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  • Voxmio W i r e l e s s F r e e d o m

    P r o d u c t C a t a l o g 2 0 1 4

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    P ag e 2

    Jo in us on our journey !

    The embryo of Voxmio was created after realizing that is was difficult to find slim, trendy headphones with high quality

    sound to a price that does not burn a hole in the pocket. We went out on a journey to find the most experienced and

    skilled partners who could help us manufacture a line of audio products that would appeal men and women that shares

    our thoughts that good sound should be portable, the design sleek and trendy and last but not least wireless!

    Customers have high expectations of our work. We appreciate the pressure, because its pushed us every day for more

    than four decades. Were proud of our accomplishments, not just for technological breakthroughs or answering customer

    needs, but because they increase the joy of listeningin all of its forms.

    We have partnered with award winning factories with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing wireless Blue-

    tooth devices. The factories are fitted with state-of-the-art machinery to aid in the manufacturing process and the final

    products uses the latest techonology and innovation to offer your customers a product that will allow the music to sound

    the way the artist once intended.

    Join us and discover a wide range of high quality products with great profitability! When you win, we win! Since we have a

    shared interest in serving our customers and offering them a great product, we do everything we can to equip you with

    the skills, tools and knowledge you need to offer Voxmio audio devices.

    Join our partner program and we will support to bring leads and secure sales. Not only will you gain visibility on

    www.voxmio.com, you will also benefit from a dedicated account manager, joint sales and marketing plans, demo prod-

    ucts and much more!

    Discover the power of wireless connectivity!


  • P ag e 3

    C a t a l o g t i t l e

    C a t a l o g S u b t i t l e

    Voxmio Artiste

    Voxmio Artiste is a slim and foldable high quality

    stereo headset with dual microphones and incor-

    porating new innovative gesture recognition tech-

    nology. The technology is optimized for control

    through finger touch or finger swipe of the head-

    phones NFC touch surface. Ego is unique in that

    our combination of features allows for near instant

    pairing with other devices and connection through

    the latest fusion of Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

    Voxmio Artiste headphones feature powerful

    sound, as clear and strong as any wired headphone.

    They also come with a cable you can plug into if

    you dont want to go wireless.

    Stream audio from your laptop, or any other Blue-

    tooth-enabled device even TVs from up to 30

    feet away. Beats Wireless headphones support

    SBC, APT-X and AAC Bluetooth, which means

    youll always have a high-quality stream.

    P r i c e f r o m

    4 9 5 s e k Item number: VOX926

    Retail: 1295 SEK

    Enjoy our patented, high quality multipoint stereo headset

    incorporating new innovative gesture recognition technology.

    Voxmio Fidelity

    Voxmio is delighted to present Fidelity which con-

    vinces with high sound quality, fantastic voice qual-

    ity and high wearing comfort. It makes no differ-

    ence if you listen to music on your Smartphone,

    tablet, notebook or even TV, the stylish headset

    can easily be connected to all Bluetooth enabled

    devices in a 10 meter radius. The build in hands-

    free microphone enables phoning and skyping

    without compromising on the quality.

    It can be taken just everywhere thanks to the

    folding mechanism it even fits into every handbag.

    The navigation is easy and intuitive. The device can

    be connected to a notebook or Smartphone with

    just a few clicks. The Voxmio Fidelity even stops

    the music when a call comes in, ensuring you never

    miss a call. You also dont have to search your

    pockets for your Smartphone, you can answer or

    decline a call with the headset. The same with con-

    trolling the music. Easily connected via NFC.

    P r i c e f r o m

    2 9 5 s e k Item number: VOX930

    Retail: 895 SEK

    Discover Voxmio Fidelity which convinces with high sound

    quality, fantastic voice quality and high wearing comfort.

    Voxmio Theater

    Enjoy the power of wireless connectivity with

    Voxmio Theater! No wires doesnt mean compro-

    mised sound quality. With Theater wireless head-

    phone, it means freedom of movement and mas-

    sive sound that doesnt skip a beat. Hard to the

    core and soft to the touch Theater headphones

    are super comfortable with a padded headband and

    plush, memory foam ear cups.

