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A hypothetical assignment to design a VM manual for Mocha-India. The brand personality is kept in mind and all layouts are copyright@annachakravorty 2015.

Text of Vm Manual Mocha

  • B r a n d M a n u a l a n d G u i d e l i n e s

  • At Mocha we try and serve you more than just coffee. Wed like to serve you the world. Subtle and heady from around the globe garnished with a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We bring you a selection of the best coffees from all over the world.Mocha is inspired by the Quahveh Khannehs of Morocco and Turkey. These warm and homely coffee shops are the perfect place for people to come over, order a coffee and talk about their day. About politics, family or just the weather if they so please. Its a place to meet and suspend reality for a few moments. Thats what Mocha was designed to be.

    A visit to Mocha is more of an experience. Its beyond just sipping coffee and delectable bites. Its about taking time to savour the finer things in life. Thats why weve taken the time to select the finest coffees from all over the world for you. Not just a single type or blend. You can choose your flavour of freshly roasted and ground American, African or Indian coffee. Enjoy our fruit-flavoured sheeshas from Egypt. Savour our gourmet desserts or take a sip of our absolutely divine shakes.

    Its about feeling good and surrounding yourself with everything that feels good. And if you like it, why not take it home? You can buy almost everything you see in Mocha and bring home the Mocha lifestyle. So if its a coffee, a sheesha or even a chair that strikes your fancy, tell us. Well wrap it right up for you.

    Thats the planet of Mocha . A coffee shop for the soul. A journey of experiences. A warm corner of flavours and aromas that fills everyone who leaves with a single parting gift. ELEVATION.

    A b o u t M o c h aA b o u t M o c h a

  • Vibrant

    Global Thinking










    v i s u a l I d e n t i t y

    B r a n d I m a g e No fixed colour scheme

    Arabic colours to continental colours

    Black is minimal

    Focus on Design

    Art Oriented cafe


  • T a r g e t A u d i e n c e T H E O N L I N E S S S T A T E M E N T

    High income group

    Upper Class

    art and design oriented people

    lost souls

    What: The only coffee house for a wandering soul

    How: That creates journey of experiences through coffee

    Who: For creative and fun oriented people

    Where: in all metro cities

    Why: who wants to breakfree from reality

    When: everything is too grey in their life!

  • T h e I d e a l m o c h a h o u s e

  • T h e m e : G y p s y c u l t u r e





    free spirit



    5 senses:

    Visual: gypsy culture and design

    Smell: coffee aroma

    Taste: Food palette from Arabic to American to Continental to Indian.

    Hear: Cello, Piano and drums oriented music

  • e x t e r i o r

    The building is in the shape of square pyramid with base 48ft and height 24ft with 2 floors.

  • Scale: each square (1 cm2) = 1ft by 1 ft

    e n t r a n c e


  • t o p v i e w t o p v i e wG r o u n d F l o o r f i r s t F l o o r

    Scale: each square (1 cm2) = 1ft by 1 ft

    Scale: each square (1 cm2) = 1ft by 1 ft

  • e l e v a t i o n p l a n se l e v a t i o n p l a n s

    Scale: each square (1 cm2) = 1ft by 1 ftScale: each square (1 cm2) = 1ft by 1 ft

  • Scale: each square (1 cm2) = 1ft by 1 ft

    Scale: each square (1 cm2) = 1ft by 1 ft

    z o n a l l a y o u t z o n a l l a y o u tG r o u n d F l o o r F i r s t F l o o r

  • c i r c u l a t i o n p l a n l i g h t i n g p l a n

  • g r o u n d f l o o r

    Wallpaper wallWhite prop tree with small lightswooden cut out Logo

    Wallpaper print

    prop Area Bar area

    beads as dividers

    8 & 15








  • S T a i r s + w a s h r o o ml i g h t s

    W A S H R O O M


    1 2 3


  • 1 2 3 4 5(curtain) (cello)

    S T A G E

    2 3 1

    K I T C H E N

    ( Cutlery design and water containers - genie bottles)

  • T a b l e s a n d c h a i r

    Refer to the numbers and the images related to it .

  • 1 & 2 12 136 1114

  • f i r s t f l o o rSITTING AREA




    Refer to the numbers and the images related to it .

  • 1- plain white canvass2- shelf with paints , brushes and gloves3- An artist can create art from anything - quotation -wooden cutouts 4- wall hanging


    11 (wall) 13 (wall)

    wall paper mocha - wooden cuts outs

    m o c h a

    cieling Curtains on glass side Lights on the cieling Hanging from the cieling


  • waist coatturban

    lose pantswaist clothblack socks

    Gypsy Men Waiter look Gypsy Woman Waiteress look

    long skirtwhite puffed sleeve top

    heels/ sandalshead bandana

    waist cloth

    s t a f f

    > Each and every customer would be given an option of wearing the accessories like : hats, scarfs, beads etc.> At the end of the meal each customer will be given a fortune cookie.> Live music will be all the time with bands coming from all the places and customers can rate them and accordingly highest popularized band will be awarded.> On the 1st level there is an art area. Anyone can draw paint anything on the canvass. > Paints would be provided to the customer for free of charge.> All the service men and woman are suppose to follow the dress code.> A customer is allowed to buy anything in the cafe from cuttlery to props to lights to chairs.

    S e r v i c e G u i d e l i n e s

  • A p p e n d i x

  • a p p e n d i x

    Theme: 3RsLocation: Saket

    Fixtures: Sofa- 18, Bench-4, Chairs-17, Tables-10usher stand-1, card stand- 1, shelf- 1

    Lights:Scrub balls ( Hanging) - 16Lamp shades- 13

    Logo:Wooden cutouts

    a p p e n d i x

    Floor Plan

    Kitchen Kitchen

    Outdoor Outdoor

    Entry Entry

    Lighting plan (pink)

  • a p p e n d i x

    Theme: Arabic Location: Defence Colony

    Fixtures: Sofa- 6, Chairs-19 , Tables-15Floor sitting-5, Beanbag-2, book shelf- 2

    Lights:Paper hanging lamps-11Chandelier- 3

    Logo:Acrylic and wooden cutouts

    Props:posters, mirrors



    a p p e n d i x




    Floor Plan