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    Mobile Learning Solutions and Support for 15 Years

    Engaged students Study Better and Score Higher.For 15 years, Brainchild has provided schools with: Deliberate use of mobile technologies for measurable goals Content designed for computers and tablets Professional development customized to each school

    Award-Winning Quality

    Structured learning on mobile devices with reporting.

  • 3.800/811-2724 www.brainchild.com

    Built from your state standards.

    Built from Common Core State Standards

    Basic Skills in English, Spanish, Haitian.

    Brainchild Software is Special!1. We are passionate about self-paced insruction that teachesstudents how to teach themselves. Our feedback is carefullyconstructed. It guides students to the solutions. It does not simplytell students the correct answers.

    2. Its the pedagogy. Spend time on weak areas and dont wastetime on strong areas. Pretests, multimedia instruction, practicewith feedback, and post tests for each concept cause rapid,dramatic increases in student achievement.

    3. Student engagement. When students succeed and have funwith mobile learning, they are eager to learn more. Brainchildsoftware causes transformations in student attitudes.


    3 Software Series Web versions for tremendous value Mobile versions to triple learning time Professional Development & Support



    Study Buddy

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    MathStudents work on one state mathstandard at a time, with contextitems as found in your state test.

    ScienceStudents receive a solid foundationto support high performance statescience tests.

    Language ArtsIncludes reading comprehensionand writing skills. Students read10 passages of 75 words each.

    Achiever! Formative Assessment & Instruction for Grades 1 - 8

    We love Achiever! It has catapulted us into the top scores in the state of Hawaii. Hands down, it is cheaper and does the same jobas everything else that is more expensive. It has been such a pleasure working with you and your company.

    - Hal & Michelle Takenishi, Kahala Elementary School.

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    Personal Learning PlansData-driven instruction helps students learnat their own pace. Green checkmarks show

    mastery of each state standard.

    Achiever! Reports for Adjusting Individual and Group Instruction

    Case studies show dramatic subgroup gains.

    Student reports show progress by state standard.

    Reports are preprogrammed and easy to use on the teacher desktop.

    St. Marys Charter School science scores went from 44% in 2005 to 87%. We became a Recognized School.- - Stan Simonson, Principal

  • Core Concepts: All-New Common Core State Standards Content


    The tablet version extends learning with self-pacedinstruction for every student. Both web and tabletversions provide: Individualized Instruction Pretest each standard to form a baseline Multimedia instruction to teach each concept STUDY mode with immediate feedback Post Test to measure progress/confirm mastery

    Core Concepts is a web-based formative assessmentprogram that gives students individualized, data-driveninstruction. Reports help educators adjust group andindividual instruction.

    Assessment and InstructionFor Grades 1-5

    Tablet Versions Extend Learning

    Web Version Provides Reports

    Kineo iPad

  • 800/811-2724 www.brainchild.com

    Content Development ProcessWhat students can learn at any particular grade level de-pends upon what they have learned before. Editorial teamswere assigned to construct items for all grade levels foreach concept. For example, all items for grades 1-5Operations and Algebra were created by the same team ofalgebra experts. All Figurative Language lessons forgrades 1-5 were created by the same team of languagearts experts.

    3.MD.1. Tell and write time to the nearest minuteand measure time intervals in minutes. Solve wordproblems involving addition and subtraction oftime intervals in minutes, e.g., by representing theproblem on a number line diagram.

    3.MD.4. Generate measurement data bymeasuring lengths using rulers marked with halvesand fourths of an inch. Show data by making a lineplot, where the horizontal scale is in appropriateunits whole numbers, halves, or quarters.


    Aligned To is Not Good EnoughHere are a few examples of how CCSS standards are different: Grade 3 Line Plots are marked by fractional increments. Grade 4 Line Plots require fraction operations. Elapsed Time includes finding solutions with number lines. Point of View in grade 3 addresses 1st, 2nd, 3rd voices. Point of View in grade 4 includes firsthand vs. secondhand.

    Precise and rigorous, CCSS have specific progressions fromgrade to grade. They often combine multiple concepts.

    These Standards are not intended to be newnames for old ways of doing business.

    These Standards are not intended to be newnames for old ways of doing business.

    2011 Common Core State Standards Initiative

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    Common Core Language Arts

    Grade 1Language Arts

    LanguageL.1.1 AdjectivesL.1.2 End PunctuationL.1.2 CapitalizationL.1.2 CommasL.1.1 ConjunctionsL.1.1 Noun UsageL.1.1 Pronoun UsageL.1.1 Preposition UsageL.1.1 Subject-Verb AgreementL.1.1 Verb TensesL.1.2 Spelling

    ReadingR.1.1 Key DetailsR.1.2 Main IdeaR.1.3 Literary ElementsR.1.4 Figurative LanguageR.1.3 Compare and ContrastR.1.6 Point of View

    Grade 2Language Arts

    LanguageL.2.1 Adjectives & AdverbsL.2.1 Irregular VerbsL.2.1 Noun UsageL.2.1 Pronoun UsageL.2.1 Sentence StructureL.2.2 CapitalizationL.2.2 SpellingL.2.4 AffixesL.2.4 Words in Context

    ReadingR.2.1 Key DetailsR.2.2 Main IdeaR.2.3 CharacterizationR.2.4 Poetic StructureR.2.5 Story StructureR.2.7 Author's Purpose

