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Welcome! Herzlich Willkommen zur Informations- veranstaltung€¦ · Herzlich Willkommen zur Informations- veranstaltung 1 Welcome! Pilot seminar Project THETRIS THEmatic Transnational

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  • Herzlich Willkommen

    zur Informations-




    Pilot seminar

    Project THETRIS THEmatic Transnational church Route development

    with the Involvement of local Society



  • THETRIS Our region

    - 16 federal states in Germany

    -> Saxony: 10 administrative districts

  • County Meien & County Nordsachsen

    characterized by:

    -> beautiful landscape, surrounded by river Elbe

    & nature reserves

    -> Agriculture (fruits/vegetables/wine)

    -> Industry (steel, chemical industries,..)

  • Church districts of Lutheran church Saxony

    760.000 church members

    765 parishes

    1600 churches and chapels


    -> Tangible/intangible cultural heritage

    - eg. Meissen White gold, Traditional events (eg. Saxon Wine & Fish

    catching festivals, harvest festival, ), Personalities

    - Unique sacral monuments

    -Extraordinary church music (Organ/choirs)

  • Herzlich Willkommen

    zur Informations-



    Set up a network of different actors

    in order to create a supporting

    environment to preserve cultural

    heritage and to make the local

    church route sustainable



    Pilot activity in


  • 1. Network (Goals/Actors)

    2. Regional church route, Map + Stamp system

    3. Lessons learnt

    4. Additional positive effects/Sustainability

  • -> set up a network

    -> create a bicycle map + stamp


    THETRIS Set up a Network

    Initial situation: Existing church route with 5 churches (about 40,5 km) Basis for pilot activity

  • To preserve cultural heritage by involvement of local actors, members of church & tourism

    (local identity)

    To open churches for tourism and to link church with tourist institutions as well as to

    create a common working basis

    To gain awareness (church members) for the chances of linking motives of churches and

    tourism to inspire more people

    Increase level of awareness for cultural heritage

    Stimulate interest (from inhabitants and tourists) for the sacral heritage of the region -> Open

    churches for visitors, which:

    follow religious motives would like to feel the church as a place of spirit, silence and meaningful effects

    are interested into its history, art and further specialities of the

    churches (tangible/intangible cultural heritage)

    To strengthen the touristic section economy (eg offer an incentive to tourists, to stay longer

    than one night in this area)

    THETRIS Pilot activity-Goals

  • 1. SG+Selection of actors - 1stmeeting with External experts and associated partner

    - Which actors/local networks should be involved (according to decisions, competencies, pilot area)

    2. RWG- Opening - Introduction of project and pilot

    - Fixing rules to network (meetings on a regular basis (number of meetings is related to tasks), where are the meetings,

    who is coordinating them, goals)

    3. Meetings on a regular basis (8+2) - brain storming according to implementation, presentation of current project status, make decision, partly like workshop

    -> according to activities, new members were invited

    Actors in the project: about 50

    THETRIS Set up a Network-Steps

    3 regionalman

  • The size of the network depends on the number of actors as well as the (local

    and thematic) range of the network and can change during the network


    Specialisation (eg Working Group sign posting, sustainability,)









    Map+Stamp system

    ( route)


    of residents

  • THETRIS Set up a Network/ Involved actors

    3 regionalman

    Priests/ Parish council

    Lutheran church Saxony

    Municipalities (Mayors, Building authorities, Press departments, city marketing,..)

    Administrative districts (+Experts for bicycle path of the county)

    Regional management institutions (LEADER/ILE Areas)

    Church Tourism


    Tourist associations Tourist informations

    Further (Service provider, Museum,)

    Public authorities

  • THETRIS Set up a Network Connection of existing networks

    3 regionalman

    Church district Leinig-Oschatz

    Church district Grossenhain/Meissen



    Administrative district North Saxony

    Administrative district Meissen

    Generate joint -Activities -Touristic elements -Promotion (internal/external)

    To preserve cultural heritage

  • Church cycle route in numbers: - Length: about 130 km - 5 stages (going by bike: from a single starting point/ from different destinations)/

    different level of difficulty - 26 churches - About 35 sites - 6 different landscapes - 2 bank sides of the river Elbe

    THETRIS Set up a Network: Regional church route+Map








  • Cycling:

    sign posting, quality of roads

    Bicycle ride:

    Route guidance, gastronomy

    Bike+Experience Tourism:


    History & Culture


    THETRIS Route as emotional experience

  • Selection of the route (according to SWOT, expert for bike-routes of the county, RWGmembers): - using already existing routes (good passibility, already arranged by communes, suitable for bikers, easier for additional sign posting,.. ) - routes with no more than 2 topics - no well exploited bike paths -> connection to rural areas - no big distances between churches - gastronomy facilities/ service provider in near distance Selection of churches (according to priests, RWGmember): - Lutheran churches - Churches in rural areas - Churches directly on the route (no long distances) - Open to public/ at least possibility nearby to provide stamp&information -> 26 churches

    THETRIS Pilot activity:

  • Map of church route combines:

    - route and connection to further cycle paths

    - list of stages and recommandations for visits

    - Level of difficulty/ length,

    - Information about all churches/history/ architecture/contact/ places for stamps

    - Tourist information/ contacts (Which local actors are in which place?)/

    ( Public transport/ ebike stations/ bike rental/ bike services/ gastronomy/

    accomodation facilties)

    - Project information and connection to international church route

    - GPS-datas

  • Collect -> Get added value

    Church Tourist informations

    THETRIS Set up a Network: Regional church route+Map-> Multilingual


    Cultural Events

    Guided tours

    Regional products

    Service provider

  • Representative of churches to establish further contacts

    THETRIS Lessons learnt


    Select members of Working Group carefully

    Face-to-Face Meetings

  • Positive (additional) effects of network beside project goals:

    - sign posting of the church route (the whole path) with

    additional financial sources of communes

    - sign posting of churches: 16

    (6 financed by church parish Wildenhain)

    - engagement of adminitstrative districts +External


    - integration into tourism concepts of the region-

    additional common promotion activities with

    churches +regional managements

    (eg Day of the Saxon, Heritage day)

    THETRIS Positive effects

  • - Creation of an Incentive for tourists and inhabitants, which connects the region and its cultural

    heritage as basis for further activities (eg App system, guided tours, link to intangible heritage (Organ playing), school classes,)

    - Revive the route or parts of it

    - More attractiveness of churches and region

    - Churches are not only open for church services, visitors can experience religion and culture of the region by themselve

    -> Local identity will be strengthened by the creation of awareness for the highlights of the region

    - Gain more visitors by offering concrete tours (rural areas&cultural heritage are more visible and

    interesting now) ->additional sales

    - Multilingual communication materials -> route can be also experienced by international guests

    THETRIS Future chances

  • The historic output of a community, both tangible and intangible, is the foundation

    of all cultural routes. The notion of the community can be broadly interpreted,

    from a local community, to national and the global community. Managing a site on a cultural route on the example of the Wooden Architecture Route in Malopolska

    (Anna Franik, Malopolska Tourist Organisation; Consulted by Pawel Mierniczak, Director of MOT)

  • This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

    THETRIS. Key to the hidden potential of our region!

    Thank you!

    ZTS GmbH

    Jana Barth

    Industriestrae A11

    01612 Glaubitz

    Tel.: 0049 35265 51102

    Mail: [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]