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Welcome Home Bulletin Board

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Welcome Home Bulletin Board. Submitted by Ramin Zangeneh Assistant Hall Director Fort Hays State University. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Welcome Home Bulletin Board

  • Welcome Home Bulletin BoardSubmitted by Ramin Zangeneh Assistant Hall Director Fort Hays State University

  • Bulletin Board: Welcome Home

    Submitted by Ramin Zangeneh, Assistant Hall Director at Fort Hays State University

    This is a purely visual board with no content. What makes it cool is that it was modified from a board I made in August when our residents first moved in. Originally it had no snow, the score board read 2010, and the lettering said "Welcome Home," a play on words referring to both home base and the residential hall. I then layered my next few boards over it and after winter break, it made its second debut as the board you see. I added the word "back" along with the snow, a snowman, and updated the scoreboard to 2011 (Home 20; Inning 1; Visitor 1). It was time intensive but worth it. It has received a lot of positive feedback.

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