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Henrico County Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Improvements

RFP #11-8974-1CS

March 9, 2012





Your firm is invited to submit a proposal for an integrated, full-featured Advanced Traffic Management System for the Department of Public Works, Traffic Engineering Division in accordance with the enclosed specifications. The submittal consisting of the original proposal and nine (9) additional copies marked, "A PROPOSAL for Advanced Traffic Management System", will be received no later than 3:00 p.m., April 20, 2012, by:


County of Henrico County of Henrico

Department of General Services Department of General Services

Purchasing Office OR P.O. Box 90775

1590 E. Parham Road Henrico VA 23273-0775

Henrico VA 23228

This RFP and any addenda are available on the County of Henrico website at: www.co.henrico.va.us The Bids and Proposals link is listed under the Henrico Business Section on the home page. To download the IFB, click the link and save the document to your hard drive. To receive a printed copy of this document please call (804) 501-5660 or bla04@co.henrico.va.us. To receive an email copy of this document or any technical assistance please contact edw@co.henrico.va.us

Time is of the essence and any proposal received after 3:00 p.m., April 20, 2012, whether by mail or otherwise, will be returned unopened. The time of receipt shall be determined by the time clock stamp in the Purchasing Office, Department of General Services. Proposals shall be placed in a sealed, opaque envelope, marked in the lower left-hand corner with the RFP number, title, and date and hour proposals are scheduled to be received. Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their proposal is stamped by Purchasing Office personnel by the deadline indicated.

A pre-proposal conference will be held on March 19th, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. in the Purchasing Office, North Run Office Park, 1590 East Parham Road, Henrico, VA. Offerors are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-proposal conference in order to ask questions regarding the RFP requirements and to familiarize themselves with purchasing procedures. Only two representatives from each firm will be allowed to attend the meeting or is limited to one caller from each supplier. A teleconference number has been established for suppliers who are unable to travel to the County of Henrico. To join the meeting, call 804-501-7555 and enter meeting ID #7002 and password #6235. Please bring a copy of the RFP with you in order to discuss the requirements.

Nothing herein is intended to exclude any responsible firm or in any way restrain or restrict competition. On the contrary, all responsible firms are encouraged to submit proposals. The County of Henrico reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted.

Technical questions concerning this Request for Proposal should be submitted no later than March 27, 2012 to Cecelia H. Stowe in writing to email: sto05@co.henrico.va.us.

Very truly yours,

Christopher L. Winstead, P.E.

Director of General Services

Cecelia H. Stowe, CPPO, C.P.M.



Table of Contents




24. Project Schedule

25. County Responsibilities

26. General Contract Terms and Conditions

27. VDOT/Federal Contract Provisions

28. Proposal Submission Requirements:

29. Proposal Response Format:

210. Proposal Evaluation/Selection Process:


Attachment A – Insurance Specifications

Attachment B – Proposal Signature Sheet

Attachment C- Proprietary/Confidential Information Identification

Attachment D - Virginia State Corporation Commission Registration Information

Attachment E - Supplier Reference Sheet

Attachment F -Proposed Staffing for Offeror’s Project Team

Attachment G – Functionality Compliance Matrix

Attachment H –Item Pricing Schedule

Attachment I – Henrico ATMS Implementation Equipment Models & Exceptions

Attachment J – Henrico ATMS Exceptions to Drawings

Attachment K – Henrico County GIS/IT Policy: Geo-Centric Interoperability Requirements for Enterprise Systems

Attachment L – Implementation Drawings and Specifications for Henrico ATMS upgrades

Attachment M – VDOT / Federal Forms/C-111 Minimum DBE Requirements


The intent of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit sealed technical and cost proposals from qualified offerors to furnish, install, and fully integrate signal system improvements for the Henrico County Traffic Signal System, to include central system software and hardware, field hardware, and communications. Field controller hardware and central software shall be provided by the same Offeror. The County is not seeking to obtain a central software application from a third-party integrator.

The proposed Henrico ATMS signal system improvements will consist of new TS-2 local controllers and firmware that are compatible with the existing TS-1 cabinets, and new central system software that provides real-time functionality over the proposed wireless and leased-line communications network.

The Successful Offeror will be required to fully integrate the traffic signal system software locally at signal controllers and centrally at the County Signal Shop. In addition, the Successful Offeror will provide training and technical support as per the stated requirements within this RFP. It is the responsibility of the Successful Offeror to include any and all items required for a complete and comprehensive solution, regardless of their inclusion or exclusion in this document.

2. BACKGROUND: 2.1 Existing System

The County currently operates and maintains 140 traffic signals of which 25 are currently coordinated within the Henrico County Signal System. The system currently uses a mix of different models of Eagle and Econolite TS-1 controllers in TS-1 cabinets of varying sizes. The system consists of three closed loop signal systems (with three master controllers connecting 13 local controllers) and two corridors with time-sync based signal coordination (encompassing 12 local controllers). The closed loop systems use twisted pair copper cables or serial wireless radios for interconnect among the local controllers, and the master controllers are integrated with telephone dial-up modems for accessibility from central. A single desktop computer at the County Signal Shop runs software to communicate with the master controllers of the closed loop systems. The limiting features of the system and the communications have prompted County staff to perform routine tasks such as synchronizing clocks in the field as opposed to remotely from the Signal Shop. The County also has signals that are part of a VDOT-coordinated system along S. Laburnum Ave at I-64 using a VDOT master controller at cabinet 61.

2.2 Proposed System

The County is proposing to implement a fully distributed system with new local controller hardware/software, new central system software with expanded capabilities, and expanded wireless and leased-line communications that will serve to meet the needs of the County. The expanded capabilities will focus on the replacement of central system hardware and software to accommodate an upgrade from closed-loop to a distributed system, expansion of the system communications to include additional signals and improving reliability of existing communications and the addition of equipment in subsequent phases to support planned ITS elements such as CCTV cameras. The County is proposing to replace all of the existing TS-1 controllers with new TS-2 controllers for installation in the existing TS-1 cabinets.

Migration to TS-2 cabinets will occur at a later date. TS-2 detector racks and MMU functionality will be considered as an option for this first phase of deployment.

Proposed system functional needs and features were developed based on discussions with County staff and results of a functionality survey. The general functions desired by the County with the signal system upgrade include:

· Conversion of the existing closed loop systems to a fully distributed central system

· Real-time field equipment status updates

· Enhanced traffic and system monitoring

· Enhanced troubleshooting capabilities

· Increased communications coverage of existing signals

· Improved communications reliability

· Remote system access (uploading/downloading to controllers; changing timings)

· Capability/Flexibility for system expansion

· Hardware and software from a single vendor supplier (e.g. no third-party software integrator solutions)


The Successful Offeror shall provide all labor, materials, supervision and project management necessary to upgrade the Henrico County ATMS by providing a comprehensive integrated software solution to meet the needs of the County identified in the Implementation Drawings and Specifications (Attachment L) and as identified herein.

3.1 High-level Overview of Scope

Installation of field controllers, wireless communications, central system software, and supporting leased telecommunications services as identified in the drawings and implementation requirements in Attachment L.

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