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Welcome to Folsom Lake High School. "Roadrunners". 2013-2014 School Year Leane Linson , Principal. Student of the Month Awards. Successful Students are required to:. Have 90% Attendance Engaged in learning Complete daily assignments Utilize the credit recovery options - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>08/8/2012FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*2013-2014 School Year</p><p>Leane Linson, Principal Welcome to Folsom Lake High School </p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Student of the Month Awards</p></li><li><p>*Successful Students are required to: Have 90% Attendance Engaged in learning Complete daily assignments Utilize the credit recovery options Earn 1 credit every 3 weeks Graduate with a high school diploma &amp;</p></li><li><p>Spirit Week!</p></li><li><p>*Graduation Requirements at Folsom Lake High SchoolA total of 200 Credits to graduate FLHS does Not require PE All students must pass the CAHSEESenior Project is integrated into the English 4B curriculumA 3rd year of Science or 10 credits of (CTE) Career Technical Education is now requiredGeometry will be required for the class of 2017 </p><p> &amp;</p></li><li><p>Campus Life</p></li><li><p>8-8-2013Folsom Lake High School&amp;FLHS has approximately 110 students A 6 period daySchool day starts at 8:45 and ends at 1:437 Teachers1 Counselor on (Thursdays) Principal1 Campus Monitor The Roadrunner is the Mascot School colors are blue and gold </p></li><li><p>Pajama and Pie Day</p></li><li><p>*Bell Schedules</p><p> Warning Bell 8:40amPeriod 1 8:45 - 9:26Period 2 9:29 - 10:10 Period 3 10:13 -10:59</p><p>Lunch 10:59 11:29</p><p>Period 4 11:34 -12:15Period 5 12:18-12:59Period 6 1:02 -1:43 Minimum days schedule Periods 1-4 8:45-12:00 </p></li><li><p>Folsom Lake students travel to Kinney High School to attend the Metals ROP Class</p></li><li><p>08/08/2012FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*TranscriptsGrade level by credits</p><p>Students who have: 9th grade0-49 credits10th grade50-99 credits11th grade100-149 credits12th grade150+ credits&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/08/2012FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Reading a TranscriptCredit Required Total number of credits completed Credit Needed</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>A student paints a New Mural</p></li><li><p>Volunteers reach out during lunch to organize games for students</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*</p><p>Instructional Delivery How are classes taught? </p><p>Direct instruction, group work, Apex On-line, Socratic Seminar, project based instruction, and formal assessments</p><p>All students are expected to complete 1 credit every three weeks in all of their classes. Students must complete their daily assignments as part of ticket out the door</p><p>Tutorial/Mentoring will be provided after school 2 days per week for those students who fall behind </p><p>&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Pancake Breakfast</p></li><li><p>Classes Offered atFolsom Lake High School</p><p> English 10 11 12Common Core writing classAlgebraGeometryAlgebra support 25 On-line Apex classes Physical Earth ScienceLife ScienceAgricultural &amp; Natural ResourcesHealth Education</p><p>World CulturesUS HistoryEcon and GovtLife ManagementFilm Visual LitArt, Painting, DrawingDevelop Psychology ROP Careers in EducationTeachers AssistantWork Experience 08/05/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Career DayCSI-Crime Scene Investigators Folsom Fire DepartmentPaul Mitchell Beauty School</p></li><li><p>08/01/2011FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Folsom Lake High School Graduate attends the American River College STRIPE ProgramPre-Apprenticeship Programs</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>*Earning Credits towards GraduationAll students will be enrolled in 6 classesSeniors on track to graduate can have an earlier dismissal </p><p> Students may challenge a class with a 80% pass rate Take the GED exam to earn credits ED Code 51225.3Perform basic, proficient or advanced on the CSTs Enrolling in a College Readiness classComplete On-line classesEmployed and enrolled in Work Experience ROP classes: Careers In Education or Metals Teacher Assistant at Sutter Middle School </p></li><li><p>Interventions for Student Learning </p><p>All Teachers will be following the classroom Due Process procedures should a student disrupt the learning environment</p><p>Step 1: Warn and engage the student in learning</p><p>Step 2: Student will have a seat change</p><p>Step 3: Outside conference with reflection sheet for re-entry into the classroom</p><p>Step 4: Class suspension with a parent phone call </p><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>8/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Parent Conferences Email teachers directly! Addresses are located on the school website </p><p>Contact the front office to make an appointment with the Principal, Counselor or teachers to discuss your concerns</p><p>&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Resources Meet with the School Counselor or PrincipalUse Teacher emails to communicateCreate Power school Parent Portal account Check the school website: student handbook, Code of Conduct, email addresses, school calendar Individual counseling by Chris Jarka MSWAnother Chance, Another Choice counseling services After school Tutorial/Mentor After School Guitar Club starts in Septemeber 08/08/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Drug Dogs on Campus08/8/13FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Students Art Projects </p></li><li><p>08/08/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Attendance</p><p>The state requires students to attend school daily until graduation or their 18th birthday</p><p>There are no excused absences; students with poor attendance will result in a loss of work permit, truancy letters, SART/ SARB (Student Advisory Review Board)</p><p>Poor Attendance could also result in a school program change</p><p>Parents please call the school to report your students absence at 294-9809 x151 &amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>ROP Careers in Education</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Tardy Policy</p><p>A student is considered tardy if the student is not in the classroom when the bell rings</p><p>3rd tardy during the month will result in 30 minutes after school detention </p><p>4th tardy 30 minute after school detention</p><p>5th tardy class suspension and student will call parent</p><p>6th tardy is chronic and students will be assigned to Saturday School, with a Principal call home</p><p>No show to after school detention will result in a Saturday School </p><p>&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Recycling old computers </p></li><li><p>08/08/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*18 Year Old StudentsAll 18 year olds are required to maintain good behavior , good attendance and they must be making academic progress towards their high school diploma.