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COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY’ An fnternational Journal EDITORS: P. W. HOCHACHKA and T. P. MOMMSEN Volume Contents, Subject and Author Index Volume 106 Part A, 1993 PERGAMON PRESS OXFORD n NEW YORK SEOUL l TOKYO

Volume contents, subject and author index

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Text of Volume contents, subject and author index

Page 1: Volume contents, subject and author index


An fnternational Journal


Volume Contents, Subject and Author Index

Volume 106 Part A, 1993



Page 2: Volume contents, subject and author index


Dr P. W. HOCHACHKA Dr T. P. MOMMSEN CBP Editorial Office, University of British Columbia, 6371 Crescent Road, Vancouver BC, Canada V6T 122 (Tel.: 604-228-0402; Fax: 604-228-0408)

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Copyright 0 1993 Pergamon Press Ltd

Page 3: Volume contents, subject and author index

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 106 Vol. 106A, No. 1


Vera Ckerepanova, Tatyana Neslmmova and Robert Eher

James C. Saunders, Daryl E. Doan and Yale E. Cohen

Mini Reviews

Steen Vadatmp

David Morrltt and John I. Spleer

General Papers

Yaspwri Koya, Hiroyuki Manehra, Kaznnori Takano and Hlroya Takakaski

W. J. van Aardt 31

Yukio Okada, Takenorl Miyamoto and Tosklldde Sato

Kenji Tomioka, Nobokiro Seto, Shin-i&i Okada, Tomonori Terada and Yoshibiko Chiba

Jeffrey S. Biskop and Ronald S. Burton

T. B. Ng and V. E. C. Ooi 57

J. W. Canady, G. K. Jobmum and C. A. Squler

David J. Marshall and Ckrlstopker D. McQoald

Masakl Nagae, Hlrotoskl Fuda, Aklklko I-ha, Hlmsbl Kawamura and Kobei Yamauchi


Jean-Claude Meyran, Evelyne Sellem and Jean Four&


Fan-Yi Yin, Yaw-Wen Guo, Jk&ken Hwu, Chu-Ckien Huang and Sboo-I-Islan Mao


Conrad !3emla pad Ian R. McDonald 87

1 Muscle blood flow in diving mammals

7 The contribution of middle-ear sound conduction to auditory development



Comparative aspects of iodine conservation in mammals

A brief reexamination of the function and regulation of extracellular magnesium and its relationship to activity in crustacean arthropods

25 Effects of extracellular environments on the motility of spermatozoa in several marine sculpins with internal gametic association

The influence of temperature on the haemocyanin function and oxygen uptake of the freshwater crab Potamonautes warreni Calman

37 Voltage clamping of a frog (RaM catesbeiana) taste cell with a single microelectrode

43 Analysis of postembryonic development of locomotor activity rhythm by corpora allata implantation in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus

49 Amino acid synthesis during hyperosmotic stress in Penaeus aztecus postlarvae

Study on the effects of estradiol-17B, estrone, catechol estrogens, [o-AlaT-luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin on serum levels of lipids and vitellogenin in the immature duckling (Anas platyrhynchos)

61 Measurement of blood flow in the skin and oral mucosa of the rhesus monkey (Macaca mufatta) using laser Doppler flowmetry

65 Effects of hypoxia and hyposalinity on the heart beat of the intertidal limpets Patella granularis (Prosobranchia) and Siphonaria cape&s (Pulmonata)

Changes in serum immunoglobulin M (IgM) concentrations during early development of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) as determined by sensitive ELISA technique

Action of 1,25_dihydroxyvitamin D3 on calcium metabolism in the crustacean Orchestia cwimana during the molt cycle

Immunological relationships of venomous snakes

Changes in the activity of the adrenal cortex in fasted echidnas (Tachygfossus acufeatus) exposed to low ambient temperatures

. . . Ill

Page 4: Volume contents, subject and author index

Tomasz K. Baomiller and Michael LaBarbera

Humberto Villarreal and Lucia Ocampo

Humberto Villarreal and Jorge Adolf0 Rlvera

L. M. Koval, N. I. Konownko and E. N. Yavorskaya

L. M. Koval, N. I. Kononenko, M. D. Lutslk and E. N. Yavorskaya

N. I. Kononenko

Hans-Albert Kolb, Thomas Mmmeb and Wolf-Radiger Sehhre

B. A. Bollard, N. W. Pankhurst and R. M. G. Wells

Robert T. Gemmell and Gil Cepon

K. T. Horan, R. A. Nelson, S. S. Palmer and J. M. Bahr

Lois De Vera and Imants G. Priede

P. M. Brad&Id awl G. K. Baggott

AmlTlp&LllaneScboof&LiesbetPaeme& Michael Ma, Michael Blaekburn, AshokRainaandArnoldDeLoof

