Wales and Northern Ireland

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Places to visit in WalesThere isnt another country we know at least in Europe that offers such a range of attractions fromcastles, parks andmuseums. Wales is a small country, which means you dont have to go far to find something new and interesting to discover.Wales also is well known because it has wonderful landscapes and of course that have a lot of interesting places but, on this list I will try to put together some places with history, wonderful sceneries and a lot of fun. 1: Snowdonia Think of Wales, and you'll likely think of Snowdonia. The English name for the area derives fromSnowdon, which is the highest mountain in Wales at 3,560ft is one of the most popular places in wales and of course is one of the most popular places for hiking and climbing destinations in Britain. When you're there, it's easy to see why the area has featured so heavily in local legends, including those based around King Arthur, who locals will insist was Welsh.2: Caernarfon CastleBuilt by King Edward I in the 13th Century as a seat for the first Prince of Wales, Caernarfon Castle is one of the largest castles in the country. With its 13 towers and two gates, this massive castle is recognized as one of the most impressive and best-preserved medieval fortresses inEurope. of course the castle has a lot of history because it was used in so many important events of history in different ways, as parlament, as a base in the world war etc. actually Is considerated world heritage for UNESCO until 19863 Conwy Located on the north coast of Wales just a short distance from Manchester, Conwy offers just about everything one could hope for in a day trip: a stunning castle, medieval architecture, and plenty of great shopping. has The best views ofConwy CastleandRiver Conwywith its suspension bridge designed by Thomas Telford are to be found from the 13th Century town walls built by King Edward I to keep the Welsh at bay.

4 Travel in wales by rail Wales was once famous for its mining operations, in particular of the slate used for the roofing still so common. While the majority of these mines and quarries have closed, the railways used to transport material around the country have been restored and now provide a fun way of travel. Wales has more than 10 heritage railway lines, and it's now possible to take in many of the most popular landmarks, whether mountains, seaside towns or castles, simply by jumping on a steam train. Many of the bigger lines, offer unique train driving courses and volunteer opportunities to add to the experience. 5 Pembrokeshire CoastSurrounded by water on three sides, Wales has more than its fair share of dramatic coastline. Some of the most imposing places to be found is this the coast of Pembrokeshire which just looks like an old man's chin into the Irish Sea. Whether on foot or by car, you'll find everything here: historic castles and keeps (Pembroke Castle), cathedrals (St David's in the town of the same name), and idyllic fishing harbors such as Laugharne, perhaps this is most famous as the place where Welsh poet Dylan Thomas lived for much of his life (his boathouse home is now a museum) this place is a wonderful option to enjoy the sea, and relaxPlaces to visit in Northern IrelandCity of Belfast this city that is the capital of northern ireland is well known because it have a lot of places to visit like the town hall of Belfast, with an Edwardian style, with its dome 53 meters high; the Ulster Bank, constructed in 1860 and with a Victorian style you can enjoy the Queens University and the library LinenhallGlenariff Forest park The unique Waterfall Walkway, opened 80 years ago, has been significantly upgraded along its 3 mile length which passes through a National Nature Reserve.Three waterfalls provide a rich backdrop for photographers, as do the other forest parts of the place that offer panoramic landscapes and peaceful riverside walks. here you can find A visitor centre, interactive display, shops, and caravan/camping site, this si a new thing you can also find the Laragh Lodge Restaurant this is a wonderful option for these who enjoy to walk, the rivers, and love the forestCarrickfergus Castle is a Norman castle in Northern Ireland, situated in the town of Carrickfergus in County Antrim, on the northern shore of Belfast Lough. this castle played an important military role until 1928 and remains one of the best preserved medieval structures in Ireland.

For more than 800 years, Carrickfergus Castle has been an imposing monument on the Northern Ireland landscape whether approached by land, sea or air. The castle now houses historical displays as wellas cannons from the 17th to the 19th centuries.titanic belfastfinally and even if this museum was in Belfast to, i think that we need to give him some protagonism, why? because is an imponent place, talking about his architecture, and is a very new and interesting place it was opened just 3 years. is known as the birthplace of titanic. is a museum who tells the stories of the ill-fatedTitanic The building contains more than 12,000 square metres of floor space, most of which is occupied by a series of galleries, plus private function rooms and community facilities. The museum has six floors that explore the history of the Titanic, the people and the city that built it. You can visit reconstructions of the cabins, decks and engine rooms and is projected to the public a live connection with the wreckage.about the transportation in each place, the easier way to travel from a place to another is the train, and if you want to travel from one point to another of the same city, the city trail or the buses are the easier way to transport.


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