Weird Laws around the world

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weird laws around the world to deal with modals of obligation


<p>In Germany.Every office must have a view of the sky.</p> <p>TRUE</p> <p>In Japan</p> <p>Women mustnt wear pants to work</p> <p>TRUE</p> <p>In the USAChildren under the age of ten mustnt drink soda without a straw</p> <p>FALSE</p> <p>In Israel</p> <p>It is illegal to pick your nose on a Sunday</p> <p>TRUE</p> <p>In Scotland</p> <p>All men must wear kilts on Saturdays</p> <p>FALSE</p> <p>In Iceland</p> <p>It is illegal to blow on lampposts</p> <p>TRUE</p> <p>In ArgentinaYou mustnt walk alone between the hours of 5 am and 6 am.</p> <p>FALSE</p> <p>In ThailandYou shouldnt touch a persons head because the head is considered sacred.</p> <p>TRUE</p> <p>In SamoaIt is illegal for a man to forget his wifes birthday</p> <p>TRUE</p> <p>In NigeriaYou mustnt hold a candle higher than your head, it is rude.</p> <p>FALSE</p>


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