Gerald R. Hoff and Lee A. Foimaa

M. G. MacLeed, C. J. Savory, C. C. McCorquodale and A. Boyd

G. Bog& C. Balacco, H. Rocbe and G. B&bon

W. Meulemans, P. CaRaerts and A.Dehf






















Mechanical properties of the stalk and cirri of the sea lily Cenocrinus aster&

Effect of size and temperature on the oxygen consumption of the brown shrimp Penaeus culiforniensis (Holmes, 1900)

Effect of temperature and salinity on the oxygen consumption of laboratory produced Penaeus californiensis postlarvae

Electron cytochemical study of carbohydrate components in growth cone of cultured nerve cells of the snail Helix pomatia

Electron cytochemical study of carbohydrate components in cultured nerve and glial cells of the snail Helix pomatia

Mechanisms of membrane potential oscillation in bursting neurons on the snail, Helix pomatia

Potassium channels in growth cones of leech Retzius cells

Effects of artificially elevated plasma cortisol levels on blood parameters in the teleost fish Pugrus auratus (Sparidae)

Book Reviews

Information for Contributors

Vol. 106A, No. 2

The development of thermoregulation in the marsupial brush- tail possum Trichosurus vulpecula

Seasonal response of the pituitary and testes to gonadotropin- releasing hormone in the black bear (Ursus americanus)

Ultradian oscillation in the heart rate of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

The effect of water loss upon the mate, urea and ammonia content of the egg of the Japanese quail Coturnix coturnix japonica

Co-localization of locustamyotropin- and pheromone biosyn- thesis activating neuropeptide-like immunoreactivity in the central nervous system of five insect species

Morphometry and composition of red drum otoliths: changes associated with temperature, somatic growth rate, and age

Effects of long-term food restriction on energy expenditure and thermoregulation in broiler-breeder fowls (Callus domestic-us)

The intluence of calcium and magnesium on sea bass (Dicen- trarchus l&ax) intestinal brush border membrane purification and activity

Evidence for myoblasts contributing preformed actin and myosin to developing muscle in the dipteran insect Neobellieria bullata

“P-NMR study on effects of electric shock on swimming leeches, Hirudo medicinalis


Page 5: Volume contents, subject and author index

J. M. Mamra, J. M. Pm-Figarea aed 245 Gsmoregulatory responses to abrupt salinity changes in the P. Fernandez-Llebrez euryhaline gilthead sea bream (Sparu.s auratu L.)

Zeleke Negatu and Albert H. Meier 251 Daily variation of protein synthesis in several tissues of the gulf killi&&, Fund&s grundis Baird and Girard

M. M. Bray, S. Shafi, C. I-I. Wheeler and 257 C. J. Coldsworthy

J. C. Y. Wu, M. W. Smith, M. A. Mitch& 263 M. A. Peacock, A. Turvey and S. J. Keable

Maria-An&& Gum&n, Jo& L&s Ocher 271 and Francisco Vargas-Albores

Tatsusuke Takeda 277

Wleshw Pills, Ryszard Zarzeumy, 285 J&f Langfort, I-Iamm Kadmba-U4ciIko, Krystyna Nazar and Jannsz Wojtyna

T. Yamamoto 291

David 0. Freudenberger and Jobn V. Nolan 295

Fran&co Vargas-Albores, Maria-Antonia Gum611 and Jo&-L& Ochon


H. R. Anderson, I. Fairweather and D. R. Bamford


Dale W. Porter and Wiiam G. Martin 309

L. D. Van der Walt, F. H. Van der Bank 313 . and G. J. Steyn

F. Guirmtte, J. Gautron, A. Somarnnm, J. C. Robert, G. Peranzi aml Y. Nys

ADdI- s. c. Schmitt and Euclydes A. Santas

AlId& s. c. !&&mitt and Euclydes A. Santos

Ewlydes A. Santos and Rainer Keller

Marc S. Reodell, Steven F. McIntyre, John V. Terando, Stepben T. Kelly and David A. Fbmey






Quantification by radioimmunoassay of adipokinetic hormone-I in neural tissues in the head of Locusta migratoria

Enterocyte expression of calbindin, calbindin mRNA and calcium transport increases in jejunal tissue during onset of egg production in the fowl (Callus domesticus)

Haemolytic activity in the brown shrimp (Penueus [email protected] Holmes) haemolymph

Effects of exercise-stress on ventilation, cardiac output and blood respiratory parameters in the carp, Cyprinur curpio

Anaerobic threshold in rats

Whole-cell outward currents in freshly dissociated rat placental cells

Glucose metabolism in a kangaroo (Macropus robustus erubexens) and a similar size eutherian herbivore, the feral goat

An anticoagulant solution for haemolymph collection and prophenoloxidase studies of penaeid shrimp (Penuez4.s californiensis)

Uptake of the nucleoside uridine by the liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica

Taurine regulation of Ca2+ uptake and (Ca2+ + Mg+)- ATBase in developing chick B-cells

