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Interesting in my free time or in my day off I am going to introduce myself

Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

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Page 1: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Interesting EXPRESSÕESin my free time or in my day off that's allI am going to introduce myself past of.

better sayingby the wayall the timeIwould like to say something

Page 2: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

GeralSignificado Palavras Significado Palavras Significado

such tal try out experimentarsuch as tal como comments comentariosbeside ao lado de dropped here caiu aqui

a propósito besides além deem todo tempo

Page 3: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Experiment - testing something out, trying something to see what happens

Experience - the knowledge you get because you have done something/tried something out. You experimented to gain the experience you have.

Maybe this is because you are logged as "Sekeena Ajam"? Normally you was logged as "Sekeena Colingo".

Page 4: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Experience - the knowledge you get because you have done something/tried something out. You experimented to gain the experience you have.

Page 5: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês


Infinitivo Passado simples Participio passado

Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle

Absorb Absorbed Absorbed Accept Accepted Accumulate Accumulated Accumulated Act Acted Acted

Add Added Added Admire Admired Admired Affect Affected Agree Agreed Agreed Allow Allowed Allowed Announce Announced Announced Answer Answered

Appear Appeared

Approached Approached Arrive Arrived Arrived Arrive Asked Asked Attend Attended Attended Bang Banged Banged Believe (in) Believed Believed Belong (to) Belonged Belonged

Breathe Breathed Brush Brushed Brushed Burn Burned Burned Call Called Called Capture Captured Carry Carried Carried Cash Cashed Cashed Cause Caused Caused Change Changed Clean Cleaned Cleaned Clear Cleared Cleared Close Closed Closed

Completed Completed Completar Composed Composed

Concern Concerned Concerned Considered Considered

Constitute Constituted Constituted












Page 6: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Contain Contained Contained Convince Convinced Convinced Cook Cooked Cooked Corrupt Corrupted

Count Counted Cover Covered Cross Crossed Crossed Cry Cried Cried Dance Danced Danced Decide Decided Decided Depend (on) Depended Depended Describe Described Described Deserve Deserved Deserved Destroy Destroyed

Develop Developed Dial Dialed Dialed Die Died Died Digit Digited Digited

Disagree Disagreed Disagreed Disappear Disappeared Disappeared Discover Discovered Discovered

Distributed Distributed Disturb Disturbed

Dream (about) Dreamed; Dreamt Dreamed; Dreamt Dry Dried Enable Enabled Enabled End Ended Ended Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed Establish Established Established Exercise Exercised Exercised Exhaust Exhausted Exhausted Experience Experienced Experienced Explain Explained Explained Express Expressed Expressed Fear Feared Feared Fill Filled Filled Finish Finished Finished

Fix Fixed Fixed Flap Flapped Flapped Float Floated Floated Follow Followed Followed Function Functioned Functioned Gossip Gossiped Gossiped Governe Governed Governed


Counted Covered






Page 7: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Guard Guarded Guarded Guess Guessed Guessed Happen Happened Happened Hate Hated Hated

Help Helped Helped Hitch Hitched Hitched Hope Hoped Hoped Hunt Hunted Hunted Improve Improved Improved Include Included Included Increase Increased Increased Insert Inserted Inserted Insist (on) Insisted Insisted Inspect Inspected Inspected Intend Intended Intended

Intercepted Interest Interested Interested

Interrupt Interrupted Interrupted Introduce Introduced Introduced Invite Invited Invited

Involve Involved Involved Kill Killed Killed Land Landed Landed Last Lasted Lasted Laugh Laughed Laughed Learn Learned Learned Like Liked Liked List Listed Listed Listen (to) Listened Listened Live Lived Lived Look Looked Looked Love Loved Loved Lower Lowered Lowered Marry Married Married Match Matched Matched Melt Melted Melted Mention Mentioned Mentioned Miss Missed Missed Move Moved Moved Need Needed Needed Notice Noticed Noticed

Obey Obeyed Obeyed Occupy Occupied Offend Offended Offended Offer Offered Offered Omit Omitted Omitted

Intercept  Intercepted Interceptar


Page 8: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Open Opened Opened Order Ordered Ordered

Own Owned Owned Owe Owed Owed Pack Packed Packed Paint Painted Painted

Pick Picked Picked

Plan Planned Planned

Plant Planted Planted Play Played Played Please Pleased Pleased Point Pointed Pointed Pray Prayed Prayed Predict Predicted Predicted Prefer Preferred Prepare Prepared Prepared Present Presented Presented Press Pressed Pressed Prevent Prevented Prevented Produce Produced Produced Protect Protected Protected Provide Provided Provided Pull Pulled Pulled Push Pushed Pushed Rain Rained Rained Raise Raised Raised Reach Reached Reached Realize Realized Realized Recognize Recognized Recognized Refer (to) Referred Referred Reflect Reflected Reflected Release Released Released Relieve Relieved Relieved Remain Remained Remained Remark Remarked Remember Remembered Remembered Remind Reminded Reminded Remove Removed Removed Repair Repaired Repaired Reply Replied Replied Represent Represented Represented Require Required Required Rest Rested Rested Result Resulted Resulted Retire Retired Retired Return Returned Returned



