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Specialty Paper is a wholesale and retail supplier of wedding papers and wedding stationary in Melbourne, Australia. We offer unique and trendy collection of wedding papers & wedding invitations on huge scale.


  • How to Create Impressive Engagement Party Invitations

    The modern day engagement party invitations and gold wedding invitations are getting very popular

    these days. Several things have been modified such as themes, designs, templates and lot more.

    You can choose your favourite design, designer paper and envelope which you think will add a stylish

    touch to your wedding invitation. Modern day invitations usually have interesting designs imprinted on

    them, customised font and are pocket shaped.

    With the availability of endless options in discounted wedding invitations, it can prove a daunting task

    for you to choose the best one. People prefer mostly for pocket gold wedding invitation mainly because

    it has simple looks. Many of them prefer this type of invitation as it saves time, money and ideas about

    how to create impressive wedding invitation.

    You can choose one that represents your wedding ceremony in theme,

    design and hues. In order to choose perfect design and theme for hues, browse various on the Internet.

    You will be just surprised with the wide availability of astonishing hues and templates online for gold

    wedding invitations.

    To know more about impressive ideas and designer templates for engagement party invitations or

    discounted wedding invitations, you can surf different websites on the Internet. You will come across

    different designs and styles of wedding cards online. If you like, you can also create your own template

    which is creative and attractive to look at.

    To learn more about how to select the perfect theme and template for invitations cards, you can study

    various online websites. In this way, you will be able to choose the best invitation card for your purpose.