The suitability of using cryopreservation of spermatozoa for the conservation of genetic diversity in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Gastric acid secretion in the chicken: effect of histamine H, antagonists and H+/K+-ATPase inhibitors on gastro- intestinal pH and of sexual maturity calcium carbonate level and particle size on proventricular H+/K+ ATBase activity

Lipid and carbohydrate metabolism of the intertidal crab Chusmagnathus gramdata Dana, 185 1 (Crustacea : Decapoda) during emersion

Behaviour and haemolymphatic ionic composition of the intertidal crab Chasmagnathus granulata Dana, 1851 (Crustacea: Decapoda) during emersion

Effect of exposure to atmospheric air on blood glucose and lactate concentrations in two crustacean species: a role of the crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH)

Skin blood flc w in the Wistar-Kyoto rat and the spon- taneously hypertensive rat


Page 6: Volume contents, subject and author index

Paul Allen 355

M. 0. Nielsen and K. Jakobaen 359

Dctcrmination of hacmatological parameters of Oreochromis uureus Steindachner and the effects of heparin on these

Changes in mammary glucose and protein uptake in relation to milk synthesis during lactation in high- and low-yielding goats


Hiroaki Cldba, Kenjl Iwatsukl, Kmw, Hayaml and Kobel Yamauchl


J. E. Kplkpi sod J. D. ‘Ibomas 373

Titas I. Kamd, Charles N. Klmwele and Aruth Adie

Brian S. Hangerford, Eugene H. Stud& ErnestJ.Szuch,GaryL.Paceand Susan Taylor

Sandra E. Shumway, Mkhael P. Lesser and Demds J. Crisp

Dieter Wachtmann and Hpns Konmkk


Enclydes A. Santos and Raloer KeIler

Thomas H. Carefoot

Catherine Jesus and Rend Ozon

Mini Review

En18 Flscber

General Papers

Peter Relnach and John T. Tarvh

Hun Yl-Mln and Wang Zhao-Klan

George W. Boo2 and C. Paul Blaacld

Attlla Mkta, P&r Bogner, Mill6s Kellermayer, Denys N. Wbeatiey, Istvh Takh, Gynla Nagy and Ivan L. Cameron















Effects of dietary estradiol-17/l on feminization, growth and body composition in the Japanese eel (Anguilfu juponicu)

The sugar chemoreception niches of Bulinus (Physopsis) globo- sus (Morelet) and Buiinus rohlfsi (Clessin), the two most important snail hosts of Schistosoma haematobium (Bilharz) in West Africa

Influence of recombinant bovine growth hormone on growth and feed intake in juvenile Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloti- cus)

Aspects of caloric, nitrogen and mineral nutrition during growth in nestling eastern bluebirds, Sialia sialis

Specific dynamic action demonstrated in the herbivorous marine periwinkles, Littorina littorea L. and Littorina obtusatu L. (Mollusca, Gastropoda)

Dose-dependent incorporation of orally infused [I-‘4C]oleic acid into the lipid classes of midgut, haemolymph and fat body of dragonfly larvae (Aeshna cyanea)

Book Reviews

Information for Contributors

Vol. MA, No. 3

Crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH) and the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism: current perspectives

Physiology of terrestrial isopods

Regulation of cell divisions during oogenesis of vertebrates: the Xenopus oocyte paradigm

The myelo-erythroid nature of the chloragogenous-like tissues of the annelids

Independence of Na: K pump activity and basolateral mem- brane conductance in bullfrog comeal epithelium

The pattern and influential factors of aquatic pharyngeal movements of Trionyx sinensti

2-Deoxyglucose transport by the frog sartorius: effects of electrical stimulation and N-carbobenzoxy-glycyl-L-phenyl- alaninamide

Erythrocyte potassium and sodium polymorphisms in donkey (Equus airh@)


Page 7: Volume contents, subject and author index

T. B. Ng, Cbristopker H. K. Cbsog, 483 N. Y. S. Woo and G. M. Wrigkt

Takewri Miyamoto, Yakio Okada aad To&bide Sate


Zenta Kajiara, Masao Nakagaki and Ryuo Takei


L. Fiore, L. Geppetti, A. De Saotis, A. W. Pieneman and C. P. Fergason


Gbem$e BWP, W E. fiapmw Clilford H. Gallagher, Nihal S. Agar and Pkilip W. Kocbel


Orit S&&man and Michael J. Katovich 519

Diana E. Nor&up, Kathleen H. Lavoie aml Eugene H. Stadier


S. W. Taylor, D. L. Parry, C. J. Hawkim 531 Investigation of tunichrome and its relation to vanadium in and J. H. Swinekart living ascidian blood cells and their lysates

Aadreas Sdmlze-Bookage, ulridl Altrap, 537 Erwin-Josefspeckmaml and Werner Wittkowski

Tatsusake Takeda 547

I. Varb, A. C. Taylor and F. Amat 551

Stephanie Daniels and Ckristopber J. Duncan


Growth hormone binding sites are present in tissues of the porcupine Hystrix hodgesoni, the snakehead Channa maculata and the winter flounder Pleuronectes americanus but not in those of the lamprey Petromyzon marinus