Page 9: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Rob Robbed Robbed Save Saved Saved Search (for) Searched Searched Seem Seemed Seemed Serve Served Served Shave Shaved Shaved Shorten Shortened Shortened Shout Shouted Shouted Show Showed Showed Sign Signed Signed

Ski Skied Skied Smile Smiled Smiled Smoke Smoked Smoked Solve Solved Solved Start Started Started Stay Stayed Stayed Stimulate Stimulated Stimulated

Stop Stopped Stopped Stress Stressed Study Studied Studied Subtract Subtracted Subtracted

Suffer (from) Suffered Suffered Suggest Suggested Suggested Surprise Surprised Surprised Survive Survived Survived Swallow Swallowed Swallowed Talk Talked Talked Taste Tasted Tasted

Threaten Threatened Threatened Tolerate Tolerated Tolerated Train Trained Trained Travel Traveled; travelled Traveled; travelled Try Tried Tried

Turn (to) Turned Turned

Type Typed Typed

Unscramble Unscrambled Unscrambed Use Used Used Wait Waited Waited Walk Walked Walked Want Wanted Wanted Warn Warned Warned Wash Washed Washed Watch Watched Watched


Page 10: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Wax Waxed Waxed Weigh Weighed Weighed Whisper Whispered Whispered

Work Worked Worked Worry (about) Worried Worried

Abolish Abolished Abolished Abuse Abused Abused Account for Accounted Accounted Achieve Achieved Achieved Address Addressed Addressed

Admit Admitted Admitted

Aid Aided Aided Amaze Amazed Amazed Annoy Annoyed Annoyed Apologize Apologized Apologized Approve Approved Approved Arouse Aroused Aroused Arrest Arrested Arrested

Attempt Attempted Attempted Avoid Avoided Avoided Awaken Awakened Awakened Award Awarded Awarded Bake Baked Baked Ban Banned Banned Bark Barked Barked Behave Behaved Behaved Benefit (from) Benefited Benefited Blush Blushed Blushed Boast Boasted Boasted Borrow Borrowed Borrowed Campaign Campaigned Campaigned Care Cared Cared Collect Collected Collected Complain Complained Complained Conquer Conquered Conquered Correct Corrected Corrected Create Created Created Damage Damaged Damaged Dampen Dampened Dampened Deceive Deceived Deceived

Decimate Decimated Decimated

Decrease Decreased Decreased Deliver Delivered Delivered


Page 11: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Demand Demanded Demanded

Derive Derived Derived Design Designed Designed

Desire Desired Desired Devise Devised Devised Devour Devoured Devoured Disconnect Disconnected Disconnected Dislike Disliked Disliked Dispatch Dispatched Dispatched Drift (around) Drifted Drifted Drown Drowned Drowned Earn Earned Earned Encourage Encouraged Encouraged Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed Ensure Ensured Ensured Enter Entered Entered

Estimate Estimated Estimated

Evolve Evolved Evolved Exchange Exchanged Exchanged Expect Expected Expected

Explore Explored Explored Face Faced Faced Fail Failed Failed Flow Flowed Flowed Found Founded Founded Frighten Frightened Frightened Generate Generated Generated

Handle Handled Handled Harm Harmed Harmed Heat Heated Heated Help Helped Helped Hurry Hurried Hurried Inhabit Inhabited Inhabited Interview Interviewed Interviewed Join Joined Joined Kick Kicked Kicked Lack Lacked Lacked Land Landed Landed Lie Lied Lied

Light Lighted; Lit Lighted; Lit Magnify Magnified Magnified Manage (to) Managed Managed Measure Measured Measured

Page 12: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Mind Minded Minded Murder Murdered Murdered

Mutter Muttered Muttered Name Named Named

Neglect Neglected Neglected Object Objected Objected Oppose Opposed Opposed Owe Owed Owed Pass Passed Passed Patrol Patrolled Patrolled Persuade Persuaded Persuaded

Pinch Pinched Pinched Place Placed Placed Poison Poisoned Poisoned Pollute Polluted Polluted Postpone Postponed Postponed Pour Poured Poured Pretend Pretended Pretended Prevent Prevented Prevented

Promise Promised Promised Publish Published Published Quarrel Quarrelled Quarrelled Recover Recovered Recovered Refuse Refused Refused Relate Related Related Rent Rented Rented Replace (by with) Replaced Request Requested Requested Research Researched Researched

Respect Respected Respected Reveal Revealed Revealed Revenge Revenged Revenged Revere Revered Revered Review Reviewed Reviewed

Risk Risked Risked Ruin Ruined Ruined

Sail Sailed Sailed Scatter Scattered Scattered Scold Scolded Scolded Scream Screamed Screamed Scrub Scrubbed Scrubbed

Seize Seized Seized Settle Settled Settled

Page 13: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Slip off Slipped off Slipped off Smell Smelled; Smelt Smelled; Smelt Snif Sniffed Sniffed Stammer Stammered Stammered Starv Starved Starved

