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Web Services The Tools We Use Slide 2 HTML Editors Slide 3 Notepad Slide 4 Vim Slide 5 Adobe Dreamweaver Slide 6 FTP Clients Slide 7 Adobe Dreamweaver Slide 8 Filezilla Slide 9 Source Code Control Slide 10 Color Picker Slide 11 - Netcraft.com Testing Web Server Slide 12 Testing Web Browsers Slide 13 Microsoft Internet Explorer Slide 14 Mozilla Firefox Slide 15 Firefox Add-ons/Extensions Slide 16 Firebug Slide 17 Web Developers Toolbar Slide 18 IE View Slide 19 Load Time Analyzer Slide 20 LinkChecker Slide 21 MeasureIt Slide 22 Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic Slide 23 View Source Chart Slide 24 View Source with Slide 25 Other Fun Ones Server Spy Forecast Fox URLParams Live HTTP Headers Slide 26 Graphics Editing Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Slide 27 Internal Task Tracking Slide 28 Whats in an update? We Receive the Request We Schedule the Request Update our working copy (svn update) Do the update requested Test the update on our local workstation FTP the update to the live site Test update again Commit the changes back to source code control (svn commit) Close request (notify client and bill time) Slide 29 Receive and Schedule the Request Slide 30 Update our Working Copy Slide 31 Plan the Update Slide 32 Do the Requested Update Slide 33 Slide 34 Slide 35 Test the Requested Update Slide 36 Slide 37 Slide 38 Test Library Article Slide 39 FTP the Update to the Live Site Slide 40 Test Again on Live Server Slide 41 Commit the Changes Slide 42 Slide 43 Close Request Slide 44 Questions