</p><p>18 year old contracts are available for those students who might need one</p><p>Adult Education is available for those students who need a less structured environment</p><p>A 5th Year of high school is a great opportunity to earn a high school diploma, as well as it is a privilege!!!! &amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Keller Williams makes our campus beautiful</p></li><li><p>Keller Williams beautified the school marquee </p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Cell Phone Policy</p><p>All cell phones must be turned off during class time! No texting, checking messages or video recording during class time.</p><p>Every time: The student violates the cell phone policy they will be required to check in their electronic device for the remainder of the day. Electronic devices will be returned at the end of the day. </p><p>Chronic violations Principal will contact the parent and require the student to leave their cell phone at home or check it into the front office daily. </p><p>Defiance Should a student refuse to check in their electronic device into the from office he/she will be suspended. &amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Independent Living (ILS)Skills &amp; ACCT Program</p></li><li><p>ILS/ACTT ProgramField Trip to watch the Space Shuttle fly over Sacramento </p></li><li><p>Dress Code Contract </p><p>No see-through garmentsFootwear must be worn at all times, per state lawNo offensive clothing that depicts, drugs, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, sexual innuendo, violence or disrespect to other culturesNo sunglasses worn in the classroomNo hoods may be worn in the classroomNo PJ pants, slippers, nightwear of any type, unless its Spirit dayClothing or accessories which by color, arrangement, trademark affiliated to gangs. Students may not wear more than 2 colored items in red or blue, including clothing that represents area codes. (916, 925. 415, 209)Tops: Shirts must cover the torso. No revealing tops, backless garments, halter tops, bare midriff, bathing suits, strapless tops are permittedBottoms: No sagging pants showing undergarments, or gym shorts. All pants must cover the buttocks. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN A DRESSCODE CONTRACT 08/08/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*School Rules and StandardsAll schools in the State of California are Drug, Alcohol and Weapon free zones - 1,000 feet from school propertyUse of any tobacco products are not allowed on school property. This includes all students, staff, parents and visitorsBackpacks and cars are searchable by school employees with reasonable suspicion&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Folsom Lake High School is a closed campusStudents may not leave school from the time they arrive until they are dismissedStudents may not leave school unless they have checked out at the attendance officeStudents may not visit any other schools during school hoursVisitors are not allowed, although parents are always welcome (must sign in!)&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Causes for Suspension &amp; Expulsion The Big 5 Reasons for ExpulsionCause, attempt to cause, or threaten to cause a physical injury to another person (needing trained medical attention)Possess, sold, furnish any firearm, knife, explosive, bomb, or other dangerous objectsUnlawfully possess, use, sold, furnish, or been under the influence of any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or other intoxicants of any kindUnlawfully arrange, negotiated to sell any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind, either sold delivered or otherwise furnished to any personCommit or attempt to commit, robbery or extortion&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Community Partnership with the Rotary Club and Project 680 08/01/2011FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>Community Partnership with the Rotary Club and Project 680 </p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Off Site SuspensionsVandalism to any propertyTheft of any propertyPossession or use of any tobacco productsHabitual profanity, vulgarity or obscene actsMake threats of any kind Possess, offered, arranged to sell any drug paraphernaliaDisrupted any school activityKnowingly received stolen property</p><p>&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation* Off Site Suspension - continuedPossess an imitation firearm, replicasCommit, attempt to commit a sexual assault or committed sexual batteryHarassed, threatened or intimidated a student who was a witness to an incidentSexual harassmentHate crimes or violenceEngage in activities that individually or collectively denote gang affiliation and disrupts school activitiesAre there any questions?&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Types of SuspensionsClass Suspension by a Teacher1-2day suspension from that class period onlyTeacher will notify the parentIf suspended twice in a 5-day period, this will result in further disciplinary action</p><p>In-House/Off Site Suspension by Principal or DesigneeParents or Guardians will be contacted by phone </p><p>Suspension forms will be given to the student, emailed or placed in the mail </p><p>&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>End of the year BBQ for Students</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Folsom Lake High School hasorientations for new students every Thursday at 2:00pm</p><p>Contact your students School Counselor for a Referral to Folsom Lake High School Leane Linson, Principal</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/01/2011FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/01/2011FLHS Parent/Student Orientation* Folsom Lake High School Graduating Class of 2013 </p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/8/2013FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Returning to the Comprehensive High SchoolsStudents must be on track to graduate Students will be required to meet the 220 credit requirement, including the 2-year PE requirementFHS,CHS Seniors will need 160 credits by August and 190 credits by DecemberVDL requires 140 by August and 170 by DecemberMeet with the Counselor or Principal to arrange for a referralDue Process contracts must be cleared&amp;</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p></li><li><p>08/8/2012FLHS Parent/Student Orientation*Checking Out of Folsom High School or Vista del Lago</p><p>Return all books and pay any finesBring back check out grades and assignment sheetsStart FLHS on MondayPick up your schedule in the front officeStudents may request a student ID at this time</p><p>FLHS Parent/Student Orientation</p><p>*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##*07/16/96*##</p></li></ul>


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