Cationic and anionic channels of apical receptive membrane in a taste cell contribute to generation of salt-induced receptor potential

Spermiogenesis of the testes of juvenile hormone-treated silk- worm larvae, Bombyx mori

Cross-correlation analysis of cerebrobuccal connective activity during Aplysia feeding behaviour

NMR studies of diffusional water permeability of erythrocytes from eight species of marsupial

Sex differences in vascular reactivity to adrenergic agents in the rat

Bioenergetics of camel crickets (Ceuthophilus carlsbadensis, C. longipes and C. conicaudus) from Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Structure and bioelectricity of single neurons of Helix pomatia in the intact nervous tissue during epileptic activity: simul- taneous evaluations by confocal microscopy and intracellular recordings of membrane potential changes

Effect of experimental ventilation of the skin on cutaneous oxygen uptake in the carp, Cyprinus carpio

Comparison of two methods for measuring the rates of oxygen consumption of small aquatic animals (Artemiu)

The effect on creatine kinase release of altered conditions in the Ca2+ paradox


Mini Review

Hiroko Miyasaka

General Papers


Matti Jaakiainen, Antti Aro, Salle M. Blomqvist, Asmo Kemppiaen, Tim0 Alaviabkola and F?rkko Aatila


Doaald P. Christian, Tkomas E. Manning 571 and Calvin J. Hartb

A. D. Gershaaovich and G. A. Kiselev 581

C. J. Savory, A. Carlisle, M. H. Maxwell, M. A. M&bell and G. W. Robertson


Effects of soluble corn bran hemicellulose on lipid metabolism

Effects of milk fat, unhydrogenated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils on serum lipoproteins in growing pigs

Sodium and potassium balance of captive meadow voles (Mcrotus pennsylvanicus) fed laboratory chow and vegetation diets

Growth and haematological response of sturgeon hybrids Russian sturgeon (Acipenser guldenstadti Brandt ) x beluga (Huso huso L.) to protein and lipid contents in the diet

Stress, arousal and opioid peptide-like immunoreactivity in restricted- and ad lib.-fed broiler breeder fowls


Page 8: Volume contents, subject and author index

Vol. MA, No. 4

Rolf Nieuaj and Irene Zerbst-BoroRkr 595

K. El-Skaikk, W. Becker and D. Siebers 603

S. Cozzl, A. Lorenzo, T. Ghez, 609 A. Bola&x, P. Badia and M. Diaz

M. C. Montero and A. Bunch 617

Fan-Hua Nan, St~yn-Skin Sheen, 621 Phg-Chmg Lio and Sbiu-Nan Cken

Hyperosmotic acclimation in the leech, Hi& medicinalis L.: energy metabolism, osmotic, ionic and volume regulation

Glucose transport across the intestinal wall of the freshwater snail Biomphalaria glabrata

Intestinal L-methionine transport in the cultured gilthead bream (Sparus aurata)

Effect of external potassium concentration on potassium uptake and potassium permeability of chicken enterocytes

The effect of eyestalk ablation on growth, haemolymph com- position and gill Na+, K+-ATPase activity of Penaeus monodon juveniles

Ariel Esbel, Pi&as Liir, Patrkzia Smhoff, Scott Newton and Sheenan Harpaz

627 Comparative study of proteolytic enzymes in the digestive tracts of the European sea bass and hybrid striped bass reared in freshwater

Tatsno Muramatsn, Satomi Skimomnra, 635 A simplified two-time-point method for measuring whole-body Sonoko Hatano, Kazumi Kita and protein synthesis in chicken embryos cultured in vitro: response JUII-i&i Okunmra to fragmented bovine growth hormone

Lars Boesgaard, Mickael E. Nielsen and 641 Per Rosenkilde

Moderate exercise decreases plasma cortisol levels in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

T. M. John, J. C. George, S. M. Yie aml 645 C. M. Brown

Flight-induced increase in circulating levels of melatonin in the homing pigeon

William T. Jolmson, Georgia K. Johnson, 649 Kirk R. Baamgardner and Gordon L. Todd

Measurement of blood flow to osseous tissue in dogs using the radiolabelled microsphere method

Janllsz Gill

Terry E. Grakam and Brian 0. Butler



Influence of environmental factors on the deep and skin temperature in the European bison, Bison bonasus (L.)

