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  • 8/7/2019 Weissman Now Workbook







  • 8/7/2019 Weissman Now Workbook


    Table of ContentsIntroduction 2

    Welcome 3

    Program Benefits 4

    Course Certification Requirements 5

    Required Reading 5

    Schedule of Online Seminars 6-7

    Session Handouts 8

    Session One: Your Body Speaks Your Mind-What is Your 9-13Mind Really Saying?

    Session Two: Back to the Basics Infinite Love & Gratitude 14-15and the Art & Science of Muscle Reflex Testing

    Session Three: The 1-2-3 PLAN for Transforming Reaction 16-17

    into Action, Step1

    Session Four: The Power of Attention and Intention, Step 2 18-19

    Session Five: Creating Portals of Possibilities, Step 3 20

    Session Six: What You Perceive is Based Upon What You Believe 21-23

    Session Seven: Essential Acts of Self-Love, The Five Basics for 24-25Optimal Health

    Session Eight: Bridging the Gap to a Whole New Way of Living in 26-27

    The NOW

    The NOW Story 28-34

    The NOW Code of Ethics 35


    2011 Infinite Love Press Inc. All rights reserved www.DrDarrenWeissman.com

  • 8/7/2019 Weissman Now Workbook


    Introduction To The NOW

    Exactly where you are is the starting point for living in The NOW. For some its a healthchallenge, diagnosis, or traumatic accident that awakens them to the journey ofreclaiming ones path or purpose. For others its a betrayal, loss of a job, or the death ofa loved one. Regardless of what road youre currently traveling, The NOW Program ishere to center you and provide the tools so that you can not only face lifes stressors, butgrow more powerful as a result.

    As a NOW Practitioner for your clients, youll enable them to discern the truth in eachand every moment, and thus guide them in an empowering way. This program isdesigned to awaken your mind to a deeper sense of learning, healing, and growing.

    You were called to The NOW Certification Training Program for a specific reason. Livingin ones power is crucial for both individuals and the collective consciousness ofhumanity. As our planet, and every living being upon it, faces greater and greaterchallenges more people are searching for answers, meaning, and purpose in life.

    The NOW Certification Program was created to enable you to not only be fully present,

    but to also lead your clients (friends, family) into the world of their dreams and to find theanswers within them, all while holding a safe space. Becoming a NOW Practitioner willnot only enable you to profoundly contribute to the emotional wellbeing of others, but toalso dramatically deepen your own understanding of your own body and life. This isdeep, powerful work that you have been guided to participate in, work that will serve youwell for many years to come.

    I am delighted to have this time with you. Our conscious choice to be fully present in TheNOW is a wonderful stepping stone to creating a world of peace, power, and passionand will forever change who we are. May our journey be filled with miracles, joy, and ofcourse Infinite Love & Gratitude!

    With Infinite Love & Gratitude,Darren


    2011 Infinite Love Press Inc. All rights reserved www.DrDarrenWeissman.com

  • 8/7/2019 Weissman Now Workbook



    Within each and everyone is a passionate fire when stoked activates the power of theWill. Your Will is what shapes your thoughts, opens your heart to feel, and gives you thecourage to say Yes to you, even in the most challenging of lifes circumstances. We allcan relate to the reactive parts of ourselveseating habits, addictions, broken hearts,negative streaks, and the painful feeling that your life lacks meaning or purpose. Whatif there was another way? How might you value the ability to stay in your powerregardless of your history, current circumstances, or what potentially lies ahead? NOWis the time to reconnect, balance, and thrive!

    I am a powerful advocate and teacher of the mind and its ability to influence and changethe health of our bodies and relationships. No matter where you are in your life, thiseight week Online Certification Course will create clarity for you to transform a life ofreaction into one of action. Whats more, upon successful fulfillment of the course, youllbe certified to use these incredible techniques, both personally and professionally. Sograb The LifeLine NOW and realize your infinite potential to shine.

    I am delighted to have this time with you.Being present in The NOW will forever changewho we are. May our journey be filled withInfinite Love and Gratitude.

    Keep Shining!

