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MEPL 2x150 MW


This paper of water treatment process in MEPL2 x 150 MW gives the over all idea on water flow and treatment system. . Source of water is Kandaleru creek . Water from kandaleru creek is pumped with 2 pumps capacity 2500 m3/hr (2 x 2500 m3/hr). It reaches pretreatment plant through 700 mm dia GRP pipe line .( Glass reinforced plastic ). Purpose of treatment is to obtain normal water parameters i.e to remove salinity in sea water ,and to obtain required parameters for process .This will be achieved in five stages. 1.pretreament. 2.Filteration 3. Sea water Reverse osmosis 4. Brackish water RO 5.DM Plant. Pretreatment : In pretreatment plant for Bactria killing ,Clarification. It includes chemical dosing and klaritube settlers. This water from klaritubesettlers (2x 1260 m3/hr) fall into clarified water storage tank capacity (8000m3) Filtration plant:274 m3 /hr) Filtration plant includes 4 filters 2 PSF (pressurized sand filters ) and 2 DMF ( Dual media filters) through filter feed pumps . SWRO:( 3 streams 96m3/hr each) Salinity in water can be removed in this process up to