Metabolic rates of wintering Blanding’s turtles, Emydoidea blandingii

Kenneth B. An&age and Carmen M. Saisbury

667 The effect of molt on oxygen consumption of yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota jkiventris )

Alan N. Chamey, Angelagrace Koklbrecher 671 and AUan M. Peikonen

NaCl flux in the flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) intestine: effects of pH and transport inhibitors

Maria I&s Vera, Francisco Rome+ Jaime Figneroa, Rodolfo Amthawr, Gloria I..&, Julieta Villanueva and Manuel Kranskopf

E. Reyes, P. Muooz, S. Recabarren, P. Torres and G. A. Bubenik

677 Oral administration of insulin in winter-acclimatized carp (Cyprinus carpio) induces hepatic ultrastructural changes

683 Seasonal variation of LH and testosterone in the smallest deer, the pudu (Pudu puda Molina) and its relationship to the antler cycle

Tk. Clerbaux, P. Gustin, B. Detry, M. L. Cao and A. Frans

M. Riera, M. T. Prats, L. Palacios, J. Pesqwro and J. Planas

687 Comparative study of the oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve of four mammals: man, dog, horse and cattle

695 Seasonal adaptations in oxygen transport in brown trout Salmo trutta fario

Jacqueliw Bride, Remy Bonnefoy-Claudet and Luch Gomot

701 Effect of temperature on haemolymphatic glucose and albumen gland polysaccharides during dormancy in the snail Helix aspersa maxima

. . . vlll

Page 9: Volume contents, subject and author index

J. C. George aml T. M. John 707

Gricelda Ruix, Mario Roaenmann and Herman Nuiiex


Kiyoebi Tafima, Ryoxo Takada, I-Bsao Balmshi, Ken-I&i Kameoka and Kei-Ichiro Sughnnra


Atsusbi Chiba, Masahiro Takashima, 725 Maaalliit!lllHPrmrgPehimd Shiko Chiehibo

Robert C. Backus, Harry W. Cob% Jr 731 The effect of elevation of intrarumen pressure by nitrogen and Fdward J. DePeters insufaation on eructation in cattle (Bos tuurus)

Joel Henry and Eve Bommd-Ca~~~u 739

Kemetk Oliveira, Robert W. GriBitk, John J. Stegeman, Sbnnsuke Moriyarna and IBroshi Kawauchi


Eagene J. Rogers, Talal Sabrak, James R. Hebert, Lynne M. Amman, D. Mark Hegsted aod Robert J. Nicolosi


G. P. Bates 755

C. Reis e Sousa, J E. Howard, R. Hartley, 759 F. G. P. Earley and M. B. A. Djamgoz

Islay D. Marsden and Sandra E. Skmway 769

Carl-Fried&k Cartheuser 775

D&n Cemeriki& Dragana Fuipovii!y 783 sn&na MKovanovi~, sn&ana PetKId and Dnbravka CvetkovR

Plight effects on certain blood parameters in homing pigeons Columba livia

Blood values in South American lizards from high and low altitudes

Effects of long- and medium-chain triglycerides on amino acid uptake in rat intestinal brush border membrane vesicles

Phosphate metabolism during muscular contraction in starved frogs (Rana catesbeiana )

Experimental evidence of a dual endocrine control of biosyn- thesis in the main nidamental glands of Sepia oficinalis L. by factors from the central nervous system and the ovary

Effects of recombinant salmon growth hormone on hypophy- sectomixed male Fundulus heteroclitw

A comparison of serum retinol concentration between human and different species of normo and hypercholesterolemic non- human primates fed semi-purified diets with detined amounts of vitamin A

The relationship between duration of stimulus per day and the extent of hypertrophy of slow-tonic skeletal muscle in the fowl, Gallus gallus

An insect epidermal cell line (UMBGE-4): structural and electrophysiological characterization

The effect of a toxic dinoflagellate (Alexandrium tamarense) on the oxygen uptake of juvenile filter-feeding bivalve molluscs

Standard and pH-affected hemoglobin-O, binding curves of Sprague-Dawley rats under normal and shifted Pm conditions

Peritubular Na-K exchange ion pump in maleate-treated frog kidney proximal tubular cells

C. Barker Jorgensen


793 Effects of feeding on water balance and cutaneous drinking in the toad (Bufi bufo L.)

F. Rodriguez-Vii, J. M. Lopez, M. Castillo, M. F. Zafra ad E. Garcia-Peregrin

799 Effect of dietary coconut oil on lipoprotein composition of young chick (Gallus domesticus)

JohnSearpaandDelhertM.GatIinIII 803 Responses of channel catfish (ZcfuZurus punctatus ) swim-up fry to dietary calcium in soft and hard water

G. Conxalex and M. P. VinardeU 809 L-Leucine intestinal transport at different ages in chicken: effect of anticoccidial drugs


Page 10: Volume contents, subject and author index

Maria L Pedroaa, Jacques R. Nieoli, Mareelo E. Silva, Mareio E. Sib, Mar&o E. C. Silva, Leda Q. Vieira, Eduardo A. Ramhirra and Eni0 c. viiira

R. W. Rosehrough

Isabel Cristina Rossi and Roselis S. M. Da Silva

Nieole Rideau and Jean Simon

N. Pagea, M. Onmco, C. Rouch, 0. Yao, C. Jacqwt and C. Rohuon

813 The effect of iron nutritional status on Trypanosoma cruzi infection in germfree and conventional mice

823 In vitro substrate utilization for lipid synthesis in liver explants from hyperthyroid chickens

831 Effects of starvation and a carbohydrate-rich diet on glycogen metabolism in a gastropod mollusc, Megalobulimus oblongus

