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Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

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Text of Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

ColingoGeralInterestingEXPRESSESSignificadoPalavrasSignificadoPalavrasSignificadoin my free time or in my day offthat's allsuchtaltry outexperimentarI am going to introduce myselfpast of.such astal comocommentscomentariosbetter sayingbesideao lado dedropped herecaiu aquiby the waya propsitobesidesalm deall the timeem todo tempoIwould like to say something

notas colingoExperiment - testing something out, trying something to see what happensExperience - the knowledge you get because you have done something/tried something out. You experimented to gain the experience you have.Maybe this is because you are logged as "Sekeena Ajam"? Normally you was logged as "Sekeena Colingo".


VERBOS REGULARES EM INGLS VERBOS IRREGULARES EM INGLSVerboVerboInfinitivoPassado simplesParticipio passadoTraduoInfinitivoPassado simplesParticipio passadoTraduoInfinitiveSimple PastPast ParticipleTranslationInfinitiveSimple PastPast ParticipleTranslationAbsorb Absorbed Absorbed AbsorverarisearosearisensurgirAccept Accepted Accepted Aceitarawakeawakened / awokeawakened / awokenAcordarAccumulate Accumulated Accumulated Acumularbackslidebackslidbackslidden / backslidDenegrirAct Acted Acted Encenarbewas, werebeenSerAdd Added Added Somarbearboreborn / borneNascerAdmire Admired Admired Admirarbeatbeatbeaten / beatBaterAffect Affected Affected AfetarbecomebecamebecomeTornar-seAgree Agreed Agreed ConcordarbeginbeganbegunComearAllow Allowed Allowed PermitirbendbentbentCurvarAnnounce Announced Announced Anunciarbetbet /bettedbet /bettedApostarAnswer Answered Answered Responderbid (farewell)bid / badebiddenDespedirAppear Appeared Appeared Aparecerbid (offer amount)bidbidOferecerApproach Approached Approached Aproximar-sebindboundboundAmarrarArrive Arrived Arrived ChegarbitebitbittenMorderArrive Asked Asked PerguntarbleedbledbledSangrarAttend Attended Attended Atender, comparecer, Assistir a; freqentarblowblewblownSoprarBang Banged Banged Bater (com fora)breakbrokebrokenQuebrarBelieve (in) Believed Believed Acreditar (em)breedbredbredProcriar Belong (to) Belonged Belonged Pertencer (a)bringbroughtbroughtTrazerBreathe Breathed Breathed Respirarbroadcastbroadcast / broadcastedbroadcast / broadcastedTransmitir / espalharBrush Brushed Brushed Escovarbrowbeatbrowbeatbrowbeaten / browbeatAmedrontar / IntimidarBurn Burned Burned QueimarbuildbuiltbuiltConstruirCall Called Called Chamar; telefonarburnburned / burntburned / burntQueimarCapture Captured Captured CapturarburstburstburstexplodirCarry Carried Carried Carregarbustbusted / bustbusted / bustFalir / EmpobrecerCash Cashed Cashed Descontar um chequebuyboughtboughtComprarCause Caused Caused CausarcastcastcastArremessarChange Changed Changed Mudar; trocarcatchcaughtcaughtCaarClean Cleaned Cleaned LimparchoosechosechosenEscolherClear Cleared Cleared Liberar; clarear; iluminarclingclungclungUnir-seClose Closed Closed Fecharclotheclothed / cladclothed / cladVestir/ cubrirComplete Completed Completed CompletarcomecamecomeVirCompose Composed Composed ComporcostcostcostCustarConcern Concerned Concerned Referir-secreepcreptcreptArrastar-seConsider Considered Considered ConsiderarcrossbreedcrossbredcrossbredCruzar raasConstitute Constituted Constituted ConstituircutcutcutCortarContain Contained Contained Conterdaydreamdaydreamed / daydreamtdaydreamed / daydreamtSonhar acordadoConvince Convinced Convinced ConvencerdealdealtdealtNegociarCook Cooked Cooked CozinhardigdugdugcavarCorrupt Corrupted Corrupted Corromperdisprovedisproveddisproved / disprovenRefutarCount Counted Counted Contardive (jump head-first)dove / diveddivedMergulharCover Covered Covered CobrirdodiddoneFazerCross Crossed Crossed Cruzar; atravessardrawdrewdrawnDesenharCry Cried Cried Chorar; gritar; clamardreamdreamed / dreamtdreamed / dreamtSonharDance Danced Danced DanardrinkdrankdrunkBeberDecide Decided Decided DecidirdrivedrovedrivenDirigirDepend (on) Depended Depended Depender (de)dwelldwelt / dwelleddwelt / dwelledResidirDescribe Described Described DescrevereatateeatenComerDeserve Deserved Deserved MerecerfallfellfallenCairDestroy Destroyed Destroyed DestruirfeedfedfedDar de comerDevelop Developed Developed DesenvolverfeelfeltfeltSetirDial Dialed Dialed DiscarfightfoughtfoughtLutarDie Died Died MorrerfindfoundfoundEncontrarDigit Digited Digited Digitarfitfitted / fitfitted / fitCaberDisagree Disagreed Disagreed DiscordarfleefledfledFugir escaperDisappear Disappeared Disappeared DesaparecerflingflungflungArremessarDiscover Discovered Discovered DescobrirflyflewflownVoarDistribute Distributed Distributed DistribuirforbidforbadeforbiddenPermitirDisturb Disturbed Disturbed PerturbarforecastforecastforecastPreverDream (about) Dreamed; Dreamt Dreamed; Dreamt Sonhar (a respeito de)forego (also forgo)forewentforegonePreceder / concederDry Dried Dried SecarforeseeforesawforeseenPreverEnable Enabled Enabled CapacitarforetellforetoldforetoldProfetizarEnd Ended Ended Terminarforgetforgotforgotten /forgotEsquecerEnjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed Divertir-se; apreciarforgiveforgaveforgivenPerdoarEstablish Established Established EstabelecerforsakeforsookforsakenAbandonerExercise Exercised Exercised Exercitar-sefreezefrozefrozenCongelarExhaust Exhausted Exhausted EsgotarfrostbitefrostbitfrostbittenCausar ulcerao pelo frioExperience Experienced Experienced Experimentargetgotgotten /gotVrias traduesExplain Explained Explained ExplicargivegavegivenDarExpress Expressed Expressed Expressar; exprimirgowentgoneIrFear Feared Feared Temer; receargrindgroundgroundTriturar / pulverizarFill Filled Filled Encher; preenchergrowgrewgrownCrescerFinish Finished Finished Terminarhand-feedhand-fedhand-fedDar de comer pela moFix Fixed Fixed ConsertarhandwritehandwrotehandwrittenEscrever a moFlap Flapped Flapped Agitar; abanarhanghunghungPendurar / enforcarFloat Floated Floated FlutuarhavehadhadTerFollow Followed Followed SeguirhearheardheardOuvirFunction Functioned Functioned Funcionarhewhewedhewn / hewedCortarGossip Gossiped Gossiped FofocarhidehidhiddenEsconderGoverne Governed Governed GovernarhithithitBater / atingirGuard Guarded Guarded GuardarholdheldheldSegurarGuess Guessed Guessed AdivinharhurthurthurtMachucarHappen Happened Happened AcontecerinbreedinbredinbredCruzar animais da mesma raaHate Hated Hated OdiarinlayinlaidinlaidEnquadrarHelp Helped Helped Socorrer; ajudarinputinput / inputtedinput / inputtedPreencher dado em um computadorHitch Hitched Hitched AtrelarinterbreedinterbredinterbredcruzarHope Hoped Hoped Ter esperana (em); esperar (por)interweaveinterwove / interweavedinterwoven / interweavedTranarHunt Hunted Hunted CaarkeepkeptkeptManterImprove Improved Improved Progredir; melhorarkneelknelt / kneeledknelt / kneeledAjoelhar-seInclude Included Included Incluirknitknitted / knitknitted / knitTricotarIncrease Increased Increased AumentarknowknewknownSaber / conhecerInsert Inserted Inserted InserirlaylaidlaidDeitarInsist (on) Insisted Insisted Insistir (em)leadledledConduzir / comandarInspect Inspected Inspected Inspecionarleanleaned / leantleaned / leantApoiarIntend Intended Intended Pretender; tencionarleapleaped / leaptleaped / leaptSaltar / pularIntercept Intercepted InterceptedInterceptarlearnlearned / learntlearned / learntAprenderInterest Interested Interested Interessar-seleaveleftleftSair / deixarInterrupt Interrupted Interrupted InterromperlendlentlentEmprestarIntroduce Introduced Introduced ApresentarletletletDeixarInvite Invited Invited ConvidarlielaylainDeitarInvolve Involved Involved Envolverlie (not tell truth) regularliedliedMentirKill Killed Killed Matarlightlit / lightedlit / lightedAcenderLand Landed Landed Aterrissarlip-readlip-readlip-readLer os lbiosLast Lasted Lasted DurarloselostlostPerderLaugh Laughed Laughed RirmakemademadeFazerLearn Learned Learned AprendermeanmeantmeantSignificar / querer dizerLike Liked Liked Gostar (de)meetmetmetEncontrar-se/ conhecerList Listed Listed ListarmiscastmiscastmiscastEnganar-seListen (to) Listened