Welcome to Cub Scout Leader Training

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Welcome to Cub Scout Leader Training. Your Trainers Today:. John Spahr , Aklan District, (925) 944-9467 e-mail: jspahr@htiarchitects.com Breakout Sessions:. The Cub Scout Promise. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Welcome to Cub Scout Leader Training

  • Welcome to Cub Scout Leader Training

  • Your Trainers Today:John Spahr, Aklan District, (925) 944-9467 e-mail: jspahr@htiarchitects.com

    Breakout Sessions:

  • The Cub Scout PromiseI, (name) promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack.

  • Five Groups Being Trained Today:Pack CommitteeCubmastersDen LeadersWebelos Den LeadersTiger Cub Den Leaders

  • Leadership SkillsSetting the exampleWorking and cooperating within the PackCommunicating effectivelyUnderstanding and working with boysProjecting Cub Scout spirit through the right attitude and enthusiasm

  • Just who ARE the Pack Leaders?Chartered Organization Representative Pack Committee Chair and CommitteeCubmaster and AssistantsDen Leaders and AssistantsDen Chiefs

  • The Pack CommitteeChairmanSecretaryTreasurerAdvancementPack Trainer

    OutingsFriends of ScoutingPublic RelationsMembership and Re-registration

  • The CubmasterProvides overall pack leadership Leads in planning the pack programLeads monthly pack meetingsCoordinates pack membership, recruiting and transitionSupported byPack CommitteeChartered Organization

  • The Cub Scout & Webelos Den Leaders:Give leadership to their Den program planningPlan, prepare, and run their Den meetingsLead their Dens at pack eventsWork with Pack leadership to ensure Den successParticipate in Pack program planningSupported byCubmasterPack Committee

  • The Tiger Cub Den Leader:Helps the Den get organizedGives leadership to Den program planningShares leadership with adult partnersWorks with other Pack leadersParticipates in Pack program planningSupported byCubmasterPack Committee

  • ALL Cub Scout Leaders are Supported by the District and Council throughDistrict CommitteeDistrict ExecutiveDistrict Training TeamDistrict Cub Scout RoundtablesUnit Commissioners (Go to video: Pack Organization)

  • The Advancement MethodEncouragement and recognition of achievementGrade-related and progressiveAn asset or tool for parentsRole of parents changes as boys matureIn Tiger Cubs, parents are adult partnersIn Wolf & Bear Cub years, parents work with the boysIn Webelos Scouting, parents help with advancement while counselors do the actual approving

  • Tiger Cub AdvancementParents are adult partners for all meetings and activities Tiger Cub TotemTiger Cub rankTiger TracksBobcat rank

  • Cub Scout Advancement BearArrow Points

  • Webelos AdvancementCompass Points

  • The Arrow of LightHighest award in Cub ScoutingTied to the Webelos-to-Scout transition

  • Cub Scout UniformingSense of belongingRecognition and attentionIdentification with Scouting

  • Adult Cub Scout Leader Uniforms Set the example Visible sign of Leadership Identification with Scouting

  • Summary: Advancement & UniformingAdvancement is grade-based and progressiveParents are the key to advancement for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub ScoutsLeaders (counselors) are the key to advancement for Webelos ScoutsLeaders set uniforming example for all (Go to video: Advancement and Uniforming)

  • The Purposes of Cub ScoutingCharacter DevelopmentSpiritual GrowthCitizenshipSportsmanshipFamily Understanding

    Getting Along with OthersPersonal AchievementHelpfulnessExciting Things to doPreparing Cubs to be Boy Scouts

  • Planning in the PackBuilt around monthly themes for Cub Scouts, activities for Tiger Cubs, and activity badges for Webelos ScoutsThemes tie each Pack meeting togetherAnnual program planning conferenceMonthly Pack leaders meeting

  • Cub Scout CampingDay campResident campFamily campingPack campingBe sure to include Pack camping in your annual program plans.

  • Cub Scout Pack MeetingsBefore the meetingGathering OpeningProgramDen skits, songs, and stuntsDemonstrations or presentationsGamesFUN!Recognitions (Advancement and other)ClosingAfter the meeting

  • Great Cub Scout MeetingsAre planned well in advanceMake good use of all leadersUse official program helps like the Cub Scout Leader Book and Group Meeting SparklersUse Pack people resourcesAnticipate any behavior problemsAre FUN!!!

  • Great Cub Scout Leaders Know That:Boys need a fast-moving programEnergetic and quiet activities should be alternated Hands-on works better with boys than lectureBoys will learn self-control when given guidelinesCodes of conduct work when applied consistently (Go to video: Pack Programming)