837 CAMP and/or acetylcholine permit an insulin response to fuel nutrients in chicken

845 Refeeding after 72 hour fasting alters neuropeptide Y and monoamines in various cerebral areas in the rat

Page 11: Volume contents, subject and author index


Acetylcholine, 519, 837 N-Acetylgalactosamine, 109, 121 N-Acetylghtcosamine, 121, 109 N-Acetyllactosamine, 121, 109 Acipenser gu&nstadti, 581 ACIH, 87 Actin, 233 Activity, 19 Adrenal cortex, 87 Aeshma cyanea, 397 AKH-I, 257 ALAT, 707 Albumen, 701 Alcichthys alcicornis, 25 Alexandrium tamarense, 769 Alkaline phosphatase, 227 Allantoic fluid, 187 Allopurinol, 187 Amiloride, 67 1 Amino acid synthesis, 49 Amino acid uptake, 719 Ammonia, 187 Anaerobic threshold, 285 Anas platyrhynchos, 57 Anguilla japonica, 367 Animal cell culture, 163 Animal models in toxicology, 163 Anoxia, 463 Antennal gland, 19 Anticoagulant solution, 299 Anticoccidial drugs, 809 Antler cycle, 683 Aplysia, 501 o(-)Arabinose, 373 Arousal, 587 Arrhenius curves, 227 Artemia nauplii, 551 ASAT, 707 Ascidia ceratodes, 531 Ascophyllum nodosum, 391 ATP, 157 B-ATP, 239 (Ca’+ + Mti+)-ATPase 309 Auditory development,‘7

B-cell neoplasia, 403 B-cells, 309 Barium, 671 Basolateral membrane, 455 Bioenergetics, 525 Biomphalaria glabrata, 603 Bird migration, 163 Bison bonasus, 653 Blepsias cirrhosus, 25 Blood flow, 1, 61, 649 Body temperature, 167 Bohr-effect. 31 Bombyx m&i, 495 Bone-blood flow, 649 Bos taurus, 731 Bovine growth hormone, 635 8-Br-cAMP, 837 Bufo bufo, 793 Bulinus (physopsis) globosus, 373 Bulinus Rohlfi, 373

Bumetanide, 671 Bungarus mtdticinctus, 81

1c cells, 495 Ca, 385 Cai+ paradox, 557 Calbindin, 263 Calcium, 227 calcium transport, 263 Caloric density. 385 Callopistes p&ma, 713 CAMP, 837 Capra hircus, 295 Carbohydrate, 329 Carbohydrate metabolism, 405 Carbohydrate-rich diet. 831 CarcinUr maeruzs, 343 Cardiac output, 277 Catechol estrogens, 57 Cell divisions, 431 Cellobiose, 373 Cenocrinus asterius, 91 Cerebrobuccal connective, 501 Ceuthophilus carlsbaa&sis, 525 Ceuthophilus conicaudus, 525 Ceuthophilus long&s, 525 Channa maculata, 483 Chasmagnathus granulata, 237, 329 CHH, 343, 405 Chloragogenous tissues, 449 Cholesterol, 749, 799 Cimetidine, 3 19 Ciona intestinalis, 531 Circadian rhythm, 167 Clarias gariepinus, 3 13 Clinical pharmacology, 403 Clinical physiology, -463 Coconut oil, 799 Columba livta, 707 Confocal microscopy, 537 Copper, 671 Corn bran hemicellulose, 561 Comeal epithelium, 455 Corpora allata, 43 Corpora cardiaca, 257 Cortisol, 157, 245 Cortisol levels, 641 Coturnix coturnix japonica, 187 CPK, 707 Crassostrea virginica, 769 Creatine kinase release, 557 Creatinine, 707 Crocodylus niloticus, 38 I Crustacean hyperglycemic hormone, 405 Cryopreservation, 313 Cultured nerve cells, 109 Cutaneous drinking, 793 Cutaneous oxygen uptake, 547 Cyprinus carpio, 547, 277, 677

Decapod crustaceans, 19 Deinagkistrodon acutus, 81 Dendrolagus goodfellowi, 5 15 Desferrioxamine. 8 13 2-Deoxyglucose~471 Dicentrarchus labrax, 227, 627


Page 12: Volume contents, subject and author index

H2 antagonists, 319 H+/IC+-ATPase. 319 Ha&ucompoux&~449 Haemocyanin function, 31 Haemolytic activity, 271 HCG, 57 HDL, 565 Heart rate, 65, 183 Heliothis, I95 Helix aspersa maxima, 701 Helix pomatia, 109, 121, 135, 537 Heparin, 355 Hepatic ultrastructural changes, 677 Hibernation, 701 High altitude, 713 Hirudo medicinalis, 149, 239, 595 Homing pigeons, 645, 707 Huso huso, 581 Hypercapnia, 463 Hyperglycemia, 245 Hyperosmotic acclimation, 595 Hyperosmotic stress, 49 Hypertensive rat, 349 Hyperthermia, 707 Hyperthyroid chickens, 823 Hypertrophy, 755 Hypomineralixation, 245 Hyposalinity, 65 Hypoxia, 65 Hypoxic boundary layer, 547 Hystrix hodgesoni, 483

