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- Wedding Photography Client Questionnaire -If youve made it this far, chances are pretty high that you have:a) fallen ridiculously in love and are gett ing married sometime relat ively soonb) chosen Michelle Peters Photography to capture your special dayWere really excited about both of these things! Whenever you have t ime, it would bereally helpful if you could answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Weunderstand youre probably super busy and some of these may not apply, but if you wantsomething in part icular we can only know if you let us know! This is mostly for you andanything you leave blank we will leave up to the photography Gods. Either way, it will workout beautifully.If you have any questions about our questions (man, this is gett ing complicated already),shoot us an email to or a text to 902.240.5951.Whatever you do, dont leave a voice mail on Michelles phone. She might check that in2018. Happy questionnaire filling out t ime!WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - CLIENT INFORMATIONClient Name(s) *Address *City, Province, PostalCode *Best ContactNumber * -Are a Co de Pho ne Numbe rE-mail * ex: myname@example.comWedding Date *Start & End Time *-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. If there areany you are unsure of, please leave them blank and we can discussthem later or answer them together the weekend of your wedding.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRIDE GETTING READYWould you like us tophotograph the Bridegett ing ready? * Yes NoArrival t ime forPhotographer?Where will she begett ing her hair/make-up done?How far is the pre-wedding location(s)from the ceremony?Where will you beputt ing on the dress?Are there anyimportant details youwant captured priorto the ceremony?Will there be anexchange ofcards/gifts betweenyou and your partnerprior to theceremony? Providedetails.Are there anytradit ions you wouldlike captured beforethe ceremony?2Is there anything elsespecific you wouldlike captured whileyou are gett ingready?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GROOM GETTING READYWould you like us tophotograph theGroom gett ingready? * Yes NoArrival t ime forPhotographer?Where will he begett ing ready and atwhat t ime?How far is thelocation from theceremony?Will the guys bedoing anything priorto the ceremonythat we willphotograph? (, bar)Are there anyspecific details youwould like us tocapture while theGroom gets ready?Would you like us tophotograph aspecific personputt ing on theGroom'sboutonniere?3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE FIRST LOOK [OPTIONAL]Will you be doing a"first look"? * Yes NoIf no, please skip this section.Where will the firstlook be ?If you opt for thefirst look, will you bedoing your bridalparty photos beforethe ceremony?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PRE-CEREMONY // POST CERMONY PHOTOSWill you be doingformal photos beforeor after theceremony?Which location haveyou chosen to do theformal photos?How much t ime willbe allocated forformal photos?How do you wantyour wedding to beshot? Formal (posed) Informal (candid) Mix of BothDo you want anint imate session ofthe two of you? No Yes; we can allow at least a half hour away from our guests4---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FAMILY BRIDAL PARTY INFORMATION*IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FAMILY PHOTOS* Please create a shot list for this portion of the day, listing all familymembers who you want formal family photos with. Designate a "point person" for family photos who is NOT inyour bridal party. This person must know all members on shot list and be able to help wrangle them all together ina designated location. We are happy to take your suggestion for family photo location, or we can find one we thinkis best the day of and let the point person know where/when to be. Send shot list to point person as well as us!This ensures we DO NOT miss any important family members you two want your photo taken with!How manybridesmaids will youhave? Please providelist of names in orderthey will stand.Are there anyspecific shots youwould like taken ofyour bridal party?Will you have anyunique gifts / photoprops you would liketo incorporate?How manygroomsmen will youhave? Please providelist of names in orderthey will stand.How many ringbearers/flower girlswill you have? Pleaseprovide a list of nameand t it le.How many guests areyou expecting?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CEREMONY5Is the ceremonyindoors or outdoors?* Indoors OutdoorsIf outdoors, is there abackup plan forinclement weather?Will you have aweddingplanner/ceremonycoordinator?What type ofceremony will thewedding be (i.e.:religious, formal,informal)?Please note: We respect that your guests will want to take photos during the ceremony, formal photos andreception. We ask that guests allow room for the photographer(s) to get their shots and then the photographer(s)will step aside to allow the guests to take their shots as well.Are you okay withflash photographyduring yourceremony? Pleasenote, for indoorceremony's this maybe essential.Do you have anyspecific restrict ionsregardingphotography duringthe ceremony?Will you be having aunity ceremony? (i.e.sand / candles)Will you be doing a"first kiss"?Will you have areceiving line?