State Stated Stated Store Stored Stored

Stretch Stretched Stretched Struggle Struggled Struggled Succeed (in) Succeeded Succeeded Supply Supplied Supplied Support Supported Supported Surround Surrounded Surrounded Suspect Suspected Suspected Thank Thanked Thanked Tie Tied Tied Toast Toasted Toasted Tolerate Tolerated Tolerated Trace Traced Traced Treat Treated Treated Trouble Troubled Troubled Trust Trusted Trusted Unlock Unlocked Unlocked Wander (about) Wandered Wandered Wave (to) Waved Waved Witness Witnessed Witnessed Wonder Wondered Wondered Work Worked Worked Worry (about) Worried Worried

Page 14: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês


Tradução Infinitivo Passado simples

Translation Infinitive Simple Past

Absorver arise arose

Aceitar awake awakened / awoke

Acumular backslide backslid

Encenar be was, were

Somar bear bore

Admirar beat beat

Afetar become became

Concordar begin began

Permitir bend bent

Anunciar bet

Responder bid (farewell) bid / bade

Aparecer bid

Aproximar-se bind bound

Chegar bite bit

Perguntar bleed bled

Atender, comparecer, Assistir a; freqüentar blow blew

Bater (com força) break broke

Acreditar (em) breed bred

Pertencer (a) bring brought

Respirar broadcast broadcast / broadcasted

Escovar browbeat browbeat

Queimar build built

Chamar; telefonar burn burned / burnt

Capturar burst burst

Carregar bust busted / bust

buy bought

Causar cast cast

Mudar; trocar catch caught

Limpar choose chose

Liberar; clarear; iluminar cling clung

Fechar clothe clothed / clad

come came

Compor cost cost

Referir-se creep crept

Considerar crossbreed crossbred

Constituir cut cut

bet / betted

bid (offer amount)

Descontar um cheque

Page 15: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Conter daydream daydreamed / daydreamt

Convencer deal dealt

Cozinhar dig dug

Corromper disprove disproved

Contar dove / dived

Cobrir do did

Cruzar; atravessar draw drew

Chorar; gritar; clamar dream dreamed / dreamt

Dançar drink drank

drive drove

Depender (de) dwell dwelt / dwelled

Descrever eat ate

Merecer fall fell

Destruir feed fed

Desenvolver feel felt

Discar fight fought

find found

Digitar fit fitted / fit

Discordar flee fled

Desaparecer fling flung

Descobrir fly flew

forbid forbade

Perturbar forecast forecast

Sonhar (a respeito de) forewent

Secar foresee foresaw

Capacitar foretell foretold

Terminar forget forgot

Divertir-se; apreciar forgive forgave

Estabelecer forsake forsook

Exercitar-se freeze froze

Esgotar frostbite frostbit

Experimentar get got

Explicar give gave

Expressar; exprimir go went

Temer; recear grind ground

Encher; preencher grow grew

Terminar hand-feed hand-fed

Consertar handwrite handwrote

Agitar; abanar hang hung

Flutuar have had

Seguir hear heard

Funcionar hew hewed

Fofocar hide hid

Governar hit hit

dive (jump head-first)




forego (also forgo)

Page 16: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Guardar hold held

Adivinhar hurt hurt

Acontecer inbreed inbred

Odiar inlay inlaid

Socorrer; ajudar input input / inputted

Atrelar interbreed interbred

Ter esperança (em); esperar (por) interweave interwove / interweaved

Caçar keep kept

Progredir; melhorar kneel knelt / kneeled

Incluir knit knitted / knit

Aumentar know knew

Inserir lay laid

Insistir (em) lead led

Inspecionar lean leaned / leant

Pretender; tencionar leap leaped / leapt

learn learned / learnt

Interessar-se leave left

Interromper lend lent

Apresentar let let

Convidar lie lay

Envolver lied

Matar light lit / lighted

Aterrissar lip-read lip-read

Durar lose lost

Rir make made

Aprender mean meant

Gostar (de) meet met

Listar miscast miscast

Escutar com atenção misdeal misdealt

Viver; morar misdo misdid

Olhar mishear misheard

Amar mislay mislaid

Baixar mislead misled

Casar-se (com) mislearn mislearned / mislearnt

Combinar; igualar misread misread

Derreter-se misset misset

Mencionar misspeak misspoke

Perder; sentir falta misspell misspelled / misspelt

Mover-se misspend misspent

Precisar (de) mistake mistook

Notar; verificar misteach mistaught

Obedecer misunderstand misunderstood

Ocupar miswrite miswrote

Ofender mow mowed

Oferecer-se offset offset

outbid outbid

lie (not tell truth) regular


Page 17: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Abrir; inaugurar outbreed outbred

Ordenar outdo outdid

Possuir outdraw outdrew

Dever outdrink outdrank

Arrumar; fazer as malas outfight outfought

Pintar outfly outflew

Apanhar (objetos) outgrow outgrew

Planejar outleap outleaped / outleapt

Plantar outlied

Brincar; jogar; tocar outride outrode

Satisfazer outrun outran

Apontar outsell outsold

Rezar; orar outshine outshined / outshone

Prever outshoot outshot

Preferir outsit outsat

Preparar outsleep outslept

Apresentar outspeak outspoke

Pressionar outspeed outsped

Prevenir outspend outspent

Produzir outswear outswore

Proteger outthrow outthrew

Prover; fornecer outwrite outwrote

Puxar overbid overbid

Empurrar overbreed overbred

Chover overbuild overbuilt

Levantar; elevar overbuy overbought

Alcançar; chegar a overcome overcame

overdo overdid

Reconhecer overdraw overdrew

Referir-se (a) overdrink overdrank

Refletir overeat overate

Soltar; libertar overfeed overfed

Aliviar overhang overhung

Permanecer; ficar overhear overheard

Observar; comentar overlay overlaid

Lembrar-se (de) overpay overpaid

Trazer à memória; fazer lembrar override overrode

Retirar overrun overran

Reparar; consertar oversee oversaw

Responder oversell oversold

Representar over sew over sewed

Exigir overshoot overshot

Descansar oversleep overslept

Resultar overspeak overspoke

Retirar-se; aposentar-se overspend overspent

Retornar overspill overspilled / overspilt

outlie (not tell truth)


