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  • Webinar: Solving the Internet of Things

  • Abstract


    Title: Solving the Internet of Things

    Abstract: As the Internet naturally evolves from being accessible to PCs, mobile, and now things, the IoT presents an enormous opportunity for device manufacturers and service providers. However this giant opportunity also comes with an abundance of hard to solve problems, some of which are still unseen. As a device manufacturer, which protocol should you follow? How do you create a secure and scalable end-to-end solution? How do you architect a solution to connect any device? How do you plan on managing a device that could be in the field for 20 years and continue to roll out new features and integrations?

  • Mark Wright


    Director of Partnerships & Evangelization


  • What is IOT


    Graphic from HBR, Michael Porter

    Ayla Networks Enables

  • The Value of Connected Products

    Differentiate Your Products

    Generate New RevenueImprove Customer Experience

    Optimize Product Development

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  • Goal: Connected Devices

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    • Mobile Controlled

    • OEM Mgmt.

    • Future proof

    • Connected

    • Secure

    • Complete Feedback Loop

  • “Things” are Different

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  • We do all the work. Things just work. So, you don’t need a PhD to get products to work.

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  • Ayla’s Agile IoT PlatformTM

    Single layer of software fabric between devices, virtual devices, and applications; with support from world leading chip/module/gateway

    suppliers to IoT

    (this is what differentiated iPod, Kindle, Android devices…)

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  • An Easier Path to Connected Products

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    • Internet of Things (IoT) is happening now!

    • Connectivity, security, cloud DevOps, back office optimization, and network data management not the core expertise for most manufacturers

    • The true value of IoT is in the data: Ayla’s goal is to provide our customers with a feedback loop to learn faster and adapt

    Ayla helps manufacturers leverage data to make the most of connected products

  • Comprehensive Platform Features


    Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences, Scale Operations to Support Millions

    Role-based access: Grant different use

    privileges to different users

    Time-based access: Grant temporary access

    privileges that expire at a pre-set time

    Retain full control: Monitor activity and edit

    or revoke privileges at any time

    Device “Owner”

    Share Access

    Role Based Access

  • First Global IoT Platform

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    • Manufacturers can now use a single IoT platform technology to deploy devices in the US, China and Europe

    • Safe Harbor compliant for data and privacy issues • ICP licensed in China

    Ayla US • Corporate HQ • Primary development

    Ayla Europe • Safe Harbor Compliant • In-region cloud services

    Ayla China • WeChat Integration • ICP License

  • Ayla Networks in Action Leading Fire Safety Company

    Key Challenges

    Overview Ayla Solution

    Unique Benefits / ROI

     World leader in the manufacturing of fire safety products

     Residential and Commercial product lines

     Very price sensitive as a consumer product that will be sold through retail

     Needed a mechanism to rapidly change in competitive market

     Lack of domain expertise in developing and managing connected devices

     Agile IoT Platform, end to end  Role Based Access Control & Policy Manager  Messaging and Notification Services

     Provide the agility to evolve with changing market requirements

     Allow the customer to implement a new technology to a mature market

     Ayla made it possible for them to focus on their own core competency and redefine the segment

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  • Ayla Networks in Action Exciting New Wearable

    Key Challenges

    Overview Ayla Solution

    Unique Benefits / ROI

     Innovative new company in the medical wearable space

     Consumer infant health monitoring device

     As a start-up, they needed a solution to get to market quickly

     Need a cost effective solution that wouldn't impact price point

     Cloud connectivity was not their core expertise so they needed a strong partner

     Agile IoT Platform, end to end  Secure connectivity and anonymized data  Messaging and Notification Services

     Out-of-the-box solution solution reduced development time

     Allowed Owlet to focus on their core expertise  Ayla’s broad ecosystem of partners allowed Owlet to

    select the best technology to meet their needs

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  • Host MCU Data Collection

    All-in AWS Partner


    Leverage-able IT Resources: Cloud Security Access control Database Compute Storage Networking tools …50+ services

    “Utility model for cloud services” – Kyle Lichtenberg – AWS Solutions Architect


    Product Management

    Customer App

    Device Connection

  • AWS Infrastructure

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  • Benefits of the Platform Approach

    FLEXIBILITY to adapt to evolving customer needs

    COST to Develop & Launch

    BIG DATA capabilities

    TIME to Get Products to Market

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  • Configurable & Future-Proofed IoT

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  • Why is Ayla the IoT Platform Leader?

    • “Ayla’s founders re-thought how to develop and support connected products or things. They realized that they needed to design their IoT platform so that they could help manufacturers create secure, connected products, quickly and cost effectively, while minimizing the need for non-reoccurring engineering expenses for custom development.” ---Al Velosa- Gartner

    • “With some key advantages over other players, Ayla looks to me to be a company that should seriously be considered a player with the “big boys” of IoT. ”---Mike Krell-Moore Insights and Strategies

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  • Key Takeaways

    • Unmatched simplicity to speed time to value

    • Flexibility to add features quickly • True end-to-end Security • Best-in-class hardware from

    leading chip and module manufacturers

    • Flexible business model to meet your specific needs

    Let us know how Ayla can help you, bring your connected vision to market

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  • Thank you

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    Amazon Web Services, Inc. All other information, including feature names are the property of

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