Listened Escutar com atenomisdealmisdealtmisdealtDivider erroneamenteLive Lived Lived Viver; morarmisdomisdidmisdoneFazer de forma imprpriaLook Looked Looked OlharmishearmisheardmisheardOuvir erradoLove Loved Loved AmarmislaymislaidmislaidColocar em lugar erradoLower Lowered Lowered BaixarmisleadmisledmisledEnganar, iludirMarry Married Married Casar-se (com)mislearnmislearned / mislearntmislearned / mislearntAprender erradoMatch Matched Matched Combinar; igualarmisreadmisreadmisreadLer erradoMelt Melted Melted Derreter-semissetmissetmissetMontar erradoMention Mentioned Mentioned MencionarmisspeakmisspokemisspokenFalar erradoMiss Missed Missed Perder; sentir faltamisspellmisspelled / misspeltmisspelled / misspeltSoletrar erradoMove Moved Moved Mover-semisspendmisspentmisspentDesperdiarNeed Needed Needed Precisar (de)mistakemistookmistakenConfundirNotice Noticed Noticed Notar; verificarmisteachmistaughtmistaughtEnsinar erradoObey Obeyed Obeyed ObedecermisunderstandmisunderstoodmisunderstoodEntender erradoOccupy Occupied Occupied OcuparmiswritemiswrotemiswrittenEscrever erradoOffend Offended Offended Ofendermowmowedmowed / mownCortar gramaOffer Offered Offered Oferecer-seoffsetoffsetoffsetEquiparar / balancerOmit Omitted Omitted OmitiroutbidoutbidoutbidOferecer um preo mais altoOpen Opened Opened Abrir; inauguraroutbreedoutbredoutbredCruzar raasOrder Ordered Ordered OrdenaroutdooutdidoutdoneUltrapassar / excederOwn Owned Owned PossuiroutdrawoutdrewoutdrawnSacar arma mais rpido que o inimigoOwe Owed Owed DeveroutdrinkoutdrankoutdrunkBeber demaisPack Packed Packed Arrumar; fazer as malasoutfightoutfoughtoutfoughtVencer no combatePaint Painted Painted PintaroutflyoutflewoutflownUltrapassar voandoPick Picked Picked Apanhar (objetos)outgrowoutgrewoutgrownLivrar-se / crescer mais rpido quePlan Planned Planned Planejaroutleapoutleaped / outleaptoutleaped / outleaptPular diante de / saltar mais quePlant Planted Planted Plantaroutlie (not tell truth)outliedoutliedMentir demaisPlay Played Played Brincar; jogar; tocaroutrideoutrodeoutriddenMontar melhor quePlease Pleased Pleased SatisfazeroutrunoutranoutrunUltrapassarPoint Pointed Pointed ApontaroutselloutsoldoutsoldVender mais quePray Prayed Prayed Rezar; oraroutshineoutshined / outshoneoutshined / outshoneBrilhar mais quePredict Predicted Predicted PreveroutshootoutshotoutshotAtirar melhor quePrefer Preferred Preferred PreferiroutsitoutsatoutsatSentar mais quePrepare Prepared Prepared PrepararoutsleepoutsleptoutsleptDormir demaisPresent Presented Presented ApresentaroutspeakoutspokeoutspokenMatracarPress Pressed Pressed PressionaroutspeedoutspedoutspedExagerar na velocidadePrevent Prevented Prevented PreveniroutspendoutspentoutspentGastar / desperdiarProduce Produced Produced ProduziroutswearoutsworeoutswornJurar demaisProtect Protected Protected ProtegeroutthrowoutthrewoutthrownArremessar demaisProvide Provided Provided Prover; forneceroutwriteoutwroteoutwrittenEscrever demaisPull Pulled Pulled PuxaroverbidoverbidoverbidOferecer preo exageradoPush Pushed Pushed EmpurraroverbreedoverbredoverbredProcriar demaisRain Rained Rained ChoveroverbuildoverbuiltoverbuiltConstruir demaisRaise Raised Raised Levantar; elevaroverbuyoverboughtoverboughtComprar demaisReach Reached Reached Alcanar; chegar aovercomeovercameovercomeSuperarRealize Realized Realized PerceberoverdooverdidoverdoneExagerarRecognize Recognized Recognized ReconheceroverdrawoverdrewoverdrawnEmitir cheque sem fundoRefer (to) Referred Referred Referir-se (a)overdrinkoverdrankoverdrunkBeber demaisReflect Reflected Reflected RefletirovereatoverateovereatenComer demaisRelease Released Released Soltar; libertaroverfeedoverfedoverfedAlimentar demaisRelieve Relieved Relieved AliviaroverhangoverhungoverhungRessaltar / sobressairRemain Remained Remained Permanecer; ficaroverhearoverheardoverheardOuvir por acasoRemark Remarked Remarked Observar; comentaroverlayoverlaidoverlaidCobrir revestirRemember Remembered Remembered Lembrar-se (de)overpayoverpaidoverpaidPagar demaisRemind Reminded Reminded Trazer memria; fazer