Dietary calcium, 803 Dietary protein, 581 Diving, 1 Diving mammals, 1 Dormancy, 701 DPG, 687

Electric shock, 239 Entersion, 237 EmyaiMea blandingii, 663 Energy expenditure, 221 Energy metabolism, 595 Enterocytes, 263, 617 Enteromorpha intestinalis, 391 Epidermal epithelium, 759 Epileptic activity, 537 Equul asimfs, 479 EN& acid, 565 Eructation, 731 Erythrocyte potassium polymorphism, 479 Estivation, 701 F~tradiol-17/I, 57, 367 E&one, 57 Exercise-stress, 277 Eyestalk ablation, 621

Fasciola hepatica, 305 Fasting, 845 Fe, 385 Fecal sac, 385 Feed intake, 381 Feeding, 793 Feeding behaviour, 501 Feminixation, 367 Fingerlings growth rate, 581 Flight effects, 707 Food restriction, 221 Frog kidney, 783 Frog sarto&s, 471 Frog taste cells. 37 FSPRLamide, .195 Fundulus gnu&, 251 Fund&s heteroclitus, 743 FXPRL-amide, 195

GaiIus domestic-us, 221, 263, 799 Gallus xallus, 755 Gas exchange, 413 Gastric acid secretion, 319 Gene expression, 263 Geukensia demissa, 769 GFR. 15 GH, 381 Gilson differential respirometer, 551 Glial cells, 121 Glucose, 343, 701 Glucose metabolism, 295 Glucose transport, 471, 603 Glucose&phosphate isomerase, 3 13 u( - JGlucuronic, 373 Glycine, 49 [“C@lycine, 25 1 Glycine transport, 227 Glycoconju~te, 121 Glycolysis, 405 G&I-i; 175 Growing pigs, 565 Growth cones, 109, 149 Growth hormone, 743 Growth hormone receptors, 483 Growth promoting hormones, 251 Growth rate, 367, 621 Grylius bima&at& 43

‘251-bGH, 483 Ictalurus punctatus, 803 IgM, 69 Immunoreactivity, 587 Insulin, 677 Insulin release, 837 Internal pmetic association, 25 Intrarumen pressure, 731 Iodine conservation, 15 Iron-dextran, 813 Isoodon macrourus, 515 Isopods, 413 Isoproterenol, 519

Juvenile hormone, 495

Lactate, 285, 343 Lactation, 359 Laser doppler flowmetry, 61 LDH, 707 LDL,, 565 Learning and physiological regulation, 163 Lectins, 109, 121 Leptonychotes weakfelli, 1 L-Leucine, 809 Leucine amino peptidase, 227 Leucopenia, 58 1 Leucopbaea, 195 LH, 175, 683 LHRH, 57 Liolaemus lizards, 7 13 Lipid, 329 Lipid metabolism, 561 Lipogenesis, 823 Lipoprotein, 799 Littorina littorea, 391 Littorina obtusata, 391 Liver explants, 823 Locomotor activity rhythm, 43 Locusta, 195 Locusta migratoria, 257


Page 13: Volume contents, subject and author index

Locustamyotropin, 195 Low ambient temperatures, 87

Macaca mulatto, 61 Macropus giganzars. 515 Macropus rufm, 515 Macrotis lagotis sagitta, 5 15 Madwomicin, 809 Magnesium, 19, 227 Malate accumulation, 595 Maleate, 783 Maltase, 227 Maltose, 373 Maltotriose, 373 Mamestra, 195 Mammary glucose, 359 o(+)Mannose, 373 Marmota flaviventrti, 667 Marsupial, 515 Mast cell, 403 MCHC, 157 Mean body temperature, 667 Megalobulimus oblongus, 83 1 Melatonin, 645 Metabolic rates, 525, 663 L-Methionine transport, 609 Methoprene, 495 Mg, 385 Micro-cathode oxygen electrode, 551 Microtus pennsylvaninrs, 571 Middle-ear development, 7 Milk fat, 565 Moderate exercise, 641 Molt, 667 Monensin, 809 Monoamine turnover, 845 Morone chrysops, 627 Morone saxsatilis, 627 Mya arenaria, 769 Mvelo-ervthroid. 449 Myobla&, 233 Myosin, 233 Mytilus edulis, 769

N, 385 Na, 385 NaCl flux, 671 NaK ATPase, 783 Na:K pump, 455 Na+, K+-ATPase, 621 Naja naja atra, 81 Neobellieria bullata. 233 Neonate physiology, 403 Neuraminic, 121 Neurobiology of invertebrates, 163 Neuropeptide Y, 403, 845 Nicarbaxine, 809 Nidamental glands, 739 Nitrogen ins&Ration, 731 NMR, 515

