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    The last time I stroked a car, it had two seats and no roof. I hope nobodys watching this


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    Who said anything about buying it? Were just going to have a look, thats all. You never know, we might get a discount for taking it home ourselves


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    I thought I said day out, not annual holiday. Youre not seriously planning to use all that stuff, are you?

    OK, so maybe I could manage without the paraglider

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    Whatever life has in store: youll be ready with the VianoParaglider or surfboard? Alone or with the whole family? Day trip or voyage of discovery? Questions to which you will be able to reply with an emphatic lets see. Because the Mercedes-Benz Viano gives you real freedom: the freedom to make up your own mind.


    CompactLength: 4748 mmHeight: 1875 mm

    LongLength: 4993 mmHeight: 1875 mm

    Extra-longLength: 5223 mmHeight: 1872 mm

    Long with pop-up roofLength: 4993 mm

    Height: 1960/2960 mm




    The combination of a wide range of variants, flexible design and the superb selection of equipment makes the Viano an extremely flexible partner for everyday and leisure use. It goes without saying that the Viano comes complete with all the qualities youd expect to find in a Mercedes-Benz, includ -ing an extensive safety package, a superb standard of comfort and a practical, user-friendly design.

    Tailor-made comfort for up to eight peopleEverybody has their own ideas about what they want in a vehicle, which is why there are three different versions of the Viano: the Viano TREND, AMBIENTE or FUN. The TREND and AMBIENTE models are available in three different body lengths: compact, long and extra-long. The Viano FUN is available in a compact and long version there is no extra-long version, but this doesnt spoil the FUN.

    Suddenly, Monday morning feels like Friday eveningThe Vianos qualities make it just as com-fortable on long journeys as it does for everyday commuting and city driving: its dimensions allow it to access most garages, car washes and car parks while its good visibility, standard power steering and turning circle of just 11.8 metres (for the basic-specification compact and long versions) ensure manoeuvring and parking couldnt be simpler. The advanced chassis with rear-wheel drive and all-round indepen-dent suspension set-up for optimum comfort gives the Viano excellent handling characteristics. In fact, if it wasnt for the exceptionally generous interior space, you might almost think that you were driving a car.

    Standard equipment Special equipment

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    V iano TREND

    The Viano TREND: the answer to questions you havent even thought of yetThere are situations in life which call for an unconventional approach, because the established solutions are no longer sufficiently flexible or up to date and lack the necessary capacity. Thats why we have developed the Viano TREND. Six people can relax in comfortable individual seats and enjoy a degree of spaciousness for which generous is a wholly inadequate description. And there is even room for eight people with the optional rear bench seats.

    Youve just taken your first long trip in the Viano TREND and youve already made an important discovery: distance is a highly relative concept. That's because you and your passengers can relax in comfort seats with armrests, which make travel even more of a pleasure thanks to their further enhanced ergonomic design, extended adjustment range and even better lateral support. The four standard individual rear seats can be adjusted in 25-mm steps thanks to the practical floor rails and can also be folded, packaged or completely removed simply and easily.

    Already extremely comfortable in its standard form, the interior can be individ-ualised with special equipment such as a front tilting/sliding glass sunroof and a panoramic glass roof for the rear pas-sengers. And because people who like to make the most of their leisure time tend to have a lot of baggage, weve given the Viano up to 4610 litres of luggage space (depending on the version) as well as plenty of handy stowage facilities.

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    Far and away more enjoyableWith its equally unassuming and welcoming style, the Viano TREND is the ideal choice for families who like to make the most of their leisure time: its high-quality interior and extremely flexible design cant fail to impress. Lots of space, lots of comfort and virtually unlimited possibilities what more could you want?

    The Viano TRENDThe Viano TREND: high-quality interior design and ergonomics, driver and front passenger airbags as standard, cockpit decor strip with special Silverstone finish

    A marvellous sense of spaciousnessAmple freedom of movement, comfortable individual seats with armrests and a bright, friendly interior: a great cure for itchy feet

    Viano TREND

    Leon combined fabric/man-made leather upholsteryThe combined fabric/man-made leather upholstery increases the seating comfort, is especially easy to look after and gives the interior of the Viano TREND a top-notch appearance. Available in stone and orion grey colour variations

    Standard equipment Special equipment

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    Seat rail systemIn the rear, the seat rail system with quick-release locks even allows the individual seats to be arranged in a face-to-face configuration. This system also makes it very easy to adjust the size of the luggage compartment

    Steering wheel manually adjustable for height and angleThe wide adjustment range ensures that drivers of different sizes quickly find a seating position to suit them

    TEMPMATICThe standard TEMPMATIC air conditioning system with temperature control features a pollen filter and ensures a comfortable travelling atmosphere at all times

    Rear heating systemHeating comfort for the rear passengers is enhanced by an additional heat exchanger with its own control panel for adjusting the warm-air setting

    Reading lightsThe overhead control panel with left and right front reading lights

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    V iano AMBIENTE

    The Viano AMBIENTE. Feel at home, wherever you areFor some people, travelling is more than just a matter of getting as quickly as possible from A to B. These are the customers we had in mind when we developed the Viano AMBIENTE, a vehicle that lets you enjoy life to the full. Whether its those everyday situations, on holiday or even when its just parked.

    Viano AMBIENTE wellbeing from the outset. Open the doors and the driver and front passenger are greeted with entry/exit lights and soft carpeting. All six indi-vidual seats, the multifunction steering wheel, the gearshift lever and parts of the door linings are finished in leather two-tone for the seats as standard. The high-quality finish in the cockpit is enhanced by fine touches such as elegant decor strips, which come with the choice of a light or dark burr-walnut-effect design, while the centre console is equipped with conven-ient cup holders, a mobile-phone compart-ment and generous stowage facilities. The high-contrast matrix display in the instrument cluster is particularly easy on the eye. Equally exemplary are the stan-dard thorax sidebags which complement the drivers and front-passenger airbags.

    Because a comfortable journey is a relaxing journey, the chassis of the AMBIENTE features self-levelling air suspension at the rear as standard. Another benefit of this advanced technology is that it ensures that the vehicle maintains a virtually constant ride level under different load conditions even when towing a trailer.

    Inner valuesJust for the record, we would like to point out that, as with every Viano, the standard features of the AMBIENTE design and equipment line also comprise electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors finished in the vehicle colour with integral indicators, as well as tinted glass and rear vent windows, the latter being electrically operated in the AMBIENTE.

  • The Viano AMBIENTELeather appointments are standard, the centre console, gearshift lever knob and cockpit decor strips have an exclusive burr-walnut-look design with the choice of a light or dark finish

    Multifunction steering wheelThe optional audio system is one of the features which can be controlled using the leather multifunction steering wheel

    18 Viano AMBIENTE

    For any more luxury, youd need cabin crewWhere youre going is sometimes less important than how you get there a philosophy which the Viano AMBIENTE embraces with real panache. Stylish and elegant luxury appointments combine with a trendsetting design treatment to set new standards in the high-end MPV segment.

    Individual rear seats with leather upholsteryRear passengers travel in four comfortable individual seats with numerous adjustment possibilities, which make travel even more of a pleasure thanks to their further enhanced ergonomic design, extended adjustment range and even better lateral support. Up to six passengers can travel in the rear on two optional three-seater bench seats

    Standard equipment Special equipment

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    Matrix displayA high-resolution matrix display tells you about various trip parameters such as the duration of the journey, distance covered, average speed, etc.

    Light-alloy wheelsFor a sporty, elegant touch: the Viano AMBIE