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Online Collaborative Tool: Padlet

Online collaborative tool is another platform made in this modern era for enabling people, coming from different sides of the world, to collaborate with one another. It is just like social media websites which connect people with just one click, but what makes it different is that the software used along this type of tools to make people share their ideas within one platform possible. Be it providing feedbacks and input critical information about a project status, work item or task, everything can be done through online collaborative tools. This kind of platforms helps in business which has teams of people working together to perform one assignment. Also, it shows huge contributions in classroom settings where teachers can share files or teaching materials where their students can refer on during off-class period of time. There are many online collaborative tools that we can find these days when we google it. One of them is named Padlet. This application enables a team to more easily share mutual goals, see the progress or updates of work and understand a project. The application Padlet provides everything that can help a team in making their work as effective as possible and with a lot more of other benefits.

Image 1 Padlet logo

Padlet is an online application helping in creating online bulletin boards that we can use to display information for any topics we want to. It is easy to sign up for an account on this collaborative tool and build a new board. We can add images, links, videos, and many more kinds of file we want to share. We can then return to the board we have created and add more information there. Padlet is not only for desktop, but it can be accessed through mobile phones too. We can just download the application through App Store or Google PlayStore and view the board we want to.

Image 2 Padlet homepage in desktop version

Image 3 Padlet homepage in mobile version

Padlet has made our group discussion become easier to be done. By uploading our files in the padlet drive, which is the cloud drive for this application, we can access the files through our desktops or smartphones. We also get notifications when someone from our group posts anything on the padlet or comment on the posts made. We can be updated with anything from our group members with the help of Padlet by this way.

The biggest advantage of Padlet is that it can accommodate different file types in the same time. Everyone’s idea or files can put together in the same place. Different files are also opened by different programs. All the information is placed in the cloud, can be accessed instantly, furthermore, the privacy settings can set on different permissions for different objects, make the content more secure, if you need a cloud site to manage different files, Padlet will be a good choice.

Second benefit, we can open a discussion in Padlet, you can create and reply to comments to get feedback and make files more collaborative, it can be done by commenting directly on the files. It contributes a lot convenience to group discussion, easier to gather every group member for group discussion in anywhere anytime. This does save to time to travel to certain places for discussion.

Image 4 One Padlet opened in desktop version

In Image 4, there are files of PowerPoint slides of the previous presentations did by our group in the class. The padlet’s name is BKS3183 Media Technology because it is the name of this subject so it is easy for us to look up for the padlet related to our topics.

Computer teaching is not just a form of teaching that conveys information through computer technology in the class, it also bringing benefit to students to study online through computers at home. In my opinion, one of the most important benefits of this information learning is strong interactivity. Students can exchange and share ideas through online learning websites and even social networking sites. For example, Padlet can allow lecturers or teachers to upload some textbooks or learning material through Padlet. Since Padlet bringing convenience and this increases the realism of thinking and opinion exchange. Therefore, students can communicate through words and teachers can even participate and be trend of online discussion.

The benefits given through Padlet is not limited by time and space. In traditional teaching, teachers can only teach in the face of face-to-face with students in the class. In addition, the textbooks taught by the teachers have not been recorded, and students can only rely on memory to recall what the teacher has taught. Through informational teaching, teachers can upload instructional videos or learning material. In the era when everyone has a smart phone in their hands, students can easily download the teaching videos uploaded by teachers, and when and where to learn, even online, to communicate with other students. We can access our files everywhere when devices and internet is available. Padlet can store our files in our account and server and we can access in anytime and anywhere. It does bring convenience to those students who are unable to attend class.

Padlet is an online bulletin boards that allow us to collaborate, reflect, and share pictures and links in a very secure way. It serves as an ideal mind-mapping tool designed specifically for students, teachers and business purposes in a fun and creative way. It provides fast collaboration for users to streamline the creation of online bulletin boards that allow you to collect and display data on different topics. This collaboration tool provides a unique feature where it acts as a simple, intuitive online board for collecting and displaying data on a private and secure platform.

In addition, Padlet is an intuitive solution that lets you post interesting questions and content such as videos, images, text, and documents on your page. Padlet is one of the expedient collaborative tools that allows a group discussion went smooth in term of documents and data sharing among the members.

In creating a board on Padlet, we can set our wall to be open to public or viewed by certain people. The user-friendly interface also features where it has access controls and user management tools so you can simply add or remove your followers and confine their access to certain types of data on your page. If your employee leaves, or if your students have graduated, you also own a control button where you can invalidate their access without losing their data. In the meantime, when a member joins your team, you can give them quick access to certain data on the system.

Image 5 Privacy settings of Padlet

It gives you more privacy and security, which makes Padlet a valuable platform. Your writing content will be protected from view by anyone when set to default. It is very convenient as a page to handle a group discussion without personal issue. Padlet also allow you to share your creative ideas and content without displaying your privacy such as your email address, password, or even your personal creative content. This application also allow users to share topics on social media without compromising the convenience of delivering content to your friends. As illustrated in Picture 2, this platform contain a setting page option where user are able to control who can view, write on, or moderate your padlets. The choices is on you.

This collaboration tool owns essential features that are useful for those concerned and require extra security for their documents. Padlet are using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to transfer data between server and user. It is important for the type of school to restrict access to its campus walls, as the server supports daily user pages. It has security features that are similar with the bank's security system.

Image 6 Premium plans of Padlet

Similar to other applications, Padlet too has premium plans offered with a lot more other features which are more advanced. As can be seen in Image 6, users can have unlimited padlets at one time without having to worry about the balance of memory space left. Other than that, users with premium plans can also customise the domain names to the padlets made. This is easier to be remembered and searched by other users when they are viewing our padlets. Plus, with unlimited memory space given, users can upload files with huge megabytes for better experience in using this application as it can store bigger files than the free, basic plan. In premium plans, we can also have folders for our padlets so it is easy for us to arrange our work and save more time in managing our work. Despite that, Padlets Pro also offers more wallpapers and themes so we can be more creative in doing our work here in this application.

Living in today’s world make us have the need to connect and networking with people around the globe. As an international online sharing platform, Padlet is also universal and inclusive. This feature helps a lot for as many as 29 countries, which involves 29 languages and the good news is they will