lembraroverrideoverrodeoverriddenExceder / fadigar um animalRemove Removed Removed RetiraroverrunoverranoverrunInvadir / expadirRepair Repaired Repaired Reparar; consertaroverseeoversawoverseenFiscalizar / inspecionarReply Replied Replied ResponderoverselloversoldoversoldVender demaisRepresent Represented Represented Representarover sewover sewedover sewn / over sewedReforar a costuraRequire Required Required ExigirovershootovershotovershotErrar o alvoRest Rested Rested DescansaroversleepoversleptoversleptDormir demaisResult Resulted Resulted ResultaroverspeakoverspokeoverspokenMatracarRetire Retired Retired Retirar-se; aposentar-seoverspendoverspentoverspentGastar demaisReturn Returned Returned Retornaroverspilloverspilled / overspiltoverspilled / overspiltDerramarRob Robbed Robbed RoubarovertakeovertookovertakenConseguirSave Saved Saved EconomizaroverthinkoverthoughtoverthoughtPensar demaisSearch (for) Searched Searched Procurar; buscaroverthrowoverthrewoverthrownCausar a quedaSeem Seemed Seemed PareceroverwindoverwoundoverwoundEnrolar apertadoServe Served Served ServiroverwriteoverwroteoverwrittenEscrever demaisShave Shaved Shaved Fazer a barbapartakepartookpartakenPartilhar / participarShorten Shortened Shortened EncurtarpaypaidpaidPagarShout Shouted Shouted Gritarpleadpleaded / pledpleaded / pledAlegar / defenderShow Showed Showed MostrarprebuildprebuiltprebuiltPr-fabricarSign Signed Signed AssinarprepayprepaidprepaidPagar adiantadoSki Skied Skied EsquiarpresellpresoldpresoldDivulgarSmile Smiled Smiled SorrirpresetpresetpresetPreparar anteriormenteSmoke Smoked Smoked FumarproofreadproofreadproofreadCorrigirSolve Solved Solved Resolver; solucionarproveprovedproven / provedProvarStart Started Started Comear; iniciarputputputColocarStay Stayed Stayed Ficar; permanecerquick-freezequick-frozequick-frozenCongelar rapidamenteStimulate Stimulated Stimulated Estimularquitquit /quittedquit /quittedAbondonarStop Stopped Stopped Parar (de)readread (sounds like "red")read (sounds like "red")LerStress Stressed Stressed Exercer presso sobre; salientarreawakereawokereawakenAcordar de novoStudy Studied Studied EstudarrebidrebidrebidReordenarSubtract Subtracted Subtracted SubtrairrebindreboundreboundAmarrar novamenteSuffer (from) Suffered Suffered Sofrer (de)rebroadcastrebroadcast / rebroadcastedrebroadcast / rebroadcastedRetransmitirSuggest Suggested Suggested SugerirrebuildrebuiltrebuiltReconstruirSurprise Surprised Surprised SurpreenderrecastrecastrecastReformarSurvive Survived Survived SobreviverrecutrecutrecutRecortarSwallow Swallowed Swallowed EngolirredealredealtredealtRedistribuir / renegociarTalk Talked Talked ConversarredoredidredoneRefazerTaste Tasted Tasted ProvarredrawredrewredrawnDesenhar de novoThreaten Threatened Threatened Ameaarrefit (replace parts)refit / refittedrefit / refittedReequiparTolerate Tolerated Tolerated TolerarregrowregrewregrownRenascerTrain Trained Trained TreinarrehangrehungrehungPendurar novamenteTravel Traveled; travelled Traveled; travelled ViajarrehearreheardreheardRepreparar audioTry Tried Tried Tentarreknitreknitted / reknitreknitted / reknitRetricotarTurn (to) Turned Turned Virar; girar; mudar (de direo)relay (for example tiles)relaidrelaidRetransmitirType Typed Typed Datilografarrelay (pass along) REGULARrelayedrelayedRepassarUnscramble Unscrambled Unscrambed Decifrarrelearnrelearned / relearntrelearned / relearntReaprenderUse Used Used Usarrelightrelit / relightedrelit / relightedReacenderWait Waited Waited EsperarremakeremaderemadeRefazerWalk Walked Walked Andar; caminharrepayrepaidrepaidPagar novamenteWant Wanted Wanted QuererrereadrereadrereadRelerWarn Warned Warned Advertir; alertarrerunreranrerunReprisarWash Washed Washed LavarresellresoldresoldRevenderWatch Watched Watched Observar; assistirresendresentresentReenviarWax Waxed Waxed EncerarresetresetresetZerar / recolocarWeigh Weighed Weighed Pesarresewresewedresewn / resewedRecosturarWhisper Whispered Whispered SussurrarretakeretookretakenPegar de voltaWork Worked Worked Trabalhar; funcionarreteachretaughtretaughtEnsinar de novoWorry (about) Worried Worried