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    Virginia Employment

    Commission (VEC)Virginias first choice for Workforce Services


    Virginia Employment Commission

    Is the public employment service

    established to assist employers in

    finding qualified workers and to assist

    workers in finding suitable jobs.

    The VEC has one of the largest pools

    of qualified workers in the

    Commonwealth, from experienced

    executives and skilled managers to

    youth looking for their first job.


    Virginia Employment Commissions Mission

    Promotes economic growth and

    stability by delivering and coordinating

    workforce services to include:

    Policy development

    Job placement

    Temporary income support

    Workforce information

    Transition and training

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    To Accomplish our Mission we will

    Partner with our stakeholders

    Develop and empower staff

    Improve our processes

    Embrace innovative solutions and


    Continually renew our organization


    Virginia Employment Commission

    Over 500,000 registered Job Seekers

    Computerized skill-based matching to identify potential candidatessaves employers time, staff and money

    Maximum exposuremore than 30 locations statewide, two Customer Contact Centers and 24 hours a day on the Internet Currently Vacant, The New Governor has not appointed a new Commissioner

    P.O. Box 1358

    Richmond, Virginia 23218-1358

    Employers Services 804-786-6470 or 804-692-0188


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    2010 Employment Services Statistics

    Single largest source of job candidates in


    More than 532,000 used employment service

    More than 185,000 job seekers entered

    employment within 6 months of receiving

    service from VEC

    More than 232,000 referrals were made

    VEC employment services reduce employers

    taxes by returning unemployment claimants to



    Job Openings Received From Employers

    61% Professional, managerial, technical,

    clerical, sales, and administrative support

    14% Construction, maintenance and repair

    9% Production and manufacturing

    9% Transportation and material moving

    4% Food preparation/Serving and personal


    3% Farming, fishing, forestry and military


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    Applicants Seeking Employment Assistance

    90% Unemployed

    10% Employed

    66% Job Services

    34% UI Claimants

    44% High School graduates

    24% Post-high school

    11% Less than high school

    9% Veterans


    Business and Economic Development

    Partners with chambers, economic development entities and businesses throughout the Commonwealth

    Detects the hidden job market and provides technical assistance to employers utilizing the Virginia Workforce Connection, the states job and applicant base

    Collaborates with the Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), the Community College System and other workforce development providers


    Customer Contact Centers and Internet Claims 2010

    Handled over 8.6 million claims related

    calls in 2010

    Processed 150,000 claims, 80% of

    which were filed via phone or internet,

    providing substantial savings to

    claimants in both time and travel

    Received approximately 500,000 initial

    claims and over 4 million continued

    claims filed annually

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    Employment Advisory Committees (EAC)

    Partner with the VEC

    Advise the VEC of services needed by

    the employers and citizens of Virginia

    and how best to provide those services

    Promote the services of the VEC in their



    Employer Services

    Job openings posted online through the local VEC offices

    Screen and refer job applicants

    Provides Company briefings

    Supplies Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Information


    Employer ServicesOnline Access

    Register your business

    Post a job

    Find an applicant

    File and pay unemployment taxes

    File mass unemployment

    compensation on behalf of employees

    File an appeal

    Find labor market information

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    Job Seeker Services

    Rural Services processes agricultural and seasonal job orders

    Job Information allows users access to thousands of employment listings and information on potential training opportunities

    Youth Services provides career guidance and placement of high school graduates and high school dropouts


    Labor Market Information

    For making business decisions on employment, relocation, business development, education, and training

    Available on the VEC website

    Unemployment rates

    Industry projections

    Occupational projections

    Occupational wage data

    Demographic census information

    State and local economic trends

    Employment data by area and industry

    Career outlook and trends


    Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

    Is a federal program administered

    through the VEC

    Provides benefits and support to workers

    who become unemployed due to the

    impact of international trade

    After approval from the United States

    Department of Labor (DOL) individuals

    must apply for benefits and services based

    on DOLs certification

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    TAA Program Benefits and Services

    Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) for continued weekly income support upon exhaustion of Unemployment Insurance

    Training opportunities such as classroom/occupational, remedial/GED, on-the-job and customized training

    Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)

    Wage subsidy for workers over 50

    Job Search Assistance

    Relocation Assistance


    Unemployment Insurance Services

    Administered by the VEC under

    Virginia and Federal law

    Help alleviate hardship for unemployed

    individuals by providing income support

    Promote reemployment and economical


    VEC ranks 7th lowest in average duration

    of benefits that are paid before obtaining


    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 21

    Unemployment Compensation

    What Employers Need To Know

    Virginia Employment


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    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 22

    Who can file an Unemployment Insurance Claim?

    Anyone who has a Social Security Number and is unemployed can file a claim.

    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 23

    To Be Eligible For Benefits A Claimant Must:

    Have earned $2,700.00 in two quarters during a base period:

    Regular base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters.

    Alternate base period is the last four completed calendar quarters.


    Be able and available for work and actively seeking work.

    Be unemployed through no fault of his own, example:

    Lack of work

    Quit for good cause

    Discharged for reasons other than misconduct

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    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 25

    Claimants can qualify for a maximum of $378.00 per week for 26 weeks and a minimum of $54.00 per week for 12 weeks.

    The funding source for unemployment compensation cost is:

    The last 30 day or 240 hour employer and/or

    A reimbursable employer for whom the claimant worked during the base period.

    Entitlement and Funding Source:

    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 26

    Claims Process

    Individual files an initial claim over the Internet, by telephone or in a VEC Field Office.

    Wage and Separation Report is sent to the last 30-day/240-hour employer and any subsequent employer.


    If separation other than lack of work, a Hearing Officer conducts a fact-finding interview with the employer and claimant.

    The Hearing Officer renders a written determination based on information gathered from the separation report and fact-finding interview.

    Claimant files weekly continued claim for benefits by using the Internet, telephone, or by mail.

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    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 28

    Wage and Separation Report (VEC-B-10-SEP)

    Sent to address on file or one provided by claimant.

    Employers may have a benefits only address.

    Needs to be returned to VEC by date shown on form either by mail or fax.

    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 29

    Notice of Deputys Determination (VEC-B-54)

    Provides decision outcome and appeal rights for both parties.

    Appeals can be filed by mail, Internet, or in person within 30 days of decision date.

    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 30

    Charge Notice (VEC-B-46)

    Provides a detailed accounting of benefits charged against your account.

    The charge notice will be used to calculate the employer tax rate.

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    Tax rates are calculated on an annual basis using the four fiscal years ending on the June 30 prior to the calendar year of the calculation.

    For 2010 the four fiscal years were July 1 2005 June 30, 2009

    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 32

    Reimbursable Bill (VEC-B-47)

    Provides a detailed accounting of benefits charged against your account and must be paid within 30 days from the date mailed.

    The amount charged is the percentage of wages in the base period of the claim attributable to the reimbursable employer multiplied by the benefits paid.

    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 33

    Non-Charge Provisions

    If benefits are paid for any of the following reasons the charge is placed against the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund (applies to taxable employers only):

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    The individual was separated as a result of a violation of law and subsequent imprisonment.

    The individual left employment to accept another job and that job ended in less than 30 days.


    Non-Charge Provisions (Continued)

    The individual refused an offer of work by the employer because he was in training approved by the Commission.The individual voluntarily left employment to enter training approved under the Trade Act.The individual left employment due to a non-work related injury or illness.

    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 36

    Non-Charge Provisions (continued)

    The individual is hired to replace a member of the reserves or national guard called into active duty in connection with an international conflict whose employment is terminated concurrent with and because of that members return from active duty.

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    Non-Charge Provisions (continued)

    The individual participating as an inmate in a state or local work release program, community residential program, or any similar work release program, whose separation from work arose from conditions of release or parole from such program.


