Verbal Judo Instructor Course - Judo Instructor Course May 22-26, 2006 8am – 4pm Location: New Jersey State Police Training Bureau Sea Girt, NJ 08750 Cost: The $800.00 registration fee ...

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  • In Cooperation With TheNew Jersey State Police

    &The Verbal Judo Institute, Inc.


    Verbal Judo Instructor CourseA Five Day Verbal Judo Instructor Certification Course

    May 22 26, 2006

    The