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Vol. 12 Issue 7 An Affiliate of the Society of Decorative ...palmcoa 2015.pdf · PDF file Flagler Beach & Sunday to the Funky Pelican for dinner. Monday was her flight back home,

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    Palm Coast Decorative Painters

    An Affiliate of the Society of Decorative Painters Vol. 12 Issue 7 July 2015

    From your President

    Dear Ladies,

    Wasn't the seminar great? I can't imagine doing the

    pieces without the new camera and projector? Ginny

    was able to get a grant to buy them.

    A big "thank you" to Ginny who also took over the

    seminar duties and housed JillyBean.

    The lunch was very good and all the goodies too. I want

    to thank the people who brought food and Noreen who

    did a lot of work . The ladies from Seaside seemed to

    have a great time also. The September Seminar will

    be held at Arc in Seaside at Daytona.

    Some of us have been working with Nancy regarding

    fund raising and a few other ideas. Nancy will re-

    port what was decided at the next meeting.

    I trust you are working on the boxes for the chil-

    dren. Please do at least five. Some, like Roseann and

    Lana have done several already.

    If you would like to submit a project and teach it, please

    do not hesitate giving it to Lana. We will vote on the

    projects sometime in the early fall. I know you are very

    good painters and are capable to teach. So please con-

    sider this.

    Keep painting those boxes until we meet again.



    No Birthdays This Month

    Happy 4th of July

    From your 1st V.P./Workshop Chair

    I want to thank everyone for their kind words, cards and

    emails during my mother’s recent illness and then her

    passing. It was a very difficult time and your support

    meant so much to me. I am home and ready to do some


    I also want to thank Jan Nichols for taking over my du-

    ties with PCDP in my absence. She is such a team

    player and she does an amazing job.

    The July workshop is going to be a fun class taught by

    Sandy Adams. We will learn a whimsical alphabet and

    an introduction to Zentangle. There is no prep for this

    class. Sandy will provide supplies including supplies to

    make three cards. Sandy suggests use of the ZIG brush-

    ables brush markers with dual tips. Several members

    have looked into buying the markers and determined

    that Sandy’s offer to provide four markers for $11 is a

    very good price. If you want to order the ZIG dual-tip

    brush markers please let me know before the workshop

    so we can make sure we have enough sets for everyone.

    Please make out separate checks for the class and the

    markers. If you want to purchase the markers, make

    your check payable to Sandy Adams. Those who have

    signed up for the July class are: Linda D., Mary C.,

    Ruth M., Judy B., Lana R., Nancy W., Ginny W., Lee

    F., Marsha E., Jane V.B., Jan N. and Roseann M. Rose-

    ann, Lana and Jan have signed up to bring a snack.

    The August workshop is an acrylic project with Pat

    Smelkoff called “At The Dock”. Pat will prepare a can-

    vas for you and supply all the paint needed for $15.00.

    You will need to make out your check for the project to

    Pat Smelkoff. All you need to bring is your usual paint-

    ing supplies. You need to sign up and pay ($15) for the

    workshop by July 15th so Pat will have time to prep the

    canvases. Nancy W., Lana R., Mary C., Martha T., and

    Barbara B. have signed up for this class. Martha T. and

    Barbara B. have signed up to bring a snack for this

    class. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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    Palm Coast Decorative Painters

    Board of 2015

    President Judy Beuchert 283-8335

    [email protected]

    1st Vice President

    Lana Raymond 445-2794

    [email protected]

    2nd Vice President

    Barbara Jacobs 439-5422 [email protected]

    Secretary Linda Doup 295-0486

    [email protected]


    Ruth McDonald 386-447-1923

    [email protected]

    Newsletter Editor

    Georgia Strein 386-439-1875 [email protected]

    Ways & Means—Events Mary Chumley 386-447-2793

    [email protected]

