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Background Details Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine founded by

producer Quincy Jones. It was launched in 1993 Was originally named Volume before being called Vibe by

Scott Bryant Vibe was purchased by the private equity investment fund

InterMedia partners after shutting down in 2009 . It mainly feature Hip – Hop and R&B artists , actors and

fashion brands which are associated with Hip Hop or Hip artists.

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As the vibe today , this earlier edition of the magazine uses nearly enough the same masthead , vibe have kept their brand identity for all of these years .

The artists featured inside the magazine are all Hip-Hop and R&B artists .

The main image was ‘Janet Jackson’ at the time she was the face of R&B and a great role model for women .

First Photo Front cover of Vibe

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Target audience

18 – 34 The audience for Vibe are listeners of Hip Hop and R&B music 63 % male , 37 % female Interest in fashion , television and has a strong interest in Rap

and Hip Hop culture Social individual who is enthusiastic and appreciates talent

and originality See’s Vibe as the best Hip Hop music magazine and

appreciates the articles and work that is in the magazine Purchaser of the magazine

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Content The publication predominantly features R&B and Hip – Hop

music artists, actors and other entertainers As it is a Hip-Hop and R&B magazine it mainly features

artists no bands . Some artists that commonly feature in the magazine are : Rick Ross , Kanye West , Drake , Cassie , Rihanna , Nicki Minaj and many more .

Feature interesting articles that help there readers such as ‘Vibe 100’ which has become extremely popular among Vibe readers.

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Vibe Today issued every-other month Features artists from all over the world Brands are advertised in the magazine , upcoming and

established brands , allowing there readers to stay on trend. Create a variety of front cover using black and white portraits Vibe have also become known for the 'Best Rapper Alive’

competition which has featured artists such big Jay Z Brand as expanded now creating not only magazines but

books which have been published and successful. In addition , Vibe has become a big part of Hip Hop and R&B music creating an award show and every upcoming and established has featured in a Vibe edition.

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Inside vibe !

These are some examples of full colour articles that put together images and text to have a visual appealing look . Both of these double page spreads consists mainly of an image using a simplistic look to appeal to the audience .

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Style Vibe features a lot of iconography that is associated with Hip

Hop and R&B music . The magazine is simplistic with images and text in a specific

layout which is generally kept throughout the editions . The magazine features a number of bold fonts which are

placed mainly with basic colours . This stands out to the audience.

White and Black features mainly in the Vibe editions along with mostly primary colours . These colours compliment the main colours but still keeping the simplistic look which has become part of there brand identity and something the audience knows Vibe for.

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Bold font is still used with , featuring basic colours creating an effect

Background used is Black allowing the Masthead to stand out and appeal to the audience making them want to read the magazine

Contrast colour is used , in this case the colour is yellow and creates an effect making the sell lines stand out and may attract the reader to the articles inside or even the artist which is placed on the cover , which is Drake.

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Ownership • Vibe was created by Quincy Jones and was launched in

1993 , but production shut down in the summer of 2009 • Vibe was then brought by the private equity investment

fund InterMedia Partners• InterMedia Partners focus on leveraged buyout and

growth capital investments in the media sector . This would benefit Vibe as the company as InterMedia company has experience in the area of work examples of there investments feature Universal Sports, @Home Network and WAPA-TV . In addition , at the time of the take over the company would have got Vibe back on track and reinvented the brand to the Vibe we know today.

• InterMedia has the resources to be able to develop Vibe and knows how to appeal to the target audience and keep the strong brand identity of the magazine.

• In addition , the company is based in New York which is also where Vibe is based allows good communication of the two companies allowing from efficient work which will benefit Vibe in the long run.