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  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue



  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    Welcome to the exciting ensemble of Maruti Genuine

    Accessories for the New . The newSTINGRAY

    thoughtfully designed accessories create a perfect

    symphony of design, technology, comfort &

    performance. Each accessory has more attitude, style,

    performance and more quality, making your drive

    more awe-inspiring.

  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    Chrome LED GrillGrill glows with sparkling effect. As classy as it gets.Part No. 990J0M67L11-060MRP. d 2,490/-

    Alloy Wheel

    Gives an elegant and classy look. Improves the ride qualityand is specially designed for STINGRAYPart No. 43210M67L50-ZMQMRP. d 3,990/- Per Piece

    Wheel Cover

    Engineered to ensure perfect fit, balance and elegant looks.Rigorously tested for long life.Part No. 43250M67L10-27NMRP. d295/- Per Piece

    Wheel Arch Chrome KitDesigned with an exception to give Wheel Archa legendary style & shine.Part No. 990J0M67L13-020MRP. d1,690/-

    Door Belt Line ChromeThe glossy chrome finish on Door Belt Line forms its owndesign.Part No. 990J0M67L13-010MRP.d1,490/-

    Dazzling new attire for your StingrayDazzling new attire for your Stingray

  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    Body Side MoldingProtects the door from scratches. Bestquality tape used for fitment.Part No. 990J0M67L01-010MRP. d1,200/-

    Door VisorProtect from rain when windows are openand enhances the looks. Best quality tapeused for fitment.Part No. 990J0M67LQ0-010MRP. d990/-

    Designed to enhance the attitude of your car while adding that style statement. Available in different designs. Build to strict OEM specifications with 40-50 micron thin film base. These graphics have long life, no colour fading.

    BoldGives a Bold look to your Stingray.Part No. 990J0M67LJ2-100/120MRP. d1,990/-

    PremiumGives a Premium look to your Stingray.Part No. 990J0M67LJ2-110/130MRP. d 2,490/-

    Body GraphicsBody Graphics

    Mud Flap (Rear)Profile shape designed as per car contours.Part No. 990J0M67L00-040MRP. d190/- Per Set

    Bumper Corner ProtectorHelps in protection from scratches.Adds to aesthetics.Part No. 990J0M67L17-040MRP. d 490/-

    Vibrant ExteriorsVibrant Exteriors

  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    Seductive InteriorsSeductive Interiors

    Seat Covers

    Perfect fit to match the profile. Made from the best material. Rigorously tested. Attractive designs. Available in various colour options. Available in Fabric & Art Leather

    Art LeatherSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB3-080MRP.d3,950/-

    Art LeatherSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB3-100MRP. d 3,950/-

    FabricSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB4-260MRP. d3,590/-

    FabricSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB4-240MRP. 3,590/-

    FabricSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB4-250MRP. d 3,590/-

    DesignerSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB4-220MRP. d 4,990/-

    Art LeatherSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB3-090MRP. d 3,950/-

    DesignerSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB4-230MRP. d 4,790/-

    DesignerSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB6-050MRP. d4,690/-

    DesignerSeat CoverPart No. 990J0M67LB3-120MRP. d 4,990/-

  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    Maintains hygienic environment inside car. Available in Designer, Full Floor & Basic mats. Available in PVC & Carpet material. Designer Mats

    Part No. 990J0M67LA1-100MRP. d 990/-

    Carpet MatPart No. 990J0M67LA4-020MRP. d900/-

    Floor MatFloor Mat

    Seductive InteriorsSeductive Interiors

    Neon Theme lightNeon blue light to set the mood.Part No. 990J0M67L11-040MRP. d 490/-

    Door Sill Guard illuminatedGrand entry to your Stingray withilluminated sill for dust free shiny sill area.Part No. 990J0M67LM6-010MRP. d 2,490/- Per Set

    Door Sill GuardShiny steel finish to sill area. Sleek designto match car contour.Part No. 990J0M67LP6-020(Wagon R)Part No. 990J0M67LP6-030(Stingray)MRP. d 690/- Per Set

    Power Window (Front & Rear)Roll down windows with ease & comfort.Part No. 990J0M67L03-010/020MRP. d 5,890 / d 6,890/-

    INTERIOR STYLING KIT BLUE CARBONEnhance the interior of your car and make a statement.Part No. 990J0M67LPJ-050/060(Lxi/Vxi)MRP. d 3,990/-

    INTERIOR STYLING KITBLUE AURORAEnhance the interior of your car andmake a statement.Part No. 990J0M67LPJ-070/080(Lxi/Vxi)MRP. d 3,990/-

    *Basic & Full floor mat same as Wagon R

  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    For the safety of your vehicle. Keyless entry. Rotary mechanism for increased door latch life. No drill required in door panel. Compatible with the vehicle electrical system.

    Hassle free parking. Complete compatibility with the vehicle electrical systems. Range starts from d 1390/-. Available in Black, White & Silver Color Sensor.