Preocupar-se (com)retearretoreretornChorar novamenteLISTA DOS VERBOS REGULARES (CONTINUAO)retellretoldretoldRecontarAbolish Abolished Abolished Abolir; acabar comrethinkrethoughtrethoughtRepensarAbuse Abused Abused MaltratarretreadretreadretreadRecauchutarAccount for Accounted Accounted Justificar; responder porretrofitretrofitted / retrofitretrofitted / retrofitaperfeioarAchieve Achieved Achieved Alcanarrewakerewoke / rewakedrewaken / rewakedAcordar novamenteAddress Addressed Addressed Dirigir-se a; falar comreweaverewove / reweavedrewoven / reweavedTecer novamenteAdmit Admitted Admitted Admitirrewedrewed / reweddedrewed / reweddedExecutar um casamento novamenteAid Aided Aided Ajudar; auxiliarrewinrewonrewonVencer novamenteAmaze Amazed Amazed Espantar; deixar atnitorewindrewoundrewoundRebobinarAnnoy Annoyed Annoyed Incomodar; importunarrewriterewroterewrittenreescreverApologize Apologized Apologized Pedir desculpasridridridLivrar-seApprove Approved Approved AprovarrideroderiddenCavalgarArouse Aroused Aroused Despertar; provocar (interesse)ringrangrungTocarArrest Arrested Arrested Prender (ladro, etc.)riseroserisenErguerAttempt Attempted Attempted TentarroughcastroughcastroughcastDar forma rudementeAvoid Avoided Avoided EvitarrunranrunCorrerAwaken Awakened Awakened Acordar; despertarsawsawedsawed / sawnSerrarAward Awarded Awarded Dar; concedersaysaidsaidDizerBake Baked Baked Levar ao forno; fazer (bolo, po)seesawseenVerBan Banned Banned ProibirseeksoughtsoughtProcurarBark Barked Barked LatirsellsoldsoldVenderBehave Behaved Behaved Comportar-sesendsentsentEnviarBenefit (from) Benefited Benefited Beneficiar-se (de)setsetsetPreparar / ajustarBlush Blushed Blushed Corarsewsewedsewn / sewedCosturarBoast Boasted Boasted Gabar-se; orgulhar-se de tershakeshookshakenSacudir / agitarBorrow Borrowed Borrowed Pedir emprestadoshaveshavedshaved / shavenBarbearCampaign Campaigned Campaigned Fazer campanhashearshearedsheared / shornTosar / apararCare Cared Cared Cuidar; ligar parashedshedshedDerramarCollect Collected Collected Colher; coletarshineshined / shoneshined / shoneBrilharComplain Complained Complained Reclamarshitshit /shat/ shittedshit/shat/ shittedDefecar / cagarConquer Conquered Conquered ConquistarshootshotshotAtirarCorrect Corrected Corrected Corrigirshowshowedshown / showedMostrarCreate Created Created Criarshrinkshrank / shrunkshrunkContrair / encolherDamage Damaged Damaged Danificar; estragarshutshutshutFecharDampen Dampened Dampened Umedecer; molharsight-readsight-readsight-readMaestrarDeceive Deceived Deceived Enganar; iludirsingsangsungCantarDecimate Decimated Decimated Dizimarsinksank / sunksunkAfundarDecrease Decreased Decreased DiminuirsitsatsatSentarDeliver Delivered Delivered Entregarslay (kill)slew / slayedslain / slayedMatarDemand Demanded Demanded ExigirsleepsleptsleptDormirDerive Derived Derived DerivarslideslidslidEscorregarDesign Designed Designed Desenhar; projetarslingslungslungAtarDesire Desired Desired Desejarslinkslinked / slunkslinked / slunkEscapar / fugirDevise Devised Devised Inventar; criarslitslitslitRacharDevour Devoured Devoured Devorarsmellsmelled / smeltsmelled / smeltCheirarDisconnect Disconnected Disconnected Desligarsneaksneaked / snucksneaked / snuckEntregar / dedurarDislike Disliked Disliked No gostar (de)sowsowedsown / sowedSemear / espalharDispatch Dispatched Dispatched DespacharspeakspokespokenFalarDrift (around) Drifted Drifted Perambular; vaguearspeedsped / speededsped / speededApressar-seDrown Drowned Drowned Afogar-sespellspelled / speltspelled / speltSoletrarEarn Earned Earned Ganhar (dinheiro, fama)spendspentspentGastarEncourage Encouraged Encouraged Encorajar; incentivarspillspilled / spiltspilled / spiltDerramar / escorregarEnjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed Gostar de; apreciarspinspunspunProtelarEnsure Ensured Ensured Assegurar; garantirspitspit /spatspit /spatCuspirEnter Entered Entered Entrar emsplitsplitsplitDividir / partirEstimate Estimated Estimated Estimar; calcularspoilspoiled / spoiltspoiled / spoiltMimar / estrgarEvolve Evolved Evolved