VPNs in G‰ANT2

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VPNs in GÉANT2. Otto Kreiter, DANTE UKERNA Networkshop 34 4th - 6th April 2006. Agenda. Brief presentation of GÉANT2 IP/MPLS VPN services inherited from GÉANT Optical VPNs in GÉANT2. What is GÉANT2?. A European R&E Networking Model: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of VPNs in G‰ANT2

<Presentation Title>Optical VPNs in GÉANT2
7th generation of pan-European research network infrastructure – continuation of a success story
Project partners include 30 of Europe’s national research and education networks (NRENs), DANTE and TERENA
Will connect 34 European countries and serve over 3500 research and education establishments across Europe
Provides international connectivity to other world regions
Funded jointly by NRENs and European Commission
Project timescale September 2004 - August 2008
Connect. Communicate. Collaborate
Provide a gigabit-speed infrastructure to support European research and education
Deploy an international hybrid network: routed IP traffic combined with switched point-to-point circuits
Implement end-to-end QoS provision
Develop a wider range of network services
Performance monitoring
Native Best Effort IPv4
Native Best Effort IPv6
Connect. Communicate. Collaborate
Multi-domain and multi-vendor L2-circuits in place.
Traffic engineered paths
To enforce QoS
Cons: Done manually at the GÉANT/GÉANT2 border
Not flexible
Error prone
Cons: Hard to enforce any policy
TE across transit domain
Possible solution nesting.
Cons: Not known yet !
IP/MPLS services
GÉANT2 will continue to provide the same IP/MPLS and L2-VPN services.
Subsequently will look into possibilities to improve it
LSP nesting.
Looking forward to deploy “new” services if they are required by the R&E community.
e2e path
Ethernet LSP
Domain B
Domain A

GMPLS controlled Ethernet Label Switching
A single GMPLS control plane instance for multiple regions (TDM and Ethernet) Multi Region Network
Would be nice to have "triggered signalling" for lower layers.
Connect. Communicate. Collaborate
They will form two separate service layers at the beginning
They may form a global TDM and packet (Ethernet/IP) traffic engineering database in the future.
GÉANT2 will continue to provide L2-VPN services in the IP/MPLS network.
New emerging inter-domain MPLS techniques to improve L2-VPN deployments.