    Grade 3Language Arts

    LanguageL.3.1 Adjectives & AdverbsL.3.1 ConjunctionsL.3.1 Noun UsageL.3.1 Pronoun UsageL.3.1 Sentence StructureL.3.1 Verb TensesL.3.2 CapitalizationL.3.2 PunctuationL.3.2 Spelling

    ReadingR.3.1 Key DetailsR.3.2 Main IdeaR.3.3 SequenceR.3.4 Figurative LanguageR.3.4 Words In ContextR.3.6 Point of ViewR.3.9 Compare and Contrast

    Grade 4Language Arts

    LanguageL.4.1 AdjectivesL.4.1 Pronoun UsageL.4.1 Sentence StructureL.4.1 Verb TensesL.4.2 ConjunctionsL.4.2 CapitalizationL.4.2 PunctuationL.4.2 Spelling

    ReadingR.4.1 InferencesR.4.1 Key DetailsR.4.2 Main IdeaR.4.2 SummarizationR.4.3 Literary ElementsR.4.6 Point of ViewR.4.8 Supporting Details

    Grade 5Language Arts

    LanguageL.5.1 ConjunctionsL.5.1 Verb TensesL.5.2 PunctuationL.5.2 SpellingL.5.3 Sentence StructureL.5.4 Affixes

    ReadingR.5.1 InferencesR.5.2 Main IdeaR.5.2 SummarizationR.5.3 Compare & ContrastR.5.4 Figurative LanguageR.5.6 Point of ViewR.5.8 Supporting Details

    Kineo/iPad Price$29 per grade level of Language Arts

    Number of Students (Per School) 1-50 51-100 101-200 201-300 301-500 501-1,000

    Core Concepts Math gr 1-5 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995Core Concepts Math gr 6-8 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995Core Concepts ELA gr 1-5 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995Core Concepts ELA gr 6-8 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995

    Web Subscription PricingMany schools purchase the web subscription first. Reports help teachersadjust instruction for individual students or groups. If the school also hastablet versions of the software, students can sync their scores.

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    Grade 3Math

    Number & Operations in Base Ten3.NBT.1 Estimation & Rounding3.NBT.2 Add and Subtract3.NBT.3 Multiply by Tens

    Number and Operations-Fractions3.NF.1 Represent Fractions3.NF.2 Number Lines3.NF.3 Compare & Order Fractions3.NF.3 Equivalent Fractions

    Operations & Algebraic Thinking3.OA.3 Model Multiplication-Division3.OA.4 Number Sentences3.OA.8 Represent Word Problems3.OA.8 Solve Word Problems3.OA.9 Patterns

    Measurement & Data3.MD.1 Elapsed Time3.MD.2 Weight & Capacity3.MD.3 Graphs and Charts3.MD.4 Line Plots3.MD.5 Area and Perimeter

    Geometry3.G.1 Classify Shapes3.G.2 Parts of a Whole

    Grade 1Math

    Number & Operations in Base Ten1.NBT.1 Counting1.NBT.1 Read-Write Numbers1.NBT.2 Place Value1.NBT.3 Compare Numbers1.NBT.4 Add with Regrouping1.NBT.5 Sums & Differences of Ten

    Operations & Algebraic Thinking1.OA.1 Word Problems1.OA.3 Properties of Operations1.OA.4 Subtraction Fact Families

    Measurement & Data1.MD.1 Compare & Order Objects1.MD.2 Measure Length1.MD.3 Tell Time1.MD.4 Graphs & Charts

    Geometry1.G.1 Shapes & Attributes1.G.2 Combining Shapes1.G.3 Parts of a Whole

    Grade 2Math

    Number & Operations in Base Ten2.NBT.1 Place Value2.NBT.2 Skip Counting2.NBT.3 Read-Write Numbers2.NBT.4 Compare Numbers2.NBT.5 Add-Subtract to 1002.NBT.7 Add-Subtract to 1,0002.NBT.8 Add-Subtract 10 & 1002.NBT.9 Properties of Addition

    Operations & Algebraic Thinking2.OA.1 Word Problems2.OA.2 Add-Subtract to 202.OA.3 Odds and Evens2.OA.4 Arrays

    Measurement & Data2.MD.1 Measure Length2.MD.3 Estimate Length2.MD.4 Measure Difference2.MD.7 Tell Time2.MD.8 Money

    Geometry2.G.1 Shapes2.G.2 Introduction to Area2.G.3 Parts of a Whole

    Grade 4Math

    Number & Operations in Base Ten4.NBT.1 Place Value4.NBT.2 Compare & Order4.NBT.2 Read-Write Numbers4.NBT.3 Estimation & Rounding4.NBT.4 Add-Subtract Multi-Digits4.NBT.5 Multiply Multi-Digits4.NBT.6 Divide Multi-Digits

    Number and Operations-Fractions4.NF.1 Equivalent Fractions4.NF.2 Compare Fractions4.NF.3 Add-Subtract Fractions4.NF.4 Multiply Fractions

    Operations & Algebraic Thinking4.OA.1 Number Sentences4.OA.2 Word Problems4.OA.3 Estimation & Rounding4.OA.4 Factor Pairs4.OA.5 Patterns

    Measurement &