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<ul><li><p>Welcome</p></li><li><p>PUNJAB RANKED</p><p># 1</p><p>in</p><p>Ease of Setting up a Business</p><p>Remarkably, Punjab is the only State in which the single window system </p><p>allows application for all of the licenses studied in this assessment, </p><p>Extract from the Assessment of State implementation of Business reforms report | September 2015</p><p>by World Bank </p></li><li><p>~12%</p><p>Of countrys workforce employed </p><p>(2014)</p><p> 12 Lac. Cr. (USD 183.7 Bn)</p><p>Indias manufacturing exports</p><p>4.7% </p><p>Annual Growth in manufacturing IIP </p><p>for 2014-2015</p><p>16%</p><p>Contribution of manufacturing sector </p><p>to countrys GDP (2015)</p><p>4th</p><p>Most competitive manufacturing </p><p>nation ahead of Taiwan, Japan, South </p><p>Korea, UK, Brazil etc. </p><p>Major components of manufacturing </p><p>exports USD 183.7 Bn ( 12 Lac. Cr.)</p><p>36%</p><p>22%</p><p>3%</p><p>23%</p><p>15%1%</p><p>Engineering Goods ChemicalsLeather &amp; Manufacturers Gems &amp; JewelryTextile Others</p></li><li><p>Yarn &amp; textile22%</p><p>Cycle &amp; cycle parts14%</p><p>Readymade garments &amp; </p><p>hoisery14%</p><p>Engg. goods4%</p><p>Sports goods4%</p><p>Machine tools/Hand </p><p>tools6%</p><p>Auto spares3%</p><p>Others33%</p><p>Exports from Punjab: 27,235 Cr. </p><p>(USD 4,105 Mn) 2014-15</p><p>Punjab has 1.56 Lac. units in the</p><p>MSME sector employing 1.11 Mn</p><p>people</p><p>MSME contribute 75% of the total </p><p>manufacturing output</p><p>Manufacturing exports 75% of the total exports</p><p>from Punjab</p></li><li><p>95% 85% 60% 75% </p><p>Woolen </p><p>Knitwear</p><p>Bicycle &amp; </p><p>Bicycle Parts</p><p>Sewing </p><p>MachinesSporting </p><p>Goods</p><p>PUNJAB LEADING PRODUCER OF THE COUNTRY</p></li><li><p>SAS Nagar (Mohali) </p><p> Mohali Hi-Tech</p><p> Advanced machines</p><p> Robotics</p><p>Sri Muktsar Sahib and </p><p>Moga </p><p> Agriculture machinery</p><p> Agriculture implements</p><p>Ludhiana </p><p> Bicycles</p><p> Auto parts</p><p> Builders and hardware</p><p> Machine tool</p><p> Fasteners</p><p> Tractor parts</p><p> Hand tool</p><p> Light engineering</p><p> Textiles and Knitwear</p><p>Hoshiarpur </p><p> Tractor</p><p> Textiles</p><p>Jalandhar </p><p> Sports goods </p><p> Valves and cocks</p><p> Malleable galvanized pipe fitting</p><p> Hand tools</p><p> Leather goods</p><p>Malerkotla and Sangrur </p><p> Agriculture implements &amp; hand tool</p><p> Chill roll manufacturing</p><p>Phagwara and Kapurthala </p><p> Foundry and general engineering</p><p>Sri Muktsar Sahib</p><p>Moga</p><p>Sangrur </p><p>Ludhiana </p><p>HoshiarpurKapurthala</p><p>SAS </p><p>Nagar </p><p>(Mohali) </p><p>Jalandhar </p><p>VARIOUS LAND CLUSTERS SCATTERED THROUGHOUT THE REGION, </p><p>ENHANCING INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH</p></li><li><p>Share of sector in total production in Punjab 29% </p><p>Share of sector in exports from Punjab 36% </p><p>Export of hosiery and readymade garments 3,805 Cr. (USD 573 Mn)</p><p>Export of yarn and textiles 5,956 Cr. (USD 897 Mn)</p><p>2nd largest - Cotton &amp; blended yarn producer in the country</p><p>Ludhiana is the biggest manufacturing cluster for textiles in North India</p><p>TEXTILE</p></li><li><p>21% </p><p>25% Share in manufacturing output of State </p><p>Share in industrial employment in State </p><p>Today, Punjab is rapidly developing into a key light engineering hub with</p><p>Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala, Sangrur, Moga, Hoshiarpur, and SAS Nagar</p><p>(Mohali) districts being host to thousands of light engineering companies</p><p>LIGHT ENGINEERING</p></li><li><p>One Stop Office</p><p>One Office : INVEST PUNJAB</p><p>One Person : CEO</p><p>One Email : invest@investpunjab.gov.in</p><p>One Number : +91 7087946606</p><p>NOW</p><p>FOR ALL INVESTMENTS</p></li><li><p>WELCOME TO</p><p>Thank You</p></li></ul>