Page 18: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Roubar overtake overtook

Economizar overthink overthought

Procurar; buscar overthrow overthrew

Parecer overwind overwound

Servir overwrite overwrote

Fazer a barba partake partook

Encurtar pay paid

Gritar plead pleaded / pled

Mostrar prebuild prebuilt

Assinar prepay prepaid

Esquiar presell presold

Sorrir preset preset

Fumar proofread proofread

Resolver; solucionar prove proved

Começar; iniciar put put

Ficar; permanecer quick-freeze quick-froze

Estimular quit

Parar (de) read read (sounds like "red")

Exercer pressão sobre; salientar reawake reawoke

Estudar rebid rebid

Subtrair rebind rebound

Sofrer (de) rebroadcast

Sugerir rebuild rebuilt

Surpreender recast recast

Sobreviver recut recut

redeal redealt

Conversar redo redid

Provar redraw redrew

Ameaçar refit / refitted

Tolerar regrow regrew

Treinar rehang rehung

Viajar rehear reheard

Tentar reknit reknitted / reknit

Virar; girar; mudar (de direção)relaid


Decifrar relearn relearned / relearnt

Usar relight relit / relighted

Esperar remake remade

Andar; caminhar repay repaid

Querer reread reread

Advertir; alertar rerun reran

Lavar resell resold

Observar; assistir resend resent

quit / quitted

rebroadcast / rebroadcasted


refit (replace parts)

relay (for example tiles)

relay (pass along) REGULAR

Page 19: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Encerar reset reset

Pesar resew resewed

Sussurrar retake retook

Trabalhar; funcionar reteach retaught

Preocupar-se (com) retear retore

retell retold

Abolir; acabar com rethink rethought

Maltratar retread retread

Justificar; responder por retrofit retrofitted / retrofit

Alcançar rewake rewoke / rewaked

Dirigir-se a; falar com reweave rewove / reweaved

Admitir rewed rewed / rewedded

Ajudar; auxiliar rewin rewon

Espantar; deixar atônito rewind rewound

Incomodar; importunar rewrite rewrote

Pedir desculpas rid rid

Aprovar ride rode

Despertar; provocar (interesse) ring rang

Prender (ladrão, etc.) rise rose

Tentar roughcast roughcast

Evitar run ran

Acordar; despertar sawed

Dar; conceder say said

Levar ao forno; fazer (bolo, pão) see saw

Proibir seek sought

Latir sell sold

Comportar-se send sent

Beneficiar-se (de) set set

Corar sew sewed

Gabar-se; orgulhar-se de ter shake shook

Pedir emprestado shave shaved

Fazer campanha shear sheared

Cuidar; ligar para shed shed

Colher; coletar shine shined / shone

Reclamar shit

Conquistar shoot shot

Corrigir show showed

Criar shrink shrank / shrunk

Danificar; estragar shut shut

Umedecer; molhar sight-read sight-read

Enganar; iludir sing sang

Dizimar sink sank / sunk

Diminuir sit sat

Entregar slay (kill) slew / slayed



shit / shat / shitted

Page 20: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Exigir sleep slept

Derivar slide slid

Desenhar; projetar sling slung

Desejar slink slinked / slunk

Inventar; criar slit slit

Devorar smell smelled / smelt

Desligar sneak sneaked / snuck

Não gostar (de) sow sowed

Despachar speak spoke

Perambular; vaguear speed sped / speeded

Afogar-se spell spelled / spelt

Ganhar (dinheiro, fama) spend spent

Encorajar; incentivar spill spilled / spilt

Gostar de; apreciar spin spun

Assegurar; garantir spit

Entrar em split split

Estimar; calcular spoil spoiled / spoilt

Evoluir spoon-feed spoon-fed

Trocar spread spread

Esperar; contar com spring sprang / sprung

Explorar (para conhecer melhor) stand stood

Enfrentar; encarar steal stole

Falhar; fracassar stick stuck

Fluir sting stung

Fundar stink stunk / stank

Assustar strew strewed

Gerar stride strode

Lidar com; resolver strike (delete) struck

Fazer mal a strike (hit) struck

Aquecer string strung

Ajudar; acudir strive strove / strived

Apressar-se sublet sublet

Habitar sunburn sunburned / sunburnt

Entrevistar swear swore

Juntar-se; entrar para sweat sweat / sweated

Escoicear; dar coices (em) sweep swept

Carecer (de) swell swelled

Aterrissar; pousar; cair swim swam

Mentir swing swung

Acender take took

Ampliar; magnificar; exaltar teach taught

Conseguir; dar um jeito tear tore

Medir telecast telecast

spit / spat

Page 21: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Importar-se tell told