    Non-Charge Provisions (continued)

    The individual who was unable to work at his regular employment due to a disaster for which the Governor has declared a state of emergency and the employers business was forced to close due to the disaster. The employer may have four weeks of benefit charges waived.

    www.VaEmploy.Com02/25/2010 39

    Cost Management Tips

    Evaluate employees prior to the employee working 30 days or 240 hours.

    Document employee behavior and management disciplinary actions.

    Complete the Wage and Separation Report and return in a timely manner.

    Participate in the deputy fact-finding interview.

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    Cost Management Tips (Continued)

    Supply first-hand testimony and written documentation whenever possible.

    If you disagree with a decision, appeal it within 30 days from the date of mailing.

    Review all benefit charge statements for accuracy.




    Veteran Services 2010

    VEC is Virginia largest provider of employment services to veterans

    Gives preference on referrals to job openings

    Provides intensive Service

    VEC Registered over 48,000 veteran job seekers in 2010

    More than 15,700 entered employment

    Transition Assistance Program located on ten military bases with approximately 15,300 exiting military personnel

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    Virginia Workforce

    VEC partners with other employment

    and training programs to provide one-

    stop service

    Many VEC locations are designated as

    Virginia Workforce Centers

    VEC services are provided through the

    centers operated by partner



    Virginia Workforce


    Field Office Staffs

    Office Management

    Hearing/Legal Service Officers

    Business and Economic Development

    Specialist Staff

    Workforce Services Representatives

    Workforce Service Representatives

    Veterans (LVERS/DVOPS)

    Office Services/Administrative Specialists

    Tax/Financial Representatives

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    Services Available, and Partners at the Virginia Employment Commission, Workforce

    Centers (Continued)

    Information, Equipment and Services That are Available To All CustomersCopiers, Phones and Fax Machines for Job Search

    Employer Services

    Employer Advisory Committees

    Employment Workshops

    Extensive Library of Career and Educational Materials

    Information on Services Provided By Partner Agencies


    Services Available, and Partners at the Virginia Employment Commission, Workforce Centers (Continued)

    Information, Equipment and Services That are Available To All Customers Cont.Job Referrals

    Job Search Assistance

    Job Seeker Services

    Local Labor Market Information

    QWIZ Office Skill Competency Assessment Tests (Typing/Ten Key/Data Entry/Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access)

    Resource Center Computers with Internet Access

    Resume Writing and Job Application Assistance & Videos

    Unemployment Insurance Benefit

    Veterans Employment Services


    Services Available, and Partners at the Virginia Employment Commission, Workforce Centers (Continued)

    Services Available to Eligible Customers

    Career Planning

    Case Management

    Follow Up

    Individual Career Counseling

    Individual Employment Plans

    Referral to Training Programs

    Trade Adjustment Assistance/Trade Readjustment Allowances

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    Services Available, and Partners at the Virginia Employment Commission, Workforce Centers (Continued)

    VEC Workforce Center PartnersAARP Senior Employment Program

    Norfolk Public School GED Program

    Opportunity Inc. One-Stop Workforce Center

    The Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services

    Virginia Job Corps

    Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education

    (Educational Opportunity Center)


    For More Information, Contact Your Local VEC Workforce Center/Field


    South Eastern Region Director Fred Scaggs 804-663-5390

    Emporia Field Office/Farmville Field Office/South Boston Field Office Louise Tomlinson 434-634-2326

    Hampton/ Williamsburg Field Offices Donna Crittenden-Barton 757-865-5832/757-253-4738

    Mechanicsville Field Office Michael Abraham 804-559-3131

    Norfolk-Virginia Beach/Portsmouth Field Offices Hosey Burgess 757-455- 0810

    Portsmouth/Suffolk Field Office Lewis Richardson 757-558- 4459/757-514-7743

    Richmond Field Office Jimmy Price 804-663-5387

    Tri-cities Field Office/Fort Lee Part Time Field Office Antoinette Archer 804-541-6541




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