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RECEPTION6How far is yourreception locationfrom your ceremonysite?Will you be having acocktail hour? Yes NoAre there anyspecific shots ordetails during yourcocktail hour orreception that youwould like taken?How many toasts willyou have and who willbe giving them?Will there be a firstdance? If yes, what isthe first dance song?Will there be a Father/ Bride dance? If yes,what is the song?Will there be aMother / Groomdance? If yes, what isthe song?Will there be a cakecutt ing? Yes NoWill there be abouquet toss and agarter toss?Will thephotographers beprovided a seat and ameal? If yes, what isthe table number?7Please note: If there will be a first dance, Father/Bride dance, Mother/Groom dance, cake cutting, bouquet tossand/or garter toss, please be sure to do these things as early as possible into the Reception so thePhotographer(s) do not miss these super fun shots!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TIMELINEWhat t ime does theceremony start?How long will yourceremony be?What t ime does yourcocktail hour start?What t ime does thereception start andend?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT ADDRESSESHair/MakeupLocation: Stre e t Addre ssS tre e t Addre ss Line 2City S tate / Pro vinceBride gett ing readylocation: Stre e t Addre ssS tre e t Addre ss Line 2City S tate / Pro vinceGroom gett ing readylocation: Stre e t Addre ssS tre e t Addre ss Line 2City S tate / Pro vince8Ceremony Location:Stre e t Addre ssS tre e t Addre ss Line 2City S tate / Pro vinceReception Location:Stre e t Addre ssS tre e t Addre ss Line 2City S tate / Pro vinceAny other addit ionalphotolocation/addresses?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS: PROVIDE NAME AND NUMBERSMother of the Bride:Mother of theGroom:Wedding/EventCoordinator:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EXTRAS9What words describebest - The Priorit iesfor the Feel of theDay? (i.e.:Romance,Fun, Relaxed,Celebration, etc)Which port ions of theday are the mostimportant to you:(Pick 3-4) Prep Ceremony Group Photos Wedding PartyPhotos Couple Photos Bridal Portrait Groom Portrait Cocktail Hour Reception Dinner Other When looking atwedding work on theweb or in magazines- What wordsdescribe your style? Candid Natural Romantic Classic Emotional Fun Playful Tradit ional Soft Color Saturated Color Black & White ClassicIf you'd like to shareany photos with us(of your dress, yourwedding location,formal photoslocation, etc):No file selectedChoose FileIf there is absolutelyanything that we'vemissed, this is thespot to let us know :)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?Friend/Referral/Website/SocialMedia Site/ Peaselist:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you! We know it 's a lot and we appreciate that you've taken the t ime to fill thisout. 10Cheers!Michelle Peters & Scott PetersSubmitCheers!11q28_clientNames28: q17_address: q18_cityProvince: q21_weddingDate: q29_startamp: q35_howFar: q102_arrivalTime: q34_whereWill34: q36_whereWill: q37_areThere: q38_willThere: q39_areThere39: q40_isThere: q103_arrivalTime103: q43_whereWill43: q44_howFar44: q45_willThe: q46_areThere46: q47_wouldYou: q52_ifYou: q56_howMuch56: q51_whereWill51: q54_willYou54: q55_whichLocation: q58_howMany58: q59_areThere59: q60_willYou60: q61_howMany: q62_howMany62: q105_howMany105: q66_willYou66: q68_areYou: q69_doYou: q70_willYou70: q71_willYou71: q104_willYou104: q65_ifOutdoors: q106_whatType106: q73_howFar73: q75_areThere75: q76_howMany76: q77_willThere77: q81_willThere81: q82_willThere82: q79_willThere79: q83_willThe83: q85_whatTime: q86_howLong: q87_whatTime87: q88_whatTime88: q90_hairmakeupLocation[addr_line1]: q90_hairmakeupLocation[addr_line2]: q90_hairmakeupLocation[city]: q90_hairmakeupLocation[state]: q91_brideGetting91[addr_line1]: q91_brideGetting91[addr_line2]: q91_brideGetting91[city]: q91_brideGetting91[state]: q92_groomGetting92[addr_line1]: q92_groomGetting92[addr_line2]: q92_groomGetting92[city]: q92_groomGetting92[state]: q93_ceremonyLocation[addr_line1]: q93_ceremonyLocation[addr_line2]: q93_ceremonyLocation[city]: q93_ceremonyLocation[state]: q94_receptionLocation[addr_line1]: q94_receptionLocation[addr_line2]: q94_receptionLocation[city]: q94_receptionLocation[state]: q95_anyOther: q97_motherOf: q98_motherOf98: q99_weddingeventCoordinator: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[]: q111_whichPortions[other]: q111_whichPortions[other]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q112_whenLooking[]: q110_whatWords110: q115_ifThere: q101_friendreferralwebsitesocialMedia101:


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