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WEB E-TENDER ENQUIRY IN TWO BID SYSTEM FOR SUPPLY ... 5.1.1 Bids received other than through e-portal. 5.1.2 Pharmacy/distributor which is not open for 24 x 7(round the clock working)

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Text of WEB E-TENDER ENQUIRY IN TWO BID SYSTEM FOR SUPPLY ... 5.1.1 Bids received other than through...

  • GM(M)/SSW/MEDICINE/SR/2000007266 1-22

    MAZAGON DOCK SHIPBUILDERS LIMITED (Formerly known as Mazagon Dock Limited)

    (A Government of India Undertaking)

    CIN: U35100MH1934GOI002079

    Dockyard Road, Mazagon, Mumbai 400010. INDIA Certified – ISO 9001/EN ISO 9001 For Shipbuilding Division

    Tel. No.: (022) 23763248/3246. Fax: (022) 2373 8151

    E mail: [email protected] Website: [email protected] e-Procurement site:





    Tender Date 03.04.2019.

    Tender Due Date 26.04.2019 at 14:00 Hrs



    Dear Sir/Madam, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited invites on-line participation from bidders in Two-

    Bid System (part- I techno commercial bid & part II price bid) on our e-procurement portal from Pharmacies / Distributors for supplying medicines as and when required to MDL Dispensary

    at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited Dockyard Road Mumbai-10.

    MDL Dispensary requires various medicines in small quantities to cater for immediate needs under

    welfare scheme. The probable list of the medicines required and indicative annual quantities are

    enclosed. This tender will be on Annual Rate Contract (ARC) basis for a period of 1 year.

    The modus operandi of the contract would be as follows.

    • CMO or a doctor authorized by CMO will email the prescription to the successful bidder(s)

    • The successful bidder(s) to supply the medicines at MDL dispensary within 2/3 hours from the receipt of email from Medical Department.

    • The medicines shall accompany tax invoice in triplicate . The tax will be shown in rupees and in % . Separate tax invoice/bill to be for different tax structure.

    • The entry of medicines will be first made in GRS and then handed over to pharmacy.

    • The Pharmacy will acknowledge the receipt. The original tax invoice will be returned back to the supplier duly signed and stamped by CMO indicating as “Original fit for payment “ on

    original invoice.

    • The firm would submit the bills once in a month on 30th of every month along with the good receipt challans by GRS through security gate entries to CMO with consolidated invoice list of

    that month . The bills would be certified by CMO.

    • MRP of each Medicine along with discount will be verified by CMO prior certification.

    • After receipt and certification of bills by Medical & OHS the Purchase requisitions will be generated by Medical & OHS

  • GM(M)/SSW/MEDICINE/SR/2000007266 2-22

    • The bills , goods receipt challan and Purchase requisitions will be send to material department by Medical & OHS department. The Material department will generate the Purchase Order and will send the copy of PO , Bills and Challans to GRS to generate GRN.

    • After generation of GRN , Material department will certify the bills in the system and will forward it to bill passing section for payment.

    • Activity of the payment will be done within 15 to 20 working days from the date of receipt of bills.

    • The delivery during off-office hours to be executed as below.

    The vendor representative will deliver the medicine to medical assistant / doctor present in

    dispensary after obtaining the signature of CISF person present at gate. The formalities

    required for payment purpose will be done by Medical & OHS next day during normal working hours.

    2 The Offer: The offer must be uploaded in two bid system as appearing online in our E

    procurement website. The firm shall indicate a Flat % Discount on MRP for Medicines as follows.

    (To be filled online)

    Sr. No. Description % Discount on MRP

    1 Medicines

    3. Submission of offer in Two-Bid System:

    Part-I Bid: Following should be uploaded

    i. Acceptance on clauses of Tender Enquiry (TEF) GT&C, STAC in the Prescribed Formats stating ‘Accepted OR Deviation’ as applicable for each of the clause.

    ii. Blank Rate Schedule Format clearly indicating ‘QUOTED / NOT QUOTED’ as applicable against each of the listed item in the prescribed format. Please mention applicable taxes in

    percentage. The applicable taxes to be indicated in %.

    iii. Deviation Sheet in case of any deviations from Terms, Conditions & Technical requirements specified in the Tender Enquiry (TEF), STACs and GT&C.

    iv. Scan copy of Valid drug license issue by FDA (Form 20, 20-B, 21, 21-B and 21-C) v. Shop and establishment certificate.

    vi. Scan copy of valid Bank details for payment by RTGS/NEFT/ in the format enclosed (New bidders only).

    vii. Scanned image of PAN card shall be uploaded viii. Scanned copies of Purchase Orders executed earlier and past performance on similar

    supplies for last 3 years and its work/order completion certificate issued by the party for

    whom the work is done.

