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Vijeo Citect Certified Engineer (VCCE) Vijeo Citect Certified Engineer (VCCE) If you have any enquiries

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  • The Certified Engineer Program (CEP) distinguishes and recognizes engineers skilled in the integration of Aveva™ Vijeo Citect™ based automation projects. At the heart of the CEP are the Vijeo Citect Certified Engineer (VCCE) exams, which provide a means of testing experienced system engineers. They encompass tests on Vijeo Citect knowledge as well as a range of related topics such as PLC communications, Microsoft® Windows operating systems and networking.

    Frequently Asked Questions What is a Vijeo Citect Certified Engineer? Vijeo Citect Certified Engineer (VCCE) status is awarded to engineers who pass three exams designed to test their technical knowledge. What are the VCCE exams? The VCCE examinations consist of three separate exams that must be completed to attain the VCCE certification:

    1. Configuration 2. Cicode™ 3. Architecture & Redundancy

    Each exam consists of 30 to 60 multiple-choice questions, depending on which exam is being taken. The exams each have a 1 to 1 ½ hour time limit, depending on the number of questions. The pass mark is set at 70% for all exams.

    Who can take the VCCE Exams? VCCE exams are available to all customers. The exams and VCCE administration are web-based and results are displayed immediately. The formal VCCE certificate will be mailed within four to six weeks to successful candidates. Where can I take the VCCE exams? To ensure their integrity, the exams are conducted at a Schneider Electric educational center. Under special conditions, we do allow the exams to be conducted at other facilities. To register for the examinations, click this link: http://

    A confirmation email containing the Transaction/ Registration ID and VCCE Exam details will be sent to you straightaway. If you have already navigated away from the confirmation page, you can access the Learning Portal at - https://industrialtraining.aveva. com/citect/portal/

    How difficult are the VCCE exams? The exams are designed around the content of the Vijeo Citect curriculum. Completion of the related courseware will provide adequate knowledge for exam preparation. Additionally, experience in design, configuration, and maintenance of multiple Vijeo Citect projects is recommended. How do I maintain my VCCE status? To maintain VCCE status, engineers have to sit an Upgrade exam when a new version of the software is released. The Upgrade exam covers new Vijeo Citect features, new products and methods.

    Refer to the CSCE/VCCE Certification Paths* diagram below.

    Are there any reference materials to help me prepare? The Vijeo Citect training courses provide students with the knowledge and skills required to successfully pass the VCCE exams.

    Study guides are available for each exam. These cover the structure and content of the courses, and act as a refresher for the materials contained in each of the courses.

    Other reference materials may be used, including Online Help and Knowledge Base.

    Benefits at a glance > Gain industry

    recognition of your Vijeo Citect knowledge and experience

    > Be awarded with a VCCE Certificate

    > Increase your confidence in system security

    > Increase operator efficiency and response time

    > Reduce operator downtime with easier configuration and installation features

    > Make significant production cost savings

    > Increase return on investment (ROI) by optimizing system and staff utilization

    > Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the time it takes to deploy changes

    > Streamline project management

    Vijeo Citect Certified Engineer (VCCE)

  • If you have any enquiries regarding the VCCP or VCCE exams, please


    Educational Services provides a suite of courses and programs designed to empower end-users to maximize their potential.

    We provide customers with the most cost-effective options and innovative learning solutions, including traditional classroom training, eLearning and blended learning, to expand the technical knowledge, understanding, domain expertise, and skills of their IT organization. Our certified and experienced professionals, in collaboration with leading education partners, transfer the latest expertise in Vijeo Citect software products and IT best practices for enterprise systems management, security management, storage management, and business service optimization.

    VCCP The Vijeo Citect Certified Professional (VCCP) exam is an introductory qualification which can be achieved as the first stage of the Certified Engineer Program.

    The VCCP qualification has been designed for : > Engineering staff > Maintenance staff > Plant supervisors > Technical users > Managers > Operational staff > Citect SCADA system integrators and designers

    This qualification will be presented to candidates who pass the current version of the Vijeo Citect Configuration exam.

    It is recommended that you attend the Vijeo Citect Configuration training course first before attempting the exam.

    Training Course Vijeo Citect Configuration Course Description Gain insight into Vijeo Citect project design and become familiar with configuration techniques. Learn how to design a project from start to finish and configure various features, including the new time scheduler and equipment hierarchy. This interactive course includes practice scenarios of plant control, data-collection, alarm trending and reporting.

    Learning Progression The Vijeo Citect Configuration course is recommended before undertaking the Cicode Programming and Architecture & Redundancy courses.

    Prerequisites It is essential that students are familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Experience in PLC control system design and/or programming is desirable but not essential.

    Certification The Vijeo Citect Configuration course will help prepare students for the Vijeo Citect Certified Professional (VCCP) Configuration exam which is also the first of the three exams needed for VCCE certification.

    Learning outcomes > Learn about monitoring and control systems > Vijeo Citect configuration environment > How to set up a new project using the most common features in Vijeo Citect > Basic troubleshooting > Communicating with I/O devices (PLCs) > Creating Graphics pages > Introduction to Alarm, Trend and Report systems

    Vijeo Citect Certified Professional (VCCP)

    On completion of the Configuration course,

    you will receive a “VCCP” certificate.

    On a successful pass of the three Citect exams, you will receive a “VCCE” certificate.

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