    Whether youre on the subway or in the airport,

    your voice will come through with crystal clear

    clarity thanks to the advanced microphone in

    Voxmio Theater. How annoying is it to have to

    reach for your phone every time you want to skip a

    track or answer a call? The Voxmio Theater acts as

    a remote control as well, so you can navigate your

    music, adjust the volume and answer calls, all from

    the headset.

    P r i c e f r o m

    2 4 9 s e k Item number: VOX930

    Retail: 795 SEK

    Enjoy the power of wireless connectivity with Voxmio



  • T o O r d e r , C a l l : 1 8 0 0 . 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 0

    P ag e 4

    Awesome wireless inears with NFC and APTX for cristal

    clear sound when ever where ever!

    Created with performance and comfort in mind. Flexible

    headphone with great sound and minimalistic design.

    Voxmio Freebird Pro

    Push your workout to the limit with headphones

    that are up to the task. Voxmio Freebird Pro head-

    phones are specifically engineered for an active

    lifestyle where exercise is an integral part of daily

    life. Theyre sweat resistant, stay comfortably yet

    securely in place and deliver robust wireless sound

    thanks to Apt-X to keep you energized. Its a com-

    bination of benefits conventional sport earbuds

    cant match.

    Our silicon tips conform securely and comfortably

    to your ears shape, even during vigorous exercise.

    The speaker elements are covered with

    hydrophobic cloth that keeps moisture out but lets

    sound pass through.

    The Voxmio Freebird Pro model has an inline

    remote that offers convenient control over the

    music on your iPod or iPhone. Skip a tune with the

    press of a button. No need to touch your device

    a great feature for running.

    P r i c e f r o m

    3 9 5 s e k Item number: VOX926

    Retail: 995 SEK

    Voxmio Fushion

    Voxmio Fushion provide hands-free convenience

    and deliver superb stereo sound wirelessly. Stream

    your favorite tunes and listen to audio from your

    smartphone, tablet and PC or Mac laptop. You can

    also connect with friends and colleagues through

    Skype with the integrated microphone. While wea-

    ring these wireless stereo headphones, you can

    switch between phone calls and music with the

    touch of a button. With a rechargeable battery that

    gives you up to 10 hours of music time, you'll stay

    connected when you need to the most. Designed

    for comfort, these Bluetooth wireless headphones

    also have on-device control for ease of use. These

    headphones are a great choice for those always on

    the go. An empty battery usually fully recharges in

    four hours.

    The headset has a built-in CVC echo cancellation

    and DSP Noise reduction. AAC is used for sound


    P r i c e f r o m

    1 9 9 s e k Item number: VOX119

    Retail: 449 SEK


  • P ag e 5

    C a t a l o g t i t l e

    C a t a l o g S u b t i t l e

    Voxmio Mini theater


    Enjoy your music on the go, everywhere you go.

    The Mini Bluetooth speaker delivers full, natural

    sound from an ultra-compact speaker that fits in

    the palm of your hand. It connects wirelessly to

    your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device,

    so you can listen to your music, videos or games

    anytime, anywhere. Just grab it and go.

    The Voxmio Home-theater speaker is small and

    light enough to tuck into your bag. It weighs in at

    just 340g. Its low profile lets you place it almost

    anywhere and provides a low center of gravity that

    makes it nearly impossible to tip over.

    The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up

    to ten hours of playtime. And at home, you can

    listen even longerthe charging cradle lets you

    listen while it charges. An empty battery usually

    fully recharges in three hours.

    P r i c e f r o m

    2 1 5 s e k Item number: VOX320

    Retail: 499 SEK

    Better sound in the palm of your hand. Voxmio Mini The-

    ater Blue plays where you play!

    V o x m i o B e a t b o x

    The Voxmio Beatbox speaker is ideal for playing

    music, video, games or apps out loud wirelessly

    from any Bluetooth enabled device. The perfect

    size to fit in a small backpack or travel bag, the

    speaker will provide 8 hours of audio - this really is

    t h e u l t i m a t e o n - t h e - g o s