    Dr. Darren Weissman


    2011 Infinite Love Press Inc. All rights reserved www.DrDarrenWeissman.com

  • 8/7/2019 Weissman Now Workbook


    Program BenefitsUsing this 8-week online course based upon Darrens LifeLine Technique- TheNOW Program will help you:

    Communicate with your subconscious mind through Muscle Reflex Testing(MRT)

    Simply shift negative thoughts of guilt and shame into compassion andconfidence.

    Use the 1-2-3 PLAN for creating a conscious body and life.

    Live in tha power of Infinite Love and Gratitude as a way of be-ing rather than do-ing.

    Connect to the subtle energy of emotions that are influencing the way you feelabout yourself and the world around you.

    How to live a life of intention to manifest your dreams and desires.

    How to simply transform pain, fear, and stress.

    Discover portals of possibilities where there once were perceived problems.

    Observe through a new set of eyes, ears, and heart.

    Love yourself fully.

    And so much more all while having fun in The NOW!!!!

    If your current work involves helping others heal or youd like to create such acareer, The NOW Program is also the perfect opportunity to enhance yourcapabilities.

    Darren will also share his expertise as a world renowned healer and workshopleader and help you incorporate these techniques into your work with others.

    In this 8-week adventure, youll participate in 8 one and a half hour special liveonline lessons with Darren to initiate change on a subconscious mind level thatwill powerfully impact your body and relationships. All lessons are also yours tokeep as a download for a valuable resource for years to come.


    2011 Infinite Love Press Inc. All rights reserved www.DrDarrenWeissman.com

  • 8/7/2019 Weissman Now Workbook


  • 8/7/2019 Weissman Now Workbook


    Schedule of Online Seminars

    Lesson Details

    Session 1: Your body Speaks Your Mind-What is Your Mind Really Saying?Before you get to where you want to be, you need to be ok with where youre at.Awakening to the power of your mind is akin to discovering a new world with infinitepossibilities. Every symptom in your body and every stress in your life is a gift in strangewrapping paper. Rather than symptoms or stress meaning that something is wrong withyou, they actually represents a distinct conversation stemming from your subconsciousmind that you NOW have the ability to own your power. Emotions hold the key tohelping you connect to the field of energy that connects all of creation. With a new view

    on symptoms and stress youll be able to practically activate your body and lifes innatecapacity for healing, regeneration, and wholeness.

    Session 2: The Universe is an Infinite Web of Intelligence.Through the power of Infinite Love and gratitude and muscle Reflex Testing MRT youllhave a new found vehicle for discerning between your conscious active mind and yoursubconscious reactive mind. The hand mudra for I Love You and MRT will becontinued to help you harmonize both imbalances of your mind and body. Dr. Darrenwill guide you with fun and easy ways youll be able to use Muscle Reflex Testing onyourself as well as others.

    Session 3: The 1-2-3 PLAN for Transforming Reaction into Action, Step 1There are simple ways to plug in and charge the battery of yoru body and relationships.Youll become skilled at how to intentionally activate specific points that influence andbalance the bodys ability to heal and regenerate, the minds infinite potential to attract,the spirits power of pure love, the earths nature to thrive, and the Divine Consciousnessessence to be One with everything and everyone. The exercise that is taught in thissession will empower you to consciously begin and end your each and every day.

    Session 4; The Power of Attention and Intention, Step 2Before you get to where you want to be, you need to be OK with where you are, through

    conscious observation, youll discover a deeper meaning to the symptoms and stressorsof your body and life. Having clarity of vision between the conscious active and thesubconscious reactive parts of yourself will empower you to navigate your dreams intoyour dreams.


    2011 Infinite Love Press Inc. All rights reserved www.DrDarrenWeissman.com

  • 8/7/2019 Weissman Now Workbook


    Session 5: Creating Portals of Possibilities, Step 3The present, past, and future are merely a thought away. Aligning your intentionsthrough specific declarative statements creates an attractor field of manifestation. Whatonce was looked at as bad, negative, broken or wrong will transform into a magicaldoorway to creating the life and body of your dreams and desires. Youll learn how toextinct reactive patterns of your subconscious mind and replace them with powerful andpositive vibrations of your authentic self.

    Session 6: What You Perceive is based upon What You BelieveYour reality is directly influenced by the programs that are running in your subconsciousmind. These pro