Assassinar test-drive test-drove

Resmungar test-fly test-flew

Mencionar think thought

Abandonar; não cuidar de throw threw

Objetar thrust thrust

Opor-se unbend unbent

Dever unbind unbound

Passar unclothe unclothed / unclad

Patrulhar underbid underbid

Persuadir undercut undercut

Beliscar underfeed underfed

Pôr; colocar undergo underwent

Envenenar underlie underlay

Poluir undersell undersold

Adiar underspend underspent

Derramar intencionalmente understand understood

Fingir undertake undertook

Impedir underwrite underwrote

Prometer undo undid

Publicar unfreeze unfroze

Brigar; ter uma desavença unhang unhung

Recuperar-se unhide unhid

Recusar unknit unknitted / unknit

Relatar unlearn unlearned / unlearnt

Alugar unsew unsewed

Replaced unsling unslung

Pedir unspin unspun

Pesquisar unstick unstuck

Respeitar unstring unstrung

Revelar unweave unwove / unweaved

Vingar unwind unwound

Reverenciar uphold upheld

Rever upset upset

Arriscar-se wake woke / waked

Arruinar; estragar waylay waylaid

Velejar; viajar por mar wear wore

Espalhar weave wove / weaved

Repreender wed wed / wedded

Gritar weep wept

Esfregar wet

Agarrar whetted

Resolver; solucionar win won

wet / wetted


Page 22: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Escapulir; cair wind wound

Cheirar; cheirar mal withdraw withdrew

withhold withheld

Gaguejar withstand withstood

Passar fome wring wrung

Afirmar; declarar write wrote

Armazenar; estocar

Estender; esticar-se Lutar Ter sucesso(em); conseguir Suprir; fornecer Apoiar Cercar Suspeitar; desconfiar Agradecer Amarrar Torrar Tolerar Descobrir Tratar Preocupar-se Confiar (em) Abrir; descobrir; revelar Perambular; vaguear Acenar paraTestemunhar Perguntar-se; querer saber Trabalhar; funcionar Preocupar-se (com)