    Past Presidents

    Lois Higginbothom 2003-2004 Pat Smelkoff 2004-2006

    Letitia Fraedrich 2006-2009 Lee Fasnacht 2009-2011

    Barbara Brown 2011-2013

    Ginny Wiegand 2013-2015

    2015 Committee Chairpersons


    Lee Fasnacht 386-206-3369

    Holiday Party

    Roseann Magone 386-434-0304


    Noreen Walker

    [email protected]


    Lana Raymond 386-445-2794

    Kids R First

    Roseann Magone 386-434-0304 Ginny Wiegand 386-677-2577

    Publicity Jan Nichols 386-445-4246 [email protected]


    Roseann Magone 386-434-0304

    If you write to us please use the address below. Palm Coast Decorative Painters P.O. Box 352412 Palm Coast, FL 32135-2412

    Volunteer Teams Hospitality for July—Snacks

    Roseann, Lana, Jan

    House Team: for July-Set Up


    Clean-up Crew for July -Needed





    Name ____________________

    Address __________________

    Phone ___________________

    Email ___________________

    Sign me up for the following Workshop


    $15 for members; $20 for non-members

    Circle those you are paying for.

    July – Whimsical Lettering/Zentangle


    Check # _________ $ ___________





    August—At the Dock

    Check # __________ $ __________

    Check for Pat: # _________ $ ________

    Make checks payable to PCDP, separate

    checks for each workshop.

    We have no volunteers for snacks, set-

    up or clean-up for either July or Au-

    gust…..please help! Send your name to

    Lana to help in one of the areas.

    Lana Raymond

    9 Wallstone Place

    Palm Coast, FL 32164

    Email: [email protected]


    1st VP (Continued from Page 1)

    We used our new projector and camera

    for the first time at the Jilly Bean seminar.

    Jilly was very impressed by our equip-

    ment and the ease of use. We all found it

    so much easier to see her paint on the big


    Lana Raymond

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    Palm Coast Decorative Painters

    4/26/15 thru 5/25/15

    Balance Forward 4/26/15 $3,288.93


    Seminars/Workshops $1,210.00

    Ways & Means $42.00

    Total Income $1,252.00 $1,252.00


    Camera & Projector Equipment $608.00

    Seminar: May Instructor $130.00

    Bank Svc Fee thru 2/27/15 $3.00

    Bamk Fee for Checkbook Direc- tory $8.89

    Total Expenses $749.89 $749.89

    TOTAL BALANCE $3,791.04

    Checkbook Balance $3,791.04


    Balance Forward 4/26/15 $3.46

    Total PC Bal. $3.46

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Ruth McDonald, Treasurer

    Ladies of the Brush,

    What a great seminar we had with Jillybean. Our Zebra's turned out wonderful. With the use of the Dynasty Wave Brush, Jill taught us how to make fur. I believe everyone left with a great completed

    painting. With the use of her Art Glass Brushes we completed 3 designs that only need to be fired.

    Brushes & pattern packs were available for purchase at discount prices. A full set of paints are

    available thru your chapter if needed to complete your project. Jill donated her teaching Zebra Painting to us for the Auction.

    Thanks to Barbara Jacobs for securing the room for us at Plantation Oaks and to Ruth & Don, Lana & Keith, Judy B, Noreen W. setting up the room and to everyone who brought some goodies. We took

    Jill to Halifax Plantation for dinner, and on Saturday, after class members went to the Oceanside Grill in

    Flagler Beach & Sunday to the Funky Pelican for dinner. Monday was her flight back home, so Don & I took her to Peach Valley Cafe for breakfast & then to the Royal Floridian in Ormond to walk on

    the beach & enjoy a beverage. Needless to say, she did not want to leave!

    I’m looking forward to our next seminar in September.


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    Palm Coast Decorative Painters


    MEETING May 2, 2015

    The meeting was called to order by Judy Beuchert, President at 9:00


    Officers Present: Judy Beuchert, Linda Doup, Georgia Strein, Ruth

    McDonald, and Mary Chumley.

    Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as published in the


    Treasurer, Ruth MacDonald, reported an account balance of

    $3075.93. The club acc

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