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Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline

ISSN 1097-9751

June 2013

Volume 16 Number 3

American Society of Exercise Physiologists

The Professional Organization of Exercise Physiologists

Snarr RL, Esco MR, Witte EV, Jenkins CT, Brannan RM. Electromyographic Activity of Rectus Abdominis During a Suspension Push-up Compared to Traditional Exercises. JEPonline 2013;16(3):1-8. Word PDF

Danwin C, Karin R. Towards a Self-Managed Resistance Exercise Program for Overweight/Obese Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes: A Pilot Study. JEPonline2013;16(3):9-19. Word PDF

Goes SM, Bento PCB, Stefanello JMF, El Tassa KOM, Homann D, Leite N, Rodacki ALF. Muscle and Functional Parameters of Mid-Age Women with Fibromyalgia and Healthy Elderly. JEPonline 2013;16(3):20-29.Word PDF

Bezerra ES, Simo, R, Fleck SJ, Paz G, Maia M, Costa PB, Amadio AC, Miranda H, Serro JC. Electromyographic Activity of Lower Body Muscles During the Deadlift and Still-Legged Deadlift. JEPonline 2013;16(3):30-39. Word PDF

Rylands L, Roberts SJ, Cheetham M, Baker A. Velocity Production in Elite BMX Riders: A Field Based Study Using a SRM Power Meter. JEPonline 2013;16(3):40-50. Word PDF

Moreira SR, Cruz LC, Diniz LC, Albuquerque JB, Lima TS, Carvalho FO, Gonalves MP. Associating Physical Activity Levels to Stress, High Blood Pressure, and High Blood Glucose Risks in Green Park Users. JEPonline 2013;16(3):51-58.Word PDF

Cieslak F, Lopes WA, Titski ACK, Timossi LS, Levandoski G, Vilela Junior GB, Rosrio Filho NA, Leite N. Relation and Concordance of Two Methods for the Evaluation of Airway Hyperresponsiveness in Obese Adolescents. JEPonline 2013;16(3):59-68. Word PDF

Osiecki ACV, Osiecki R, Timossi LS, Rossetin LL, Machado TA, Ges SM, Leite N. Effects of Workplace Based Exercises on the Lipid Profile, Systemic Blood Pressure, and Body Fat of Female Workers. JEPonline 2013;16(3):69-75.Word PDF

Redkva PE, Zagatto AM, Batista AD, Kalva-Filho CA, Loures JP, Kaminagakura EI, DaSilva SG, Papoti M. Correlation between Heart Rate Deflection Point and Respiratory Compensation Point in Brazilian Army Runners. JEPonline 2013;16(3):76-83. Word PDF

Rittenhouse MA, Barkley JB, Author EF. Self-Reported Peer Victimization and Objectively Measured Physical Activity Behavior in Boys: A Quasi-Experimental Study. JEPonline 2013;16(3):84-93. Word PDF

Wenzel AJ, Ciuffredo BM. Macular Pigment and C-reactive Protein are Unaffected by Distance Running. JEPonline 2013;16(3):94-102.Word PDF

Makivi B, Djordjevi Niki M, Willis MS. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a Tool for Diagnostic

and Monitoring Performance in Sport and Physical Activities. JEPonline 2013;16(3):103-131.

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