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Vocabulary and Grammar ( prepositions of movement)

Vocabulary and Grammar ( prepositions of movement)

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Text of Vocabulary and Grammar ( prepositions of movement)

  • Vocabulary and Grammar( prepositions of movement)

  • PreviewRead the new words on page 47-51Finish the exercises on page 47-51

  • turn lefttraffic lightsturn rightstraight oncrossroadszebra crossingTask 1----Look and say

  • Unit 3 GrammarPrepositions of movementUnit 3 GrammarPrepositions of movement

  • overonin front ofinundernext to

  • New words: across prep. round prep. tunnel n.

    stair n.stairs railway station step n. side n. bridge n.

  • acrossalongfromtoupoverdownroundthrough

  • What is Sandy doing?She is going the library.He is swimming the pool.What is Simon doing?across to

  • What is the train doing?It is going a tunnel.What is Amy doing?She is walking the sofa the window.throughfromto

  • What is Kitty doing?She is climbing up the hill.What is Hobo doing?It is walking round the table.

  • What is Daniel doing?He is walking down the stairs.What is Eddie doing?It is jumping over the chair.

  • What is Millie doing?She is walking along the road.

  • acrossthroughFill in the blanks with across or through1.In summer, he swims ________the river near his home every day. 2. Dont throw the paper out _________ the window .3. The river runs_________ the village.4. go_________ the forest, go______the grass walk_______ the gate, walk _____ the road

    across across acrossthroughthroughthroughthroughWhats the difference?

  • Play a game:

    One says, the other acts

  • Open the books and turn to P47

    Tick out the correct answerDraw the map on the blackboard and tell us how to get there

  • How can I get to Sunshine Town Railway Station? The exchange students want to go to Sunshine Town Railway Station, Neil is asking Simon the way. Look at the map and complete the conversation.

  • Neil: Hi, Simon. Can you tell me the way to Sunshine Town Railway Station from Sunnyside Shopping Mall?Simon: Sure. To go _____ Sunshine Town Railway Station,walk _____ North Road and ______ the steps to Sunshine Park. Then walk _________ Sunshine Park and ______ the steps at the other side of the park. When you come out of Sunshine Park, youll see a bridge over a small river. Walk _____ the bridge to South Road and then turn left. Walk _________ South Road. Youll see Sunshine Town Railway Station on your right.to along downacrossup acrossalong

  • Useful sentences:1.Asking the way: Can you tell me(which is) the way to? Can you tell me how I can/ to get to? Can you tell me whereis? Where is? Which is the way to? How can I get to?2.Showing the way:Walk alongStreet.Turn left at the traffic lights/ ..the second crossing.Go up the stairs.Walk across the road.Go straight on.is on your right.You can seeon your left.

  • acrossalongfromtoupoverdownroundthroughSummary

  • creationOur schoolSNDa Xi RoadJie Fang RoadXie Qiao StreetShuang Jin RoadZhong Shan RoadXinhua Cinena No.1hospitalCang XiangSheng Li Roadbankshopping mallNo. middle schoolYou are at school.1.Xinhua Cinema 2.No.1 Middle School 3.No.1 Hospital 4.Shopping mall