Visual Prototyping Final Presentation

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Thomas Stouffer. Visual Prototyping Final Presentation. Research Proposal. General Question: How can 3D scanner technology be used to explore or conceptualize space?. Space Team Investigation. Sloan Digital Sky Survey Multi-color photos used to create a 3D map - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Visual Prototyping Final Presentation

Visual Prototyping Final PresentationThomas StoufferResearch ProposalGeneral Question:How can 3D scanner technology be used to explore or conceptualize space?

Space Team InvestigationSloan Digital Sky SurveyMulti-color photos used to create a 3D map2.5 meter telescope, 120 megapixel camera3D Sky MapResearch Proposal (Cont.)Refined Question:How can 3D technology accessible to the general public be used to explore and/or conceptualize space?BrainstormingPanoramic Ball Camera

High Altitude Weather Balloon Camera

3D Modeling4 camera arrayBall joints for adjustable lens angle

Rapid Prototype/ Final ConceptA multiple camera array attached with ball joints for adjustability.Video and pictures stitched from 4 cameras for 180 degree panoramicFuture DevelopmentAdd more camerasReduce sizeCreate enclosure for systemAdd auto capture function, GPS