Viscosity measurements taken while you wait

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  • Automatic water strainer is offered by R. P. Adams Co., Inc., Buffalo, N.Y. The AWS Poro-Edge strainer is designed to remove solids continuously from industrial raw water supplies. The unit's tubular straining elements are available in four different spacings for removal of Vic-, 1/;y2~, Vc4-> a n d 1 /1 0 0-in. solids. A cleaning arm removes accumulated solids on the straining elements. Unit capacities range from 100 to 100,000 gal. per min. at pressures from 25 to 300 p.s.i.g.

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    Purifiers for compressed gas are available from Cardair, division of Marmon-Herrington Co., Inc., Lebanon, Ind. According to the company, Cardair purifiers disperse the gas more evenly through the adsorption bed, therefore

    expose more desiccant surface to the gas. Units are available for handling pressures up to 12,000 p.s.i. with flow capacities up to 2100 standard cu. ft. per min. E 40

    Direct recording oscillograph with 36 channels and designed for rack mounting is now available from Minneapolis-Honeywell's Heiland division, Denver, Colo. It has a self-contained heated platen that makes records immediately readable and gives good record contrast. 41

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    Viscosity measurements taken while

    Actual ly, the Lab-Vis measures viscosity instant ly . It is a di rect read ing v iscometer t ha t fea tures a patented sens ing device, cal led a probe. This probe is immersed in the sample f lu id where it v ibrates at ul t ra-sonic f requenc ies . Viscosity is electronic-ally p resented on a cent ipo ise meter as a funct ion of the "viscous d r a g ' O n the probe.

    The Lab-Vis may be used for rout ine samp l ing or for con t inuous measu remen t such as in l iquid phase kinet ics, rapid exper imenta l b lend ing and pilot p lant mon i to r ing . Why has the Lab-Vis been so successfu l in indust ry as well as medica l research? Read these speci f icat ions:

    Speed: .5 sec. response Accuracy: ^2% of full scale Range: 0-50,000 centipoises (8 ranges) 0 .. (temperatures to 650F.

    pera . | p r e s s u r e s f r o m v a c u u m t0 1000 psi Sample Volume: from 2 ml to continuous flow Readout: meter, strip chart recorder (optional) Probes: laboratory, pipeline, and medical

    For more i n fo rma t ion , wr i te The Bendix Corpora t ion , Depar tmen t K-7, 3 1 3 0 Wasson Road, Cinc innat i 8 , Ohio.

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    Viscosity measurements taken while you wait