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  • VOL. II KANSAS CITY, MO., THURSDAY, FEB. 23, 1911 No. 42

    The Power of the Silence

    E xtracts from M r. F illm ores Sunday morning ta lk in U nity A ud ito

    rium , F ebruary 19, 1911.

    Be s till, and know th a t I am G od. W hen trouble is brew ing, keep s till. W hen slander is getting off his legs,

    keep s till.W hen your feelings are hu rt, keep still

    un til you recover from your excitement. T hings look poised and steady through an unag itated eye.

    W hen about to explode with righteous indignation , w ait quietly until you can speak calm ly, then maybe you will not need to speak a t a ll.

    Silence is the most massive th ing conceivable. I ts streng th is g randeur, pow er, m astery.

    W hen thou p rayest, en ter into th jr closet, and when thou hast shut th y door, p ray to thy F a th e r which is in secret; and thy F a th e r which seetli in secret shall re w ard thee openly .

    A g rea t m any religionists are satisfied with the outer form of p rayer. They know nothing of th a t inner closet which Jesus com manded us to en ter, therefo re th e ir p rayers are to an ex ternal God, and not to the F a th e r who heareth in secret. P ra y e r , to be answ ered, m ust be in accord w ith certain definite laws of mind. The instructions Jesu s gave for p ray e r place one in harm ony w ith these laws, and connect him w ith the F a th e r, the Source of all

    good. To p ray a rig h t we must know tha t the re is one g rea t U niversal M ind filled w ith sp iritua l ideas which we may lay hold of th rough the inner faculties of the mind, called S p irit.

    Do not be deceived by the thought that ideas a re in tangible. Ideas are the real of everything. T hey are alive, and their v ita l force and energy make the world go round. Ideas are b rought into expression th rough thought, and the more orderly the thought the more pe rfec t the expression. I t is possible to get back into the silent realm , where all ideas are in o rder; and to know how to do th is is the secret of sp iritua l power. M en rush to externality and lose center. T heir thought- substance becomes th readbare, and, like the prodigal, they live on husks. They know nothing of the g rea t realm of sp iritual ideas w ithin them. Jesus pointed tlie way to it when he said, E n te r into thy closet and p ray to th y F a th e r. In this sp iritu a l realm new thoughts come. T he D ivine M ind is new every moment, and men can renew the ir lives by entering into the secret p lace in silent communion.

    To en ter the silence is p rayer. The closet is your inner consciousness. The doors which open to the outer world must be closed when you en ter the soul center. These doors are the five senses, which connect you w ith the world of effects. W hen you wish to en ter the realm of Cause the first step is to close the thought to the outer and center yourself within.


    W E E K L Y U N I T YP U B L IS H E D W E E K L Y BY



    L O W E L L F IL L M O R E , M a n a g in g E d ito r


    V o l. 2 $1.00 per year, 2 c. p e r copy No. 42

    E very successful m an w ill te ll you th a t he first thought out his moves in his inner consciousness. H e did not follow any beaten track. T he door to success opens from w ithin. Com binations of circum stances arise as the resu lt o f conscious union w ith the inner forces of being.

    W e ta lk too much. W e rush around on the outside and w aste our v ita lity , le tting it run off the tongue in a stream of idle words. T he am assing pow er of the silence is w onderful. I f you w ant to enrich your consciousness say, I w ill qu it ta lk ing so much. N o m ortal m an can control the tongue, bu t the m ind of the S p irit has all power, and even th is un ru ly m em ber will obey it. I f you would get into the peace and harm ony of the S p irit you m ust stop ta lk ing about your troubles. Be s till and listen to the S p irit, and you will find th a t a lo t of your burdens w ill roll off. T hey are of the outer consciousness, and when you enter into th e C hrist M ind they d isappear. You m ust unload, le t go. D o not take the w orld or yourself too seriously. Things are not h a lf so bad as they look. T here is always a way out. O pen up the un tapped energies o f your inner self and you will succeed in lines you never dream ed of.

    E n la rg e your capacity . P u t more steam behind your ideas. I f you can still the little ideas of m ortal self and enter into the la rg e r ones of the U niversal, you will come to know yourself as you are. This capability of know ing and realizing the inner powers of man saves from many a hard knock. I t will help you to cease w orrying about health and business and

    all the outer th ings upon which you have been w asting your energy.