Page 23: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês


Participio passado Tradução

Past Participle Translation

arisen surgir

awakened / awoken Acordar

backslidden / backslid Denegrir

been Ser

born / borne Nascer

beaten / beat Bater

become Tornar-se

begun Começar

bent Curvar


bidden Despedir

bid Oferecer

bound Amarrar

bitten Morder

bled Sangrar

blown Soprar

broken Quebrar


brought Trazer

broadcast / broadcasted Transmitir / espalhar

browbeaten / browbeat Amedrontar / Intimidar

built Construir

burned / burnt Queimar

burst explodir

busted / bust Falir / Empobrecer

bought Comprar

cast Arremessar

caught Caçar

chosen Escolher

clung Unir-se

clothed / clad Vestir/ cubrir

come Vir

cost Custar

crept Arrastar-se

crossbred Cruzar raças

cut Cortar

bet / betted


Page 24: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

daydreamed / daydreamt Sonhar acordado

dealt Negociar

dug cavar

disproved / disproven Refutar

dived Mergulhar

done Fazer

drawn Desenhar

dreamed / dreamt Sonhar

drunk Beber

driven Dirigir

dwelt / dwelled Residir

eaten Comer

fallen Cair

fed Dar de comer

felt Setir

fought Lutar

found Encontrar

fitted / fit Caber


flung Arremessar

flown Voar

forbidden Permitir

forecast Prever


foreseen Prever

foretold Profetizar


forgiven Perdoar

forsaken Abandoner

frozen Congelar

frostbitten Causar ulceração pelo frio

Várias traduções

given Dar

gone Ir

ground Triturar / pulverizar

grown Crescer

hand-fed Dar de comer pela mão


hung Pendurar / enforcar

had Ter

heard Ouvir

hewn / hewed Cortar

hidden Esconder

hit Bater / atingir

Fugir  escaper

Preceder  / conceder

forgotten /forgot

gotten / got

Escrever  a mão

Page 25: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

held Segurar

hurt Machucar

inbred Cruzar animais da mesma raça

inlaid Enquadrar

input / inputted

interbred cruzar

interwoven / interweaved Trançar

kept Manter

knelt / kneeled Ajoelhar-se

knitted / knit Tricotar

known Saber / conhecer

laid Deitar

led Conduzir / comandar

leaned / leant Apoiar

leaped / leapt Saltar / pular

learned / learnt Aprender

left Sair / deixar

lent Emprestar

let Deixar

lain Deitar

lied Mentir

lit / lighted Acender

lip-read Ler os lábios

lost Perder

made Fazer

meant Significar / querer dizer

met Encontrar-se/ conhecer

miscast Enganar-se

misdealt Divider erroneamente

misdone Fazer de forma imprópria

misheard Ouvir errado

mislaid Colocar em lugar errado

misled Enganar, iludir

mislearned / mislearnt Aprender errado

misread Ler errado

misset Montar errado

misspoken Falar errado

misspelled / misspelt Soletrar errado

misspent Desperdiçar

mistaken Confundir

mistaught Ensinar errado

misunderstood Entender errado

miswritten Escrever errado

mowed / mown Cortar grama

offset Equiparar / balancer

outbid Oferecer um preço mais alto

Preencher dado em um computador

Page 26: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

outbred Cruzar raças

outdone Ultrapassar / exceder


outdrunk Beber demais

outfought Vencer no combate

outflown Ultrapassar voando

outgrown Livrar-se / crescer mais rápido que

outleaped / outleapt Pular diante de / saltar mais que

outlied Mentir demais

outridden Montar melhor que

outrun Ultrapassar

outsold Vender mais que

outshined / outshone Brilhar mais que

outshot Atirar melhor que

outsat Sentar mais que

outslept Dormir demais

outspoken Matracar

outsped Exagerar na velocidade

outspent Gastar / desperdiçar

outsworn Jurar demais

outthrown Arremessar demais

outwritten Escrever demais

overbid Oferecer preço exagerado

overbred Procriar demais


overbought Comprar demais

overcome Superar

overdone Exagerar

overdrawn Emitir cheque sem fundo

overdrunk Beber demais

overeaten Comer demais

overfed Alimentar demais

overhung Ressaltar / sobressair

overheard Ouvir por acaso

overlaid Cobrir revestir

overpaid Pagar demais

overridden Exceder / fadigar um animal

overrun Invadir / expadir

overseen Fiscalizar / inspecionar

oversold Vender demais

over sewn / over sewed Reforçar a costura

overshot Errar o alvo

overslept Dormir demais

overspoken Matracar

overspent Gastar demais

overspilled / overspilt Derramar

Sacar arma mais rápido que o inimigo

Construir  demais

Page 27: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

overtaken Conseguir

overthought Pensar demais

overthrown Causar a queda

overwound Enrolar apertado

overwritten Escrever demais

partaken Partilhar / participar

paid Pagar

pleaded / pled Alegar / defender

prebuilt Pré-fabricar

prepaid Pagar adiantado

presold Divulgar

preset Preparar anteriormente

proofread Corrigir

proven / proved Provar

put Colocar

quick-frozen Congelar rapidamente


read (sounds like "red") Ler

reawaken Acordar de novo

rebid Reordenar

rebound Amarrar novamente

rebroadcast / rebroadcasted Retransmitir

rebuilt Reconstruir

recast Reformar

recut Recortar

redealt Redistribuir / renegociar

redone Refazer

redrawn Desenhar de novo

refit / refitted Reequipar

regrown Renascer

rehung Pendurar novamente

reheard Repreparar audição

reknitted / reknit Retricotar

relaid Retransmitir

relayed Repassar

relearned / relearnt Reaprender

relit / relighted Reacender

remade Refazer

repaid Pagar novamente

reread Reler

rerun Reprisar

resold Revender

resent Reenviar

quit / quitted

Page 28: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

reset Zerar / recolocar

resewn / resewed Recosturar

retaken Pegar de volta

retaught Ensinar de novo

retorn Chorar novamente

retold Recontar

rethought Repensar

retread Recauchutar

retrofitted / retrofit aperfeiçoar

rewaken / rewaked Acordar novamente

rewoven / reweaved Tecer novamente

rewed / rewedded

rewon Vencer novamente

rewound Rebobinar

rewritten reescrever

rid Livrar-se

ridden Cavalgar

rung Tocar

risen Erguer

roughcast Dar forma rudemente

run Correr

sawed / sawn Serrar

said Dizer

seen Ver

sought Procurar

sold Vender

sent Enviar

set Preparar / ajustar

sewn / sewed Costurar

shaken Sacudir / agitar

shaved / shaven Barbear

sheared / shorn Tosar / aparar

shed Derramar

shined / shone Brilhar

Defecar / cagar

shot Atirar

shown / showed Mostrar

shrunk Contrair / encolher

shut Fechar

sight-read Maestrar

sung Cantar

sunk Afundar

sat Sentar

slain / slayed Matar

Executar um casamento novamente

shit/ shat / shitted

Page 29: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

slept Dormir

slid Escorregar

slung Atar

slinked / slunk Escapar / fugir

slit Rachar

