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  • VMware AirWatch Express GuideManaging your organization's mobile devicesAirWatch Express v1.1

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    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

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  • Table of ContentsChapter 1: Overview 4

    Introduction to AirWatch Express 5Privacy 7Terms of Use 7

    Chapter 2: Express Setup 8

    Setup Overview 9Introduction and Survey 9Apple Push Notification Service 10Set Up VMware Enterprise Systems Connector 11Set Up Active Directory 12Set Up Apple's Volume Purchase Program 13

    Chapter 3: Blueprints 15

    Blueprints Overview 16Create a Blueprint 16Name the Blueprint 16Add Applications to a Blueprint 17Add Resources to a Blueprint 18Add Policies to a Blueprint 19Add Users and User Groups to a Blueprint 22

    Chapter 4: Enrollment 25

    Enrollment Overview 26Enroll a Device with AirWatch Agent 26Device Enrollment Program Integration 27Complete the DEP Enrollment Profile 27

    Chapter 5: Admin View 32

    Admin ViewOverview 33Admin Console at a Glance 33Blueprints 36


    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

    Copyright2018 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Devices Dashboard 37User and Admin Accounts Overview 45

    Chapter 6: VMware Enterprise Systems Connector 56

    VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Overview 57Enable VMware Enterprise Systems Connector From AirWatch Console 58Install the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector 59Verify a Successful VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Installation 61

    Chapter 7: Directory Services 62

    Introduction to Directory Services 63Directory Services Set up Overview 63Set up Directory Services with aWizard 64Set up Directory Services Manually 64Directory Service User Integration Overview 69Directory User Group Integration Overview 71


    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

    Copyright2018 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Chapter 1:Overview

    Introduction to AirWatch Express 5

    Privacy 7

    Terms of Use 7


    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

    Copyright2018 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Introduction to AirWatch ExpressMobile devices are valuable enterprise tools. They allow employees to have immediate access to your internal contentand resources. However, the diversity ofmobile platforms, operating systems, and versions can makemanaging devicesdifficult. VMware AirWatch Express solves this problem by enabling you to configure, secure, monitor, and manage themost popular types ofmobile devices in the enterprise.

    AirWatchExpress provides an affordable solution to security concerns and accessibility inherent to enterprise mobility.

    l Manage small-scale deployments (500 devicemaximum) from a single console.

    l Enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly and easily.

    l Configure and update device settings over the air.

    l Securemobile access to corporate resources by regulating applications, email and connectivity, and security policies.

    l Remotely lock, send messages, and enterprise wipemanaged devices.

    Supported Browsers

    TheWorkspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) console supports the latest stable builds of the following webbrowsers.

    l Chrome

    l Firefox

    l Safari

    l Internet Explorer 11

    l Microsoft Edge

    Note: If using IE to access the UEM console, navigate to Control Panel > Settings > Internet Options > Security andensure you have a security level or custom security level that includes the Font Download option being set toEnabled.

    If you are using a browser older than those listed above, upgrade your browser to guarantee the performance of theUEM console. Comprehensive platform testing has been performed to ensure functionality using these web browsers.The UEM consolemay experienceminor issues if you choose to run it in a non-certified browser.

    Supported Platforms

    AirWatch Express supports the following devices and operating systems.

    l Android 3.0+ l Apple iOS 7.0+

    l ApplemacOS 10.9+ l Windows 10 devices (mobile and desktop)

    Chapter 1: Overview


    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

    Copyright2018 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Upgrade From AirWatch Express

    When your organization needs mobile devicemanagement features beyond what AirWatch Express offers, you canupgrade to the full AirWatch product at any time. Contact AirWatch support for more information.

    Chapter 1: Overview


    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

    Copyright2018 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • PrivacyIt is important that you inform your end users about how their data is collected, stored, and displayed when they enrollinto AirWatch Express.

    User Information Displayed in Console

    First Name Yes

    Last Name Yes

    Phone Number Yes

    Email Accounts Yes

    User name Yes

    Privacy settings in AirWatch Express are dependent upon the ownership level of the enrolled device.

    Privacy Setting Corporate-Dedicated Employee-Owned

    GPSData Collection On Off

    Personal Apps Install Data Collection On Off

    Prevention of Unmanaged Profile Installation On On

    Enterprise Wipe Functionality On Off

    Lock Device Functionality On Off

    If you want to customize the privacy settings beyond what the device ownership level prescribes, contact VMwareAirWatch Support.

    Terms of UseEnsure that all users with managed devices agree to the policy by defining and enforcing terms of use. If necessary, usersmust accept the terms of use before proceeding with enrollment, installing apps, or accessing the AirWatch ExpressAdmin Console.

    Contact VMware AirWatch Support to implement terms of use for your device deployment.

    Chapter 1: Overview


    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

    Copyright2018 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Chapter 2:Express Setup

    Setup Overview 9

    Introduction and Survey 9

    Apple Push Notification Service 10

    Set Up VMware Enterprise Systems Connector 11

    Set Up Active Directory 12

    Set Up Apple's Volume Purchase Program 13


    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

    Copyright2018 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Setup OverviewSetting up AirWatch Express is as easy as logging in to the website. Upon the initial login, a step-by-step wizard guidesyou through the process of configuring the software.

    The Setup Wizard runs when you log in to AirWatch Express for the first time. If you stop and log out at any point duringsetup, the wizard saves your place. The next time you log in, the wizard returns you to the same spot.

    1. Introduction and Survey on page 9.

    2. Apple Push Notification Service on page 10.

    3. Set Up VMware Enterprise Systems Connector on page 11.

    4. Set Up Active Directory on page 12.

    5. Set Up Apple's Volume Purchase Program on page 13.

    Introduction and SurveyThe Introduction and Survey page briefly acquaints you with AirWatch Express and asks you three questions about yourdeployment.

    1. Are your employees using Apple devices?

    2. Do you use Active Directory?

    Active Directory is Microsoft's directory service developed for Windows domain networks and is by far themostpopular directory service. AirWatch Express also supports other directory services such as Lotus Domino and Novelle-Directory.

    3. Do you plan to use an Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to add apps?

    While you can supply apps to your devices without participating in Apple's Volume Purchase Program, the programaffords some advantages that may be of value: you can purchase apps & books in volume, get access to custom B2Bapps, and buy content with purchase orders.

    Chapter 2: Express Setup


    VMware AirWatch Express Guide | v.2018.04 | April 2018

    Copyright2018 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Apple Push Notification ServiceIf you plan to have Apple devices in your device fleet, you must establish connectivity between Apple and AirWatchExpress before those devices can bemanaged.

    You can always request Apple Push Notification Services (APNs) after the initial Express Setup. Navigate to Groups&Settings >Devices &Users > Apple >APNs for MDM and following the on-screen steps.

    Download Certificate Request

    1. Download the AirWatch Express-generated certificate request file (PLIST) by selecting theMDM_APNsRequest.plistlink and saving the file to your device.

    2. Select Save to proceed.

    Create an Apple Certificate

    3. Enter your corporate Apple ID. If you do not have a corporate Apple ID, you can create one from this setup page.

    4. Next, select the Apple Push Certificates Portal to sign in with your corporate Apple ID and download the PEM file.You need this PEM file for the following step.

    Upload Apple Certificate

    5. Upload the AirWatch MDM certificate file (PEM) you received from Apple.

    6. Select