    Keyless & Security System(with Shock Sensor)Part No. 990J0M67LF4-020MRP. d 5,190/-

    Keyless & Security System(without Shock Sensor)Part No. 990J0M67LF4-030MRP. d 4,890/-

    Security SystemsSecurity Systems

    Reverse Parking Assist SystemReverse Parking Assist System


    Reverse Parking Assist Systemwith CameraPART NO. 990J0M74K09-050MRP. d9,990/-

    Reverse Parking Assist System withDigital DisplayPart No. 990J0M99909-020 & 990J0M74K09-020MRP. d 2,890/-



    Detecting Range

  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue

    8/12For completer range refer to MGA Music catalogue available with dealer.

    Pioneer Single DinCD/USBPart No. 990J0M53MD3-020MRP. d 5,490/-

    JVC Double Din

    CD/USB/BTPart No. 990J0M75JDJ-020MRP. d 13,390/-

    JVC Single DinCD/USB/BTPart No. 990J0M74LD4-010MRP.d 8,990/-

    Kenwood Multimedia Player

    6.1 Screen with BTPart No. 990J0M67LD9-070MRP. d 28,490/-

    Sony Speaker16X23cmPart No. 990J0M66LE4-010MRP.d2,990/-

    MGA Speaker16 CM Dual ConePart No. 990J0M60ME3-010MRP.d 1,090/-

    JBL, Component Speaker16CM, 2 wayPart No. 990J0M74KE5-010MRP. d 4,590/-

    Pioneer Double DinCD/USBPart No. 990J0M83KDD-060MRP. d 8,990/-

    Integrated Audio withAUX/ CD/ USBPart No. 990J0M67LD3-090

    MRP. d 13,390/-

    Infotainment on WheelsInfotainment on Wheels

  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    Blaupunkt (112)Part No. 990J0M99919-040MRP. d 1,990/-

    BLAUPUNKT (211)Part No. 990J0M99919-050MRP. d 2,990/-

    BLAUPUNKT (311)Part No. 990J0M99919-060MRP. d 3,990/-

    BLAUPUNKT (411)Part No. 990J0M99919-070MRP. d 2,790/-

    ParrotPart No. 990J0M99919-030MRP. d 5,990/-

    Child SeatsChild Seats

    Perfect posture of child on uneven roads. Child safety against sudden brakes & accidents. MGA child seats Fully tested & approved as per International test standards. Separate assistants are not required to hold child.

    Child Seat- KA500(Pink/Black)Part No. 990J0M83KB6-030MRP. d 8,990/-

    Safe & convenient way to attend calls on the move. Easy installation. Multi Pairing support to connect 2 cell phones at the same time. Versatile function key for pairing, one touch answer, call rejection, power on/off.

    Child Seat- KA500 (Blue/Black)Part No. 990J0M83KB6-050MRP. d 8,990/-

    Child Seat- KA500(Blue/Light Blue)Part No. 990J0M83KB6-060MRP. d 8,990/-

    Child Seat- KA240(Blue)Part No. 990J0M83KB6-020MRP. d 3,990/-

    Child Seat- KA240 (Pink)Part No. 990J0M83KB6-040MRP. d 3,990/-

    Find your address easier and faster. Frequent map upgrades. Point of interest like restaurants, fuel station, hospitals and Maruti authorised services are highlighted. Bluetooth feature media player available in higher variants. Starts from d7,450/- to d15,990/-

    Map My India(4.3 with BT)Part No. 990J0M99918-090MRP. d 11,990/-

    Garmin Navigation(3.5)Part No. 990J0M99918-050MRP. d 7,450/-

    Navigation SystemNavigation System

    Handsfree (BT) KitHandsfree (BT) Kit

  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    Body CoverTailor made according to shape of vehicle.Part No. 990J0M67L02-020MRP. d1,060/-

    LeatherSteering Wheel CoverAnti Slip Grip. Available in more colors.MRP. d 510/-

    Art LeatherSteering Wheel CoverAnti Slip Grip. Available in more colors.MRP. d 250/-

    CD VisorOrganise all your music CDs in one place.Part No. 99000M99550MRP. d 125/-

    Seat Back OrganiserOrganise newspapers, magazines tissuecase at back of your seat.Part No. 99000M99283-1GRMRP. d 353/-

    Chrome DecalsStylish chrome to show off your attitude.Part No. 99050M999L5-040MRP. d 150 each

    Sun Visor Tissue BoxEasy access, clutter free Dashboard.Part No. 99000M99717MRP.d 160/-

    Non Slip MatPart No. 99050M999L1-030MRP. d140/-

    Comfy RangeMRP. d 100 to d 550/-

    Smart UtilitiesSmart Utilities

    Multipurpose Safety Tool7 in 1 safety tool, Breaking hammer,Seat belt cutter, Hazzard light & more.

    Part No. 9990J0M999L5-090MRP.d 1,490/-

    Car Air Purifier (De-odorizer)For fresh cabin, free from polutants.Part No. 99050M999L5-010

    MRP. d 1,200/-

    Smoke EliminatorFor smoke free fresh feel inside the car cabin.Part No. 990J0M999L5-060

    MRP. d 800/-


  • 8/10/2019 Wagon r Stingray Catalogue


    Divinity Perfume

    Dr. Marcus

    MDF Car Frame Acrylic Car Framewith Pillar

    Acrylic Car Frame

    Car FramesCar Frames


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