smelled / smelt Cheirar

sneaked / snuck Entregar / dedurar

sown / sowed Semear / espalhar

spoken Falar

sped / speeded Apressar-se

spelled / spelt Soletrar

spent Gastar

spilled / spilt Derramar / escorregar

spun Protelar


split Dividir / partir

spoiled / spoilt Mimar / estrgar


spread Espalhar esparramar

sprung Brotar / mostrar-se

stood Ficar em pé

stolen Roubar

stuck Cravar / fincar

stung Picar / ferroar

stunk Feder / enojar

strewn / strewed Espalhar / polvilhar

stridden Cavalgar

stricken Apagar

struck / stricken Golpear

strung Amarrar / pendurar

striven / strived Aspirer / tentar

sublet Sublocar

sunburned / sunburnt Bronzear

sworn Jurar

sweat / sweated Suar

swept Varrer

swollen / swelled Inchar / encher

swum Nadar

swung Balançar

taken Pegar / tomar / durar

taught Ensinar

torn Chorar

telecast Televisionar

spit / spat

Alimentar bebê ou doente / (giria) dar de bandeja

Page 30: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

told Dizer

test-driven Testar um carro

test-flown Testar um avião

thought Pensar

thrown Jogar

thrust Empurrar

unbent Desatar

unbound Soltar desamarrar

unclothed / unclad Desnudar

underbid Oferecer menos

undercut Cortar / baratear


undergone Submeter-se

underlain Dar suporte

undersold Verder a preço inferior

underspent Gastar menos

understood Entender

undertaken Responsabilizar-se

underwritten Subscrever

undone Desfazer

unfrozen descongelar

unhung Despendurar

unhidden Descobrir / fazer aparecer

unknitted / unknit Descosturar

unlearned / unlearnt Aprender o contrário

unsewn / unsewed Descosturar

unslung Desatar

unspun Desembaraçar

unstuck Liberar / soltar

unstrung Frouxar corda(instrumento musical)

unwoven / unweaved desamarrar

unwound Liberar / desatar

upheld Sustentar

upset Preocupar

woken / waked Acordar

waylaid Surpreender

worn Vestir

woven / weaved Tecer / Trançar

wed / wedded Executar um casamento

wept chorar


whetted Molhar

won Vencer

Fornecer alimento de forma isuficiente

wet / wetted

Page 31: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

wound Ventilar / arejar

withdrawn Retirar

withheld Reter / conter/ parar

withstood Opor-se a / impugnar

wrung Arrancar com força

written Escrever

Page 32: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Lexical Box

feel freeto affordwhale

try a little bitto be out of this worldto lendto fixto behavelet me handle thisat least

Page 33: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Lexical Box

to fell confortable to do somethingto have enough money to buy or pay somethinga very large ocean animal that looks like a fish but breathes air through a hole on the top of its headto taste a small amountextremely good, impressiveto give someone something for a short period of time and expect to have it backto repairto do things in a particular wayto be responsible for doing a particular thingnot less that a particular amount or number and possibly more

Page 34: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Lexical BoxPé da letra (dic.google

sinta-se livrepara originarbaleia

tentar um poucoestar fora deste mundopara emprestarpara corrigirse comportemdeixe-me lidar com issopelo menos

Page 35: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Mr. (Mister) Senhor Father-in law Sogro Uncle Tio Somebody AlguémMrs. (Misses) Senhora Mother -in-law Sogra Aunt Tia Anybody Alguém, ninguémMs. (Miss) Senhora/Senhorita Brother -in-law Cunhado Cousin Primo,prima Nobody NinguémMa'am (Madam) Madame, senhora Sister-in-law Cunhada Grandson NetoSir Senhor Son-in-law Genro Grandfather Avô In front of Em frente de

daughter-in-low Nora Grandmather Avó Behind Atrás dePast verb to be Grandparents Avós

Can Could Should MustPoder Conseguir Podia, Poderia Dever Deveria Dever

I can speak German He could study You should come We must talkEu posso falar alemão Ele poderia estudar Você deveria vir Nós devemos conversar

I can't run She couldn't stop they shouldn't say this You must not drink and driveEu não posso correr Eu não podia parar Eles não deveriam dizer isso Você não deve beber e dirigir

Can you send it now? Could you study last night? Should I call him? Must you stay there all day long?Você pode enviar agora? Você pôde estudar na noite passada Eu deveria ligar para ele? Você tem que ficar lá o dia todo?

Can I make a phone call? Could You Take us to the aiport? Should we think about it? Must he leave by Tuesday?

Page 36: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Posso fazer uma ligação? Você poderia nos levar ao aeroporto? Nós deveríamos pensar nisso? Ele deve partir até terça?

Would. conditional Will. FutureI Would - I'd I Will - I'II

I Would like to see you I'm sure he would come I Will call you tomorrowGostaria de te ver Tenho certeza que ele viria Eu te ligo amanhãShe would like to visit us He would like to buy the house I''ll send you the checkEla gostaria de nos visitar Ele gostaria de comprar a casa Eu lhe enviarei o chequeHe would like to say something She would like to stay for christmas It will start next weekEle gostaria de dizer aluma coisa Ela gostaria de ficar para o natal Começará na próxima semanaI think they would do it for you It would work We'll think about thisEu acho que eles fariam isso por você funcionaria Nós pensaremos a respeitoWe would like to go now They would undersant it She'll come soon.Nós gostariamos de ir agora Eles entenderiam Ela virá logo

Would you? Will you?Would you like something to drink? Why would she do this? Will you be there? Will it be easy?Você gostaria de beber algo? Por que ela faria isto? Você estará lá? Será facil?Would you do that for us? What would you write? Will he visit us? How will she come?Você faria isso por nós? O que você escreveria? Ele nos visitará? Como ela virá?Would she work at night? When would they start? What will we do? where will they stay?Ela trabalharia á noite? Quando eles começariam? O que faremos? Onde eles ficarão?Would he come here? Where would you like to go?Ele viria aqui? Onde você gostaria de ir? Will not - Won't

I won't take him with meWould not - Wouldn't Eu não o levarei comigo

I Wouldn't do that She wouldn't work overtime He won't run this yearEu não faria isto Ela não faria hora extra Ele não correrá este anoHe wouldn't like to stay They wouldn't invite him It won't helpEle não gostaria de ficar Eles não o convidariam Não adiantaráThey wouldn't like it. She wouldn't fire him They won't answer this questionEles não gostariam disto Ela não o despediria Eles não responderão a esta pergunta

