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Webquest trip London

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Webquest trip London

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  • Dia 1Which airport would you arrive at from Spain?How will you travel to London?What is the name/address of your hotel?Some hotel informationYou are hungry. You would like to eat a traditional take-away English meal. What do you eat?Tube to Westminster Bridge?Youre going sightseeing in London. Youre going to see Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. Trafalgar square. Leicester square. London EyeWrite about what youll see. Location, history, important facts , etc

  • Busca y localiza Foto del grupo en el sitio

  • The Webb Patent Sewer Gas Lamp was invented in the late 19th century, primarily as a means to burn off smells from the sewers(alcantarilla) running underneath.To find the lamp walk up past the Savoy Hotel from Trafalgar Square, and the lamp is on Carting LaneGas Lamp

  • Dia 2Buckingham PalaceChanging of the guardSt JamesNational GalleryMadame TussaudsPiccadilly you have a traditional English breakfast?How do you get there?History, location, important factsWhat will you eat?

  • The Ferryman's seatThe Ferryman's seat was constructed for the convenience of Bankside watermen, who operated ferrying services across the river. Long ago when London had only London bridge to cross over the river, there were many ferrymen waiting to take people from one side of the shore to the other.The Ferrymans seat is on Bankside near to where Shakespeares Globe now stands.

  • 3St Pauls cathedralTate galleryTower of LondonCovent Garden do you get there?History, location, important factsWhat will you eat?

  • 1. When was this building founded? Who did it? 2. Who has lived in it since then? 3. What terrible events happened in the Tower long time ago? 4. How much does the ticket cost? Are there any reductions? 5. Whats the name of the bird that lives in its gardens? 6. Name 4 different things you can see in its exhibitions. 7. Which is the most valuable? 8. Who looks after this monument? How do you say it in Spanish? 9. What are the facilities you can find during the visit? 10. What are the names of the river and the bridge next to the Tower? Links:history historic buildings Guards visits and exhibitions of LondonDia 3

  • A Street bollardThis street bollard, seen on the banks of the Thames near the Golden Hinde, is made from an old cannon from a 18th century warship.Southwark Bridge & London Bridge

  • Dia 4 History MuseumChelsea stadiumHarrodsWestminster abbeyChelsea kings roadHow do you get there?History, location, important factsWhat will you eat?,,10268,00.html

  • Drinking Fountain

  • 5 museumThe Globe theatreCamdem townHow do you get there?History, location, important factsWhat will you eat?It is time to leave London and to fly back to your country.Before you leave, you decide to buy atypically English presentfor your mother.What do you buy?

  • Police signal PostThe police "signal post" appeared on the streets of London in the 1880s and made use of the newly-invented telephone. They were followed later by the classic "Dr Who" police box launched in the 1920s.

  • Londons smallest police station inTrafalgar SquareThe smallest police station