Evoluirspoon-feedspoon-fedspoon-fedAlimentar beb ou doente / (giria) dar de bandejaExchange Exchanged Exchanged TrocarspreadspreadspreadEspalhar esparramarExpect Expected Expected Esperar; contar comspringsprang / sprungsprungBrotar / mostrar-seExplore Explored Explored Explorar (para conhecer melhor)standstoodstoodFicar em pFace Faced Faced Enfrentar; encararstealstolestolenRoubarFail Failed Failed Falhar; fracassarstickstuckstuckCravar / fincarFlow Flowed Flowed FluirstingstungstungPicar / ferroarFound Founded Founded Fundarstinkstunk / stankstunkFeder / enojarFrighten Frightened Frightened Assustarstrewstrewedstrewn / strewedEspalhar / polvilharGenerate Generated Generated GerarstridestrodestriddenCavalgarHandle Handled Handled Lidar com; resolverstrike (delete)struckstrickenApagarHarm Harmed Harmed Fazer mal astrike (hit)struckstruck / strickenGolpearHeat Heated Heated AquecerstringstrungstrungAmarrar / pendurarHelp Helped Helped Ajudar; acudirstrivestrove / strivedstriven / strivedAspirer / tentarHurry Hurried Hurried Apressar-sesubletsubletsubletSublocarInhabit Inhabited Inhabited Habitarsunburnsunburned / sunburntsunburned / sunburntBronzearInterview Interviewed Interviewed EntrevistarswearsworeswornJurarJoin Joined Joined Juntar-se; entrar parasweatsweat / sweatedsweat / sweatedSuarKick Kicked Kicked Escoicear; dar coices (em)sweepsweptsweptVarrerLack Lacked Lacked Carecer (de)swellswelledswollen / swelledInchar / encherLand Landed Landed Aterrissar; pousar; cairswimswamswumNadarLie Lied Lied MentirswingswungswungBalanarLight Lighted; Lit Lighted; Lit AcendertaketooktakenPegar / tomar / durarMagnify Magnified Magnified Ampliar; magnificar; exaltarteachtaughttaughtEnsinarManage (to) Managed Managed Conseguir; dar um jeitoteartoretornChorarMeasure Measured Measured MedirtelecasttelecasttelecastTelevisionarMind Minded Minded Importar-setelltoldtoldDizerMurder Murdered Murdered Assassinartest-drivetest-drovetest-drivenTestar um carroMutter Muttered Muttered Resmungartest-flytest-flewtest-flownTestar um avioName Named Named MencionarthinkthoughtthoughtPensarNeglect Neglected Neglected Abandonar; no cuidar dethrowthrewthrownJogarObject Objected Objected ObjetarthrustthrustthrustEmpurrarOppose Opposed Opposed Opor-seunbendunbentunbentDesatarOwe Owed Owed DeverunbindunboundunboundSoltar desamarrarPass Passed Passed Passarunclotheunclothed / uncladunclothed / uncladDesnudarPatrol Patrolled Patrolled PatrulharunderbidunderbidunderbidOferecer menosPersuade Persuaded Persuaded PersuadirundercutundercutundercutCortar / baratearPinch Pinched Pinched BeliscarunderfeedunderfedunderfedFornecer alimento de forma isuficientePlace Placed Placed Pr; colocarundergounderwentundergoneSubmeter-sePoison Poisoned Poisoned EnvenenarunderlieunderlayunderlainDar suportePollute Polluted Polluted PoluirundersellundersoldundersoldVerder a preo inferiorPostpone Postponed Postponed AdiarunderspendunderspentunderspentGastar menosPour Poured Poured Derramar intencionalmenteunderstandunderstoodunderstoodEntenderPretend Pretended Pretended FingirundertakeundertookundertakenResponsabilizar-sePrevent Prevented Prevented ImpedirunderwriteunderwroteunderwrittenSubscreverPromise Promised Promised PrometerundoundidundoneDesfazerPublish Published Published PublicarunfreezeunfrozeunfrozendescongelarQuarrel Quarrelled Quarrelled Brigar; ter uma desavenaunhangunhungunhungDespendurarRecover Recovered Recovered Recuperar-seunhideunhidunhiddenDescobrir / fazer aparecerRefuse Refused Refused Recusarunknitunknitted / unknitunknitted / unknitDescosturarRelate Related Related Relatarunlearnunlearned / unlearntunlearned / unlearntAprender o contrrioRent Rented Rented Alugarunsewunsewedunsewn / unsewedDescosturarReplace (by with) Replaced Replaced unslingunslungunslungDesatarRequest Requested Requested PedirunspinunspununspunDesembaraarResearch Researched Researched PesquisarunstickunstuckunstuckLiberar / soltarRespect Respected Respected RespeitarunstringunstrungunstrungFrouxar corda(instrumento musical)Reveal Revealed Revealed Revelarunweaveunwove / unweavedunwoven / unweaveddesamarrarRevenge Revenged Revenged VingarunwindunwoundunwoundLiberar / desatarRevere Revered Revered ReverenciarupholdupheldupheldSustentarReview Reviewed Reviewed ReverupsetupsetupsetPreocuparRisk Risked Risked Arriscar-sewakewoke / wakedwoken / wakedAcordarRuin Ruined Ruined Arruinar; estragarwaylaywaylaidwaylaidSurpreenderSail Sailed Sailed Velejar; viajar por marwearworewornVestirScatter Scattered Scattered Espalharweavewove / weavedwoven / weavedTecer / TranarScold Scolded Scolded Repreenderwedwed / weddedwed / weddedExecutar um casamentoScream Screamed Screamed GritarweepweptweptchorarScrub Scrubbed Scrubbed Esfregarwetwet /wettedwet /wettedMolharSeize Seized Seized Agarrarwhet REGULARwhettedwhettedMolharSettle Settled Settled Resolver; solucionarwinwonwonVencerSlip off Slipped off Slipped off Escapulir; cairwindwoundwoundVentilar / arejarSmell Smelled; Smelt Smelled; Smelt Cheirar; cheirar malwithdrawwithdrewwithdrawnRetirarSnif Sniffed Sniffed FarejarwithholdwithheldwithheldReter / conter/ pararStammer Stammered Stammered GaguejarwithstandwithstoodwithstoodOpor-se a / impugnarStarv Starved Starved Passar fomewringwrungwrungArrancar com foraState Stated Stated Afirmar; declararwritewrotewrittenEscreverStore Stored Stored Armazenar; estocarStretch Stretched Stretched Estender; esticar-seStruggle Struggled Struggled LutarSucceed (in) Succeeded Succeeded Ter sucesso(em); conseguirSupply Supplied Supplied Suprir; fornecerSupport Supported Supported ApoiarSurround Surrounded Surrounded CercarSuspect Suspected Suspected Suspeitar; desconfiarThank Thanked Thanked AgradecerTie Tied Tied AmarrarToast Toasted Toasted TorrarTolerate Tolerated Tolerated TolerarTrace Traced Traced DescobrirTreat Treated Treated TratarTrouble Troubled Troubled Preocupar-seTrust Trusted Trusted Confiar (em)Unlock Unlocked Unlocked Abrir; descobrir; revelarWander (about) Wandered Wandered Perambular; vaguearWave (to) Waved Waved Acenar paraWitness Witnessed Witnessed TestemunharWonder Wondered Wondered Perguntar-se; querer saberWork Worked Worked Trabalhar; funcionarWorry (about) Worried Worried Preocupar-se (com)

Lexical boxLexical BoxP da letra (dic.googlefeel freeto fell confortable to do somethingsinta-se livreto affordto have enough money to buy or pay somethingpara originarwhalea very large ocean animal that looks like a fish but breathes air through a baleiahole on the top of its headtry a little bitto taste a small amounttentar um poucoto be out of this worldextremely good, impressiveestar fora deste mundoto lendto give someone something for a short period of time and expect to have it backpara emprestarto fixto repairpara corrigirto behaveto do things in a particular wayse comportemlet me handle thisto be responsible for doing a particular thingdeixe-me lidar com issoat leastnot less that a particular amount or number and possibly morepelo menos

Meus arquivosMr. (Mister)SenhorFather-in lawSogroUncleTioSomebodyAlgumMrs. (Misses)SenhoraMother -in-lawSograAuntTiaAnybodyAlgum, ningumMs. (Miss)Senhora/SenhoritaBrother -in-lawCunhadoCousinPrimo,primaNobodyNingumMa'am (Madam)Madame, senhoraSister-in-lawCunhadaGrandsonNetoSirSenhorSon-in-lawGenroGrandfatherAvIn front ofEm frente dedaughter-in-lowNoraGrandmatherAvBehindAtrs dePast verb to beGrandparentsAvsCanCouldShouldMustPoderConseguirPodia, PoderiaDeverDeveriaDeverTer que I can speak German He could studyYou should comeWe must talkEu posso falar alemoEle poderia estudarVoc deveria virNs devemos conversar

I can't runShe couldn't stopthey shouldn't say thisYou must not drink and driveEu no posso correrEu no podia pararEles no deveriam dizer issoVoc no deve beber e dirigir

Can you send it now?Could you study last night?Should I call him?Must you stay there all day long?Voc pode enviar agora?Voc pde estudar na noite passadaEu deveria ligar para ele?Voc tem que ficar l o dia todo?

Can I make a phone call?Could You Take us to the aiport?Should we think about it?Must he leave by Tuesday?Posso fazer uma ligao?Voc poderia nos levar ao aeroporto?Ns deveramos pensar nisso?Ele deve partir at tera?

