Volunteer Service at Yosemite Regional Hospital

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Volunteer Service at Yosemite Regional Hospital. Dan Druff. Men and women from all walks of life Currently about 400 volunteers Average of about 2400 volunteer hours per week Volunteers work in almost all departments within the hospital. Our Volunteers. Attend a volunteer orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Volunteer Service at Yosemite Regional Hospital

Dan DruffVolunteer Service at Yosemite Regional HospitalThis file created for Jeffrey Hansen. DO NOT DELETE -> %(8615DFF9F028C70A-C325E4F88C30C741)%1Our VolunteersMen and women from all walks of lifeCurrently about 400 volunteersAverage of about 2400 volunteer hours per weekVolunteers work in almost all departments within the hospitalVolunteering at Yosemite Regional Hospital2, Departments that dont have volunteers include Food Services, Medical Research, Security, and Custodial Services.2Volunteering ProceduresAttend a volunteer orientationSelect a desired volunteer positionPick up application form from Volunteer Services officeFill out applicationSign up for an interview with volunteer supervisorEnsure all medical and criminal records are submittedVolunteering at Yosemite Regional Hospital3Volunteer PositionsFamily Surgical Liaison VolunteerFamily Waiting Area LiaisonHospitality and Escort VolunteerVolunteer Information AmbassadorFlower Shop AssistantGift Shop AssistantBook Cart VolunteerSpecial Requests VolunteerPastoral Care VolunteerVolunteering at Yosemite Regional Hospital44RequirementsMust be 18 years of ageSpecial student programs for 16 and 17 year oldsMinimum volunteer time4 hours per week3-month commitmentImmunization and TB testBackground checkVolunteering at Yosemite Regional Hospital5Before You Decide to VolunteerUnderstand the time commitmentEvaluate the position you are volunteering forMake sure it fits your interest and skillsMake sure you can commit to the scheduleKnow and understand HIPA (patient confidentiality) lawsBe willing to receive and give feedbackVolunteering at Yosemite Regional Hospital6For more informationMercedes CirilloHead, Volunteer ServicesYosemite Regional Hospital41001 Merced River RoadWawona, CA 95389209-555-0735www.yosemiteregionalhospital.org/volunteerVolunteering at Yosemite Regional Hospital7


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