Virtual Learning Environments

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Virtual Learning Environments. A quest for the perfect platform. A L abyrinth of leads. Terminology. E-learning CBT ( Computer-Based Training-CD-ROM ), IBT ( Internet-Based Training ) or WBT ( Web-Based Training ) Asynchronous Learning Synchronous Learning Face-to-Face Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A quest for the perfect platform.A Labyrinth of leads.

  • TerminologyE-learning CBT (Computer-Based Training-CD-ROM), IBT (Internet-Based Training) or WBT (Web-Based Training)Asynchronous LearningSynchronous LearningFace-to-Face LearningBlended Learning, Hybrid Learning

    Purely online - no face-to-face meetingsVirtual Learning Environment (VLE)Learning Management System (LMS)Learning PlatformCourse Management SystemLive LessonsPersonal Learning Environment (PLE)

  • e-learning Delivery Methods

    StyleDelivery Method

    PrintE-text, textbooks, e-zinesVideostreaming video, video tape, satellite transmission, cableAudioStreaming audio, audio tape, podcasting

    AssessmentElectronic, interactive, paper

    CommunicationAsynchronous- e-mail,, threaded discussion, weblogs, Forums, Wikis

    Synchronous- chat, Instant Messaging, videoconferencing, teleconferencing

  • Coordinated Approach and Common Mission

    Determine Essential Components

    Technical Considerations

    Pedagogical Considerations

    Economic Considerations

    Selecting a Virtual Learning Environment

  • *Blackboard Collaborate 11 NEW! July 2011 *Elluminate Ivocalize - Adobe LiveLesson Go to Training Microsoft Live Meeting Moodle Sloodle *Angel Claroline Atutor Options

  • Epals Google Plus Edusim *WebCT Bodington Sakai Desire2Learn Learning Environment


  • Should not dictate approach to learningTailored to needs, pedagogy, collaborate e-learning visionTeachers should not have to worry about technology -focus on innovative course developmentEngaging, interactive and transparent for studentsBuilt in assessment to determine effectiveness

    Quality Control of VLE