Would. conditionalWill. FutureI Would - I'dI Will - I'III Would like to see youI'm sure he would comeI Will call you tomorrowGostaria de te verTenho certeza que ele viriaEu te ligo amanhShe would like to visit usHe would like to buy the houseI''ll send you the checkEla gostaria de nos visitarEle gostaria de comprar a casaEu lhe enviarei o chequeHe would like to say somethingShe would like to stay for christmasIt will start next weekEle gostaria de dizer aluma coisaEla gostaria de ficar para o natalComear na prxima semanaI think they would do it for youIt would workWe'll think about thisEu acho que eles fariam isso por vocfuncionariaNs pensaremos a respeitoWe would like to go nowThey would undersant itShe'll come soon.Ns gostariamos de ir agoraEles entenderiamEla vir logo

Would you?Will you?Would you like something to drink?Why would she do this?Will you be there?Will it be easy?Voc gostaria de beber algo?Por que ela faria isto?Voc estar l?Ser facil?Would you do that for us?What would you write?Will he visit us?How will she come?Voc faria isso por ns?O que voc escreveria?Ele nos visitar?Como ela vir?Would she work at night?When would they start?What will we do?where will they stay?Ela trabalharia noite?Quando eles comeariam?O que faremos?Onde eles ficaro?Would he come here?Where would you like to go?Ele viria aqui?Onde voc gostaria de ir?Will not - Won'tI won't take him with meThis is her first JobWould not - Wouldn'tEu no o levarei comigoEste o primeiro emprego delaI Wouldn't do thatShe wouldn't work overtimeHe won't run this yearIt was the second time that she calledEu no faria istoEla no faria hora extraEle no correr este anoFoi a segunda vez que ela ligouHe wouldn't like to stayThey wouldn't invite himIt won't helpHe is the third to arriveEle no gostaria de ficarEles no o convidariamNo adiantarEle o terceiro a chegarThey wouldn't like it.She wouldn't fire himThey won't answer this questionIt was the fourth book he wroteEles no gostariam distoEla no o despediriaEles no respondero a esta perguntaFoi o qurto livro que ele escreveuHow is the weather today?It's rainyEsta chuvosoComo esta o tempo hoje?It's sunnyEsta ensolaradoBetter (than)Melhor (que)It's cloudyEsta nubladoWorse (than)Pior (que)Easier thanWhere are you come from?De onde voc vem?More difficult thanI come from Los Angeles?Eu venho de Los Angeles?The bestO melhorThe worseO piorWhere are you from?De onde voc ?The easiestI'm from DallasSou de DallasThe most difficultAs easy asJohn is a good student and Mary is as good as himAs difficult asJohn um bom aluno e Mary to boa quanto eleAs good asHe is as smart as she isAs bad asEle to esperto quanto elaHe is as smart as herJuly 4, 1776July fourth, seventeen seventy-sixEle to esperto quanto elaOctober 12, 2006October twelfth, two thousand and sixHe reads as fast as meApril 21, 1500April twenty-first, fifteen hundredEle l to rapido quanto eu.September 7, 1998September seventh, nineteen ninety-eight.Peter is better John, but Tom is the best studentPeter melhor do que John, mas Tom o melhor estudantePalavras dficeisThoughtPensamento, pensar (passado)ThoughEmbora apesar de, pormThroughAtravs, atravs de, pormdaughterfilha

Expressing opinion Expressionsstrategies to give opinion in englishDefend your point of viewRegraMaking a contrast Add InformationDrawing a conlusionI'd say thatonly at the beginningeven though / apesar de andso / assimI think thatat the beginning or in the middle of the phrasealthough / embora / apesar deabove all / acima de tudotherefore / portantoI guessalways in the endthough / embora / apesar de / entretantoand also / e tambmas I've said / como eu disseI believedepend the situationdespite / apesarfurthermore / alem dissobased on / baseado emIn my opiniondepend the situationdespite the fact / apesar debesides that /alem dissoas a conclusion / como conclusoIn my point of viewdepend the situationin spite of / apesar demoreover / alem dissoto conclude / para concluir it is/ was urgentdepend the situationon the other hand / por outro ladosumming up / resumoit is/ was importantdepend the situationon the other side / por outro ladoit is/ was relevantdepend the situationhowever / porem, contudoit is / was necessarydepend the situationbut / masIt is/ was essentialdepend the situationyet / aindadepend the situationotherwise / caso contrarioFinishing conversation and textsNot only, but alsoShe is not only beaultiful, but also intelligentWell, that's all for noworalTake careoralI'm sorry, but i have to gooralsee you soonbothexcuse me for a momentoralsee you lateroralwrittenthat's all for nowwrittensincerelywrittenbest regards

complains in different contextsrole-playing dialogues about complaints in different contexts-Complaining to a telephone companyOpinion about alternative medicine1Hello, I want to make a complain about the service of this companyI am not sure if i agree with alternative medicines2Ok Sir, what happened ? What is the problem?I agree in parts with alternative medicines, i think1It is sometimes my phone doesn't work and this month of value of mythere are good methods to alternative medicine, as for1 phone bill is wrong, it is higher than the correctexample, natural plants, natural herbs, and another forms2I see, what do you want we do for you?In my point of view the people should take care about it,1I want you improve your services and you revise my billbesides that, in my opinion there are some way of alternative2Ok Sir,Please note the number of the protocol 25336586medicines that can be dangerous, as those practiced by indians2wait a moment2in consideration you, we will gave to you ten days of free callsand Also we will give you a discount on your phone billis it good for you?1 Yes i think it is good, thank you-Complaining about the lack of attention on your partner's part-Complaining about long lines at a supermarket1I want to tell something, you need to be more attentivei had to ask for different salad because i don't eat cheese, the2why, i didn't understandtilapia it was very small, the restaurant charged almos three extra 1because yesterday you go your home and you didn't finish your workdollars. Poor food, poor value2really, i dont remember1Yes i remember, i had to do all your work2Sorry, I shouldn't have done that1OK, pay attention and don't do this again2Ok it will not happen again-Complaining about broken pieces of an electronic device-Complaining about unfinished tasks at work

-Complainingabout the food at a restaurantI went to visit a restaurant in new york, there were two insects in our tablethe manager came to resolve and apologizethe french fries was awful, and the food was cold the whole experiencewas awful and i will never ever return there