drop and help defend dangerous free-kicks with Guthrie staying high. DEFENDING CORNERS Depending on the side of the delivery, Oberstaller or Fazarkerly (full-backs) will mark the zone at the near post whilst the other stands at the far post with Lafayette dropping, Hughes-Mason on the edge, Guthrie staying up for the counter and the rest picking up. 3 MMBOGE
  4. 4. TRANSITION PHASES LOSE POSSESSION When Welling lose the ball they work hard to get their men behind the ball although Healy & Clarke can be slow to drop. Guthrie will cover significant ground to help his full-back Hughes-Mason tends to not drop as deep on his wing. Back four become exposed when midfielders lose the ball, particularly if Kinch is the culprit. WIN POSSESSION When Welling win the ball back they are able to attack in numbers with fast and well-supported counter-attacks sometimes with as many as six in and around the opposition box. The full-backs bomb on to provide support and they work the channels to get crosses into the box. The attacks are based on combination moves requiring one or two touches, they move the ball quickly to the front-men if needed. Wingers have the skill and pace to run directly at their markers and play one twos with Lafayette. GOALKEEPER James Mott Very quick off his line, not the biggest but very agile, great reactions and exceptional handling. Good shot-stopper and prefers to throw ball out to start buildup. His kicking from back-passes is a significant weakness, 3 out of the 4 that came back to him vs Grimsby were floated high in the air and never went more than 20 yards. Has a reputation for saving penalties. Experienced goalkeeper Turner is the back-up who isnt as quick or agile as Mott but still possesses reliable shot stopping attributes. SQUAD Theo Fairweather-Johnson with his pace on either wing or up front or Jon Main as a predatory striker are the positive changes from the bench. Franks can cover at right-back if Fazakerley is required to push up into right midfield. When Ben Martin comes in at centre-half, Franks is the one that moves across to right-back. Player-manager Jamie Day plays in the middle of the park and operates as a playmaker although his lack of games recently means that hes unable to measure his passes as accurately as hed like. Options in midfield have been hampered with injury to Jake Gallagher. 4 MMBOGE
  5. 5. KEY PLAYERS Primarily a forward, Hughes-Mason can also operate down the flanks, where his pace and touch allows him to beat opponents and cut inside to create goal-scoring opportunities. The leagues player of the month for December. Healy has a good footballing brain and can pick out a pass, whilst he also has an eye for goal and is capable of hitting the target when required. Not blessed with pace so will rely on his skill, ability on the turn and close control to beat his markers. Welling MOTM in the last few games. Probably one of the best centre-halves in the league, Anthony Acheampong is a classy defender, an athlete and terrific all- round player. Exceptional in the air, strong in the tackle, calm, composed, outstanding blocking, interceptions and physically strong. 5 MMBOGE
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