    D o not en ter into the silence w ith solem nity. T he D ivine M ind is joyous always. T he U niverse is the expression of the jo y of God. You can t be happy with a long, pious face. Jo y sends life bounding th rough the body, and you are healthy when you are happy. Seek the sp irit of jo y and goodness in the stillness, and your m editation shall be sweet and fru itfu l.

    L as t S unday evening M r. R exford J e f fery , of N ew Y ork, spoke in U nity -A uditorium , tak ing for his sub jec t W ho C arry the S igns? H e read for the S crip tu re lesson th e prom ise of Jesus th a t certa in signs should follow those who accepted the gospel, and used these tex ts as the basis of his ta lk . M any he lp fu l points were brought out, the m ain one being th a t the signs Jesus prom ised follow only those who believe in the One M ind. Those who believe in evil, see evil, ta lk of evil, and fight it, do not ca rry the signs.

    T he speaker also gave a clear exp lanation of w hat concentration is, m aking distinction between rea l concentration and m ere m ind-focalization.

    All who were p resen t enjoyed the m eeting, and are glad to know th a t M r. Je ffery is to speak again next S unday evening.

    Heal the SickT he Society of S ilen t U nity will give

    you absent trea tm en ts, and for personal atten tion you will find a t the U nity B uilding M r. and M rs. Ing raham , M rs. M cClin- tock, M rs. M athew s, and M r. Jeffery .

    M rs. Leslie Palm er, of 719 W abash Ave., th is city , has th ree up-sta irs rooms to re n t; will fu rn ish two vegetarian m eals; would like two people in two of the rooms. One room is for one person.

    T here is ta lk of organizing an orchestra for the Sunday services. I f you p lay an instrum ent please rep o rt to the P rogram Committee.



    Sunday, February 26, 1911

    A ll th a t the F a th e r hath is mine.T hey th a t w ait upon the L ord shall in

    h e rit the ea r th ; and shall deligh t them selves in the abundance of peace.

    T he ea rth hath he given to the children of men.

    T he meek shall inherit the earth .T he righteous shall inherit the land , and

    dw ell therein forever.W ait on the L ord , and keep his w ay, and

    he shall exalt thee to inherit the land.H ow excellent is thy lovingkindness, O

    G o d ! the re fo re the children of men pu t the ir tru s t under the shadow of thy wings.

    T hey shall be abundan tly satisfied w ith the fatness of th y house; and thou shalt make them d rin k of the river of thy p leasures.

    A ll is y o u rs; tis b u t by ask ing ;E re you send your silent p lea

    H eavn unlocks her richest trea su re F o r your w aiting eyes to see.

    God is able to make a ll grace abound tow ard y o u ; th a t ye, always having all sufficiency in a ll th ings, m ay abound to every good work.

    I love them th a t love m e ; and those tha t seek me early shall find me.

    Riches and honor are witli m e ; yea, durab le riches and righteousness.

    I lead in the w ay of righteousness, in the m idst of the paths of jud g m en t:

    T h a t I m ay cause those th a t love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures.

    B y hum ility and fear of the Lord are riches, honor, and life.

    H e th a t hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed.

    A ll is yours, when F a ith upholds you, Sets your w ondrous sp ir it free ;

    F or our m ighty One has prom ised,H e your all in a ll will be.

    Blessed is th e man th a t w alketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitte th in the seat of the scornful.

    B u t his deligh t is in the law of the L o rd ; and in his law doth he m editate day and night.

    And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of w ater, th a t b ringeth forth his f ru it in his season; his leaf also shall not w ither; and w hatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

    T he u p righ t shall have good things in possession.

    Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righ teousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    I t is your F a th e rs good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

    A ll is yo u rs; oh, blessed knowledge!L ike the sands beside the sea.

    O r the d rops w ithin i ts w aters.Shall your m any conquests be.

    Things to Be RememberedRem em ber th a t a smile, like a ray of

    sunshine, w ill disperse the fog of w orry and sorrow.

    Rem em ber to fo rge t everything which does not make you happy .

    Rem em ber to quit your kicking.Rem em ber th a t each thought you th ink

    becomes a p a r t of you. You are momenta rily adding to or tearing down your good qualities