Page 37: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

How is the weather today? It's rainy Esta chuvosoComo esta o tempo hoje? It's sunny Esta ensolarado Better (than) Melhor (que)

It's cloudy Esta nublado Worse (than) Pior (que)Easier than

Where are you come from? De onde você vem? More difficult thanI come from Los Angeles? Eu venho de Los Angeles? The best O melhor

The worse O piorWhere are you from? De onde você é? The easiestI'm from Dallas Sou de Dallas The most difficult

As easy asJohn is a good student and Mary is as good as him As difficult asJohn é um bom aluno e Mary é tão boa quanto ele As good asHe is as smart as she is As bad asEle é tão esperto quanto elaHe is as smart as her July 4, 1776 July fourth, seventeen seventy-sixEle é tão esperto quanto ela October 12, 2006 October twelfth, two thousand and sixHe reads as fast as me April 21, 1500 April twenty-first, fifteen hundredEle lê tão rapido quanto eu. September 7, 1998 September seventh, nineteen ninety-eight.Peter is better John, but Tom is the best studentPeter é melhor do que John, mas Tom é o melhor estudante

Palavras díficeisThought Pensamento, pensar (passado)Though Embora apesar de, porémThrough Através, através de, porémdaughter filha

Page 38: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

MustTer que

We must talkNós devemos conversar

You must not drink and driveVocê não deve beber e dirigir

Must you stay there all day long?Você tem que ficar lá o dia todo?

Must he leave by Tuesday?

Page 39: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

Ele deve partir até terça?

Will. FutureI Will - I'II

Will you?Will it be easy?

How will she come?Como ela virá?where will they stay?Onde eles ficarão?

Will not - Won'tThis is her first JobEste é o primeiro emprego delaIt was the second time that she calledFoi a segunda vez que ela ligouHe is the third to arriveEle é o terceiro a chegarIt was the fourth book he wroteFoi o qurto livro que ele escreveu

Page 40: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

strategies to give opinion in englishDefend your point of view RegraI'd say that only at the beginningI think that at the beginning or in the middle of the phraseI guess always in the endI believe depend the situationIn my opinion depend the situationIn my point of view depend the situationit is/ was urgent depend the situationit is/ was important depend the situationit is/ was relevant depend the situationit is / was necessary depend the situationIt is/ was essential depend the situation

depend the situation

Finishing conversation and textsWell, that's all for now oralTake care oralI'm sorry, but i have to go oralsee you soon bothexcuse me for a moment oralsee you later oral

writtenthat's all for now writtensincerely writtenbest regards

Page 41: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

strategies to give opinion in englishMaking a contrast Add Information Drawing a conlusion


Not only, but also She is not only beaultiful, but also intelligent

even though / apesar de so / assimalthough / embora / apesar de above all / acima de tudo therefore / portantothough / embora / apesar de / entretanto and also / e também as I've said / como eu dissedespite / apesar furthermore / alem disso based on / baseado emdespite the fact / apesar de besides that /alem disso as a conclusion / como conclusãoin spite of / apesar de moreover / alem disso to conclude / para concluir on the other hand / por outro lado summing up / resumoon the other side / por outro ladohowever / porem, contudobut / masyet / ainda

otherwise / caso contrario

Page 42: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

como conclusão

Page 43: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

role-playing dialogues about complaints in different contexts

-Complaining to a telephone company1 Hello, I want to make a complain about the service of this company2 Ok Sir, what happened ? What is the problem?1 It is sometimes my phone doesn't work and this month of value of my1 phone bill is wrong, it is higher than the correct2 I see, what do you want we do for you?1 I want you improve your services and you revise my bill2 Ok Sir,Please note the number of the protocol 253365862 wait a moment2 in consideration you, we will gave to you ten days of free calls

and Also we will give you a discount on your phone billis it good for you?

1 Yes i think it is good, thank you

-Complaining about the lack of attention on your partner's part1 I want to tell something, you need to be more attentive2 why, i didn't understand1 because yesterday you go your home and you didn't finish your work2 really, i dont remember1 Yes i remember, i had to do all your work2 Sorry, I shouldn't have done that1 OK, pay attention and don't do this again2 Ok it will not happen again

-Complaining about broken pieces of an electronic device

I went to visit a restaurant in new york, there were two insects in our tablethe manager came to resolve and apologizethe french fries was awful, and the food was cold the whole experiencewas awful and i will never ever return there

-Complaining about the food at a restaurant

Page 44: Verbos regulares e irregulares em inglês

role-playing dialogues about complaints in different contexts

Opinion about alternative medicineI am not sure if i agree with alternative medicinesI agree in parts with alternative medicines, i thinkthere are good methods to alternative medicine, as forexample, natural plants, natural herbs, and another formsIn my point of view the people should take care about it,besides that, in my opinion there are some way of alternativemedicines that can be dangerous, as those practiced by indians

-Complaining about long lines at a supermarketi had to ask for different salad because i don't eat cheese, thetilapia it was very small, the restaurant charged almos three extra dollars. Poor food, poor value

-Complaining about unfinished tasks at work