Water Filtration Unit

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Water Filtration Unit. Sahada Akter. Design Brief. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Water Filtration UnitSahada Akter

Design BriefA water filtration unit is necessary for everyone to have in their homes. It is often said that people such as children or pregnant mothers need it the most, but in reality it is vital for every individual. There are many contaminants in water that we are not aware of. These contaminants harm our bodies and health. With the filtration unit we can remove the harmful substances and drink clean water. Once my filter is complete, I hope to use it in my own home with my family. I can teach my relatives and friends what I have learned as well and this will benefit them.

Step OneBuild your filtration system using a 2 liter soda bottle and one bucket.

Make three holes on the bottom of the bottle. Do the same for the top of the bucket. Stack the bottle on top of the bucket so that the holes match up. The bucket will hold the filtered water.

Step TwoFill the bottle with layers of sand, charcoal and gravel almost to the top. First put a layer of gravel, then charcoal, and lastly sand.

Step 2With the bottle AWAY from the bucket, pour water into the top and let it run through. You will notice the water will have the color of charcoal to it. Keep running water through each layer until the water runs through clear.

Step 3Place the bottle on top of the buckets lid (matching the holes up)Pour water into the bottle and let it filter through into the bucket.

Thats all you will need for your water filtration unit!RESULTSFilter: gravel, charcoal, sand

2 liter bottle on bucket with 3 corresponding holes, cheesecloth filter

Clean water!

Proof: Tube on the right-Pershing tap; Tube on left-My filtered waterMine has less copper!

Future EngineerSahada Akter