    Bidders in their own interest are requested to upload their bids well in advance of tender closing date to avoid the last minute difficulties in uploading the bids.

    Problems in hardware/software, internet connectivity, system configurations, Browser setting etc, for whatsoever reason shall not be considered for extension of tender closing

    date and time.

    Part-II Bid: This to be filled along with the part-1 bid as appearing online on our e

    procurement portal.

    4. Validity Period: Bids / Offers shall have a validity period of 90 Days from the tender

    closing date.

  • GM(M)/SSW/MEDICINE/SR/2000007266 3-22

    5. Bid Rejection Criteria:

    5.1 Following bids shall be categorically rejected;

    5.1.1 Bids received other than through e-portal. 5.1.2 Pharmacy/distributor which is not open for 24 x 7(round the clock working)

    5.1.3 Pharmacy / distributor which is more than 3 KM from the periphery of MDL gate. The peripheral distance of 3 kms ( approximately) will be verified on google map only. The

    MDL decision will be final in this matter. 5.1.4 Pharmacy / distributor not ready to supply the medicine within 2-3 hours

    5.2 Following bid rejection criteria shall also render the bids Liable for Rejection.

    5.2.1 Bidder’s failure to submit sufficient or complete details within the specified period for

    evaluation of the bids.

    5.2.2 Validity period indicated by bidders is shorter than that specified in the tender enquiry,

    at the discretion of MDL

    5.2.3 Incomplete / misleading / ambiguous bids in the considered opinion of MDL.

    5.2.4 Bidder’s failure to submit the valid licenses issued by FDA as per the Para 3.iv above.

    5.2.5 Bidder’s failure to submit shop and establishment certificate.

    6 Eligibility:

    6.1 The chemist must hold valid licenses as on the date of tendering in specified forms

    (Form 20, 20-B, 21, 21-B and 21-C) for various categories of allopathic drugs issued by the Drug Control Authority of the State under the provisions of Drugs and

    Cosmetics Act, 1940 as applicable and any other law in force. The above certificates shall have validity till end of the contract. They must hold all other licenses,

    clearances and permissions as may be necessary to carry out the trade of dealing with / selling of medicines.

    6.2 GST No and certificate should be available with the chemist.

    6.3 The chemist should preferably have a computerized billing system.

    7. Ranking bids and Determination of L-1 Bidder: Ranking of Price bids shall be done on the basis as stated below

    Sr. No. Description % Discount on MRP

    1 Medicines

    The firm which offers maximum discount on medicines will be considered as L1.

    Out of total expenditure 50 % order will be given to L1 bidder, 25 % order will be given to L2

    bidder, 15 % order will be given to L3 bidder and 10 % order will be given to L4 bidder.

    However, L2, L3 & L4 bidder has to match the discount given by L1 bidder.

    If L2/L3/L4 bidder will not match the discount given by L1 bidder, then that bidders share will

    be given to L1 bidder.

  • GM(M)/SSW/MEDICINE/SR/2000007266 4-22

    In case if out of L1 , L2 , L3 , L4 bidders quotes same discount then then their % share will be

    equally distributed to them who has quoted same discount.

    Note: MDL reserve the right to award the contracts to four or less than four pharmacists.

    8. Delivery Period: The items to be door delivered to MDL Dispensary. Medicine to be delivered

    on same day within 2/3 hours.

    9. Shelf Life: The supplied medicines shall have a minimum shelf-life of 12 months.

    10. Submission of Bills and Terms of Payment: The firm shall submit the bill duly certified by CMO once in a month. The payment will be made through NEFT/RTGS within 15 to 20 days

    11. EMD : Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)/BID BOND: Not Applicable.

    12. Security deposit :


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