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Virtual Learning Platforms. by A.J. Juliani. A little about me…. Wissahickon School District, Pennsylvania Currently running a 1:1 Initiative in my district Founder of “Education Is My Life” Author and Presenter. Virtual Learning Platforms. by A.J. Juliani. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Learning Platformsby A.J. Juliani

A little about meWissahickon School District, PennsylvaniaCurrently running a 1:1 Initiative in my districtFounder of Education Is My LifeAuthor and Presenter

Virtual Learning Platformsby A.J. Juliani

Guiding Questions for this SessionWhat does virtual really mean in education?Has learning gone virtual in your school?How can a VLP improve your school?What options do I have to implement a VLP?

What Is Virtual Education?

My Experiences With VLPs and LMS/CMSFlat Classroom and Net Gen Ed ProjectMS: Drexel Global and International Online Summer SchoolVLPs: Moodle, Blackboard, Ning, Schoology, Edmodo, LoudCloudSubject specific communities like MathLanding.comVLPs = 21st Century Classroom

AccessAnywhereCollaboration ToolsTeamingCapabilitiesRealLearningSchool Has Changed Over Time1995 The Internet And Now in 2014

1999 Interactive Whiteboard

2000s Laptop computing

2000s Mobile Smartphones

It All Starts With Leadership

What We Need Is Teacher Leaders.

And ThoseWho Arent Afraid of BeingA First FollowerVLPs We Will Cover TodayThe K-5 Math Environment SchoologyEdmodoMath Landing


Its FREEand Paid20,000+ educators use itDesign interface

12Schoology: Pros and ConsProsFREE for classes20,000+ Educators use itDesign interfaceAPI Integration with Google, TurnItIn, Common Core etcInteractive featuresSocial FeaturesMoodle ImportConsPaid for entire schoolsNot as establishedSocial features need to be monitoredNo course shellsEdmodo

Edmodo: Pros and ConsProsHuge audience of teachers and great collaborationDesign interfaceAPI integrationSocial features

ConsPaid for entire schoolsSocial features need to be monitoredNot as powerful as some othersNo course shellsMath Landing

Math Landing

Math Landing: Pros and ConsProsFocus on specific content and level (Math & Elem)Design interface is easy to usePartnered with trusted education leaders like MPT, Drexel University, and ISTECoaches and teachers can work together with shared resources

ConsNew site so it is still growing into what it could beNo API as of nowNot as comprehensive as some others as a pure LMSDont End Up Like Blockbuster

What VLP Is Right For Your School?Think about your needs?Think about your funds?Think about your population?Are you making a commitment to 21st century teaching and learning?Listen to Your Stakeholders

Questions?Ask me [email protected] or find me online at

Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, Instagram: @ajjulianiMathLanding:

Join Us for these Upcoming K-5 Math WebinarsAugust 8, 2013 Common Core-Integrate Technology to Teach MathSept 12, 2013- Mobilize Mathematics

All Webinars will occur at 4pm PST/7pm EST

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