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Text of Vox Pops (Worthing) March issue

  • The Workfare is a scheme under which jobseekers can lose benefits if they do not complete up to 30 hours a week of unpaid work experience is in dis-array after companies and charities abandoned it in the wake of public anger.

    Matalan suspended its involvement in the exploita-tive Government scheme. Tesco delivered an ultima-tum to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) demanding that ministers guarantee no one would lose their benefits, while both Oxfam and Shelter have left it altogether. The discount shop 99p Stores, Waterstones, Sainsburys and TK Maxx have also expressed their opposition.

    The figurehead for the backlash is Cait Reilly, a geology graduate from Birmingham, who was told she would lose her allowance if she refused to stack shelves at Poundland for no pay. Ms Reilly has since applied to bring a judicial review of the workfare scheme. Participants say were in no doubt they would have their benefits cut if they refused a place on the scheme, in contradiction of DWP rules. One said he was working alongside people on community service while staff on full pay were sent home; I

    spent eight hours a day, four days a week working for no money, It makes a handful of Tory MPs happy and gives free labour to a lot of very rich firms.E-Petition to Abolish Work for your Benefit/Workfare Schemes in the UK

    We want to abolish work for your benefit/workfare schemes in the UK. People selling their labour should be fairly remunerated for their work at the normal level paid for the tasks they perform and treated in the same way as a standard employee with full rights and representation if requested. These are the basic rights of any worker in a modern democratic society. Workfare is effectively forced labour and is therefore illegal in the UK.

    Please Sign this petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29356

    Number of signatures (at time of printing): 8,466Closing date: 14/02/2013.

    This is a photo captured the video that you can find on YouTube. Search: Occupy Worthing Poundland. Over 1600+ hits so far! :)

    There are people working in Poundland so they can still get their benefits, do you know what this is called..?

    SLAVE LABOUR!Thats what its called.

  • What do the 1% want?

    Oh just psychological, sexual and financial control of their subjects to capitalise on the information found Wikileaks is the modern day Gutenberg press who do the genuine work of journalism and dark forces have blocked their finances. Why are they such a threat? Dow working for Stratfors were mainly concerned with, are they going to broaden the issue of critique about systemic failure, corporate problems and corpo-rate power?Occupy talking about rewriting the rules of the game is scary to the corporations getting away with mur-der. The establishment will do anything to make it all stay the same with them getting richer and us getting poorer. This is a real conspiracy that needs fighting. This anger is going to grow in the coming months.


    In 5 easy facts:1. The fraud was named after Italian im-

    migrant Carlos (Charles) Ponzi who set up schemes in Boston and Florida in the 1920s

    2. Criminals offer investors high returns over a short period of time.

    3. Some of that money pays fake returns to other investors

    4. The rest of the money is used to fund the lifestyles of the criminals.

    5. The fund collapses when people stop joining or too many existing members withdraw funds.

    Why is all criticism censored along with any dissenting view of the

    economy or banks in the UK and the USA?

    Stephenson: Police Too Cosy With Press

    Former Metropolitan Police Commis-sioner Sir Paul Stephenson has told the Leveson Inquiry there has been too much gossiping between police and the press.

    Sir Paul , giving evidence to the probe into media ethics, said he believed rela-tions between some police managers and the media were closer than necessary.

    Top Goldman Sachs executive quits over culture of toxic greed.

    Greg Smith, who leaves Goldman Sachs today after 12 years at the company, slammed colleagues who callously talk about ripping their clients off, stating he had also seen five different managing directors refer to their own clients as muppets.

    I work long hours and wish I had the option to stop paying all this Tax! You can have peaceful demonstrations and thats never a bad idea, the government know were unhappy but they will do it anyway...

  • Hugging is good medicine!

    It transfers energy and gives the personHugged an emotional lift. You need four hugs a day for survival, eight hugs a day for maintainence, and twelve for growth.

