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  1. 1. Why Book Pre-Wedding Photography in Melbourne? Wedding photographers in Melbourne and all over the world are embracing a new trend, pre- wedding photography. This helps bride and groom to be prepared for photo shoot of the big day. Many lensmen are offering a short photo shoot previous to the marriage to know the bridal couple and also to find a style that suits them. These days, a lot of wedding photographers in Melbourne offer more value-added services to the couples. They not only deliver a professional photo-shoot but also make sure that they themselves have an easier task on the big day. They offer engagement shoots and pre wedding photography in Melbourne as part of their marriage shoot or as a separate add on. You might speculate what the benefits and purpose of this photo shoot is and why you should consider including it. The purpose of pre wedding photography shoot is to put bridal couple at ease in terms of being in front of a camera and having to look spontaneous, comfy and of course romantic. For most people, posing doesn't come naturally so professional wedding photographers have to do much to make sure that a bride and groom is totally at ease on the marriage day. Generally, pre-wedding shoots are fun and informal. This way, couple get a chance to play around the camera and have some fun. It is nothing more than a stress free rehearsal to make it easier on the very special day. It's a good idea to meet up with your photographer to discuss about your specific needs and any particular shots that you want to capture. Resource: photography-in.html