Obelliena, 195 I,25 (OH),D,, 75 Oleic acid. 397 Oncorhynchus keta, 69 Oncorhynchus myktis, 183 Oogenesis, 43 1 Opioid peptide, 587 Oral mucosa, 61 Orchestia cavimana, 75 Orconectes ltmosus, 343 Oreochromis aureas, 355 Orotic acid, 561

Osmoregulatory responses, 245 Osseous tissue, 649 Otoliths, 209 Ouabain, 617, 783 Oubain, 603 Oxygen consumption, 97, 103, 551, 667 Oxygen dissociation curves, 687, 775 Oxygen saturation, 775 Oxygen transport, 695

3’P-NMR, 239 Pagrus auratus, 157 Pancreas. 837 Patella ~anularis, 65 PC, 227 PE, 227 Penaeus aztecus, 49 Penaeus califoniensis, 97, 103, 271, 299 Penaeus monodon, 621 Peptidergic intemewon, 135 Peptidergic neurons, 121 Periplaneta, 195 Persistent bursting activity, 135 Petromyzon mariner, 483 pH, 671 Phalloidin staining, 233 Phallusia hdinea, 531 Pharyngeal movements, 463 Phascolarctl cinereus, 515 Phentolamine, 519 Phenylanine, 47 1 Phenylephrine, 5 19 Pheromone, 195 Phosphate metabolism, 725 Phosphatidylinositol, 227 Phosphatidylserine, 227 Pi, 239 Pituitary, 175 Placental cells, 291 Placopecten magellanicus, 769 Plastic deformation, 91 Pkuronectes americ&s, 483 Polypnea, 221 Poiysaccharides, 701 Postembryonic development, 43 Potamonautes warreni, 31 Potassium channels, 149 Potassium uptake, 617 Pristidactvlur sue&s. 713 Proline, 49 * Prophenoloxidase, 299 Protein synthesis, 251, 635 Proteolysis, 403 Proteolytic activity, 627 Pseudoblennius cottoides, 25 Pseudopleuronectes americanus, 67 1 Pudu (pudu), 683 PUFA, 227 Pyura stolonifera, 531

Rana catesbeiana, 37, 489, 725 rbGH, 381 Rectal temperature, 221 Regulation and control mechanisms, 163 Respiration rates, 391 Restricted ration, 587 Retinol, 749 Retxius cells, 149 Robustus erubescens. 295

Salinity, 103 Salmo salar, 641 Salmo trutta, 695

. . . XIII

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Sarcophilus horrisii, 515 Schftosoma haematobium, 373 Sciaenops ocella:us, 209 Seasonal adaptations, 695 Seasonal response, 175 Seasonal variation, 683 Sepia o~cinalis, 739 Serine-protease, 271 Serum lipoproteins, 565 Sex differences, 519 Sialia sialti, 385 Siphonaria capensis, 65 Size, 97 Skin blood flow, 349 Skin temperature, 653 Slow-tonic skeletal, 755 Sodium and potassium balance, 571 sodium nitrate, 519 Somatic growth rate, 209 Sound conduction, 7 Sparus aurata, 245, 609 Spermatozoa, 25, 313 Spermiogenesis, 495 Sphingomyeline, 227 Starvation, 831 Starved frogs, 725 Stress, 587 &citrate fermentation, 595 Sucrase, 227 Sugar chemoreception, 373

T-F antigen, 109 Tachvdossus aculeatus. 87 Taste All, 489 Taurine, 49 Tamine regulation, 309 Temperature, 31, 97, 103, 701 Testes, 175 Testosterone, 683 Thermoregulation, 167, 221 Thyroid weights, 15

Treadmill exercise, 285 Trehalase, 227 Triacylglycerol, 397 Trichosurus vulpecula, 167, 515 Triglycerides, 719 Triidothyronine, 823 Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus, 8 1 Trionyx sinensis, 463 Trypanosoma crusi, 8 13 Tunichrome, 53 1 Tympanic membrane, 7

Ultradian oscillation, 183 UMBGE-4.759 Urate, 187 ’ Urea, 187 Uric acid, 707 &dine, 305 Ursus americanus 175

Vanadium, 53 1 Vascular reactivity, 519 Vegetable oils, 565 Vegetation diets, 571 Venomous snakes, 81 Ventilation, 277, 547 Vipera russelli formosensis, 8 1 Vitamin A, 749 VO*, 769 Voltage clamping, 37 Volume regulation, 595

Water balance, 793 Water loss, 187 Water permeability, 515 Water relations, 413 Weddell seals, 1 Winter-acclimatized carp, 677

Xenopus oocyte, 431


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AUTHOR INDEX Vol. 106A, Nos l-4

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Page 16: Volume contents, subject and author index

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