    Scientists say hugging is a form of communication be-cause it can say things you dont have words for and the nicest thing about a hug is that you usually cannot give one one without getting one :)

    Jp morgan. Coca cola and IBM funded the nazis. Interest rate swaps. No one can defend them-selves against financial terrorism. Capitalism is feudalism. That plays on fraud and murder.

    Jp morgan goes in with their ad-vance team to destroy the economy with deritives, then the rating agen-cies move in and downgrade the country as a sovereign debt, then the hedge funders come in with nudreds and thousands of naked credit default swaps and sell, then the IMF the troik and the ECB say we are going to put in a techno-cratic dictator to clean up this mess, then all of assets of Italy including its 2400 tonnes of gold will be trans-ferred the the banksters in the Lon-don Stock Exchange (LSX) and Wall Street. The same game is being used over and over again.

    Financial innovation is needed to save the world they say but no one can give any evidence to support this when all they do is destroy economies. Feudalism.

    Compliance officers are always the most heavily bribed for off sheet trading and scamming.Contagion was stopped by volun-tary exchanges austerity more for Europe to subsidise credit default swaps insurance products which dont actually exist and they do not work they are fraud! They are like selling flood insurance and then nev-er paying out when theres a flood.

    Less than two years since they moved into Downing Street, David Cameron and George Osborne have man-aged to hack the public sec-

    tor to its smallest since the summer of 2003.

    18000 police gone in the last year, 71000 jobs in education lost, 85000 public administration posts cut. Even the NHS, which the govern-ment swears blind it has ring fenced from its spending cuts, has had to get rid of 31,000 staff. To talk of these as job losses is mislead-ing these workers have been chucked on the dole through unfortunate circumstances, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    These redundancies form part of a project: David Cameron came in vowing to shrink the public sector as part of his mission to rebal-ance the economy. The Institute for Fiscal Studies reckons that the coalition has made only 6% of its planned cuts to current public spending voters and workers have the other

    I think we should all get together, stick together and get something done! I worked for 20 years, left to have a family only to realise that I am entitled to 67 a week...

  • Occupy Worthing started on 15th October.

    Id been keeping a close eye on the Occupy Movement for a week or two; I knew that it was what Id been waiting for, probably for most of my life!

    A Facebook group had been started, and there were quite a few curious members. It was a lovely sunny Saturday, and I plotted up outside Steyne Gardens in a deck chair, with some pretty crudely made posters, and a banner which said; We are the 99%. During the afternoon I met up with a couple of the curious people from the FB group from there things moved pretty fast. The following day

    I went back to town, this time outside HSBC bank and for the next two weeks us fellow Occupiers would meet their almost daily. We quickly realised that we needed fliers to give out, and started Megaphoning sessions. Almost all of the people we spoke to were in agreement that we live in a very unjust society.

    Occupy Brighton were also forming and decided to join them to show as much support and solidarity as possible. The time spent at the Occupy Brighton camp was usually colourful and interesting. I feel that the Occupy Movement has learned so much from the camps and its an experience I shall never forget. Occupy Worthing is still fairly small in numbers and its never been viable to have a full time camp.

    However, Occupiers regularly assemble in the town centre, either for direct actions against such things as workfare and bankers bonuses. One thing that I feel so important is getting out there and speaking to people about the issues, and of course giving out our lovely Free Hugs (Please find your pull out my special Free Hugs heart in the middle pages!).

    Occupy Worthing is currently working towards speaking in schools to explain all about the Occupy Movement and is looking into a community garden project. Occupy Worthing coming along well are General Assemblies (Open Meetings) are once a fortnight at the Beechwood Hall Hotel. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 20:00 until 22:00. All are welcome. Please share and invite as many people as possible. Guest Speaker Adam Maloney from The Zeitgeist Movement.

    If anyone has any items for the agenda please post on Occupy Worthing Facebook page, or email:occupyworthing@hotmail.co.uk. Hope to see you there!

    Ive met some amazing people over the past six months and looking forward to meeting many more in the coming months. Im so proud to be part of the Occupy Movement. Long live Occupy!

    Sarah Chalk

    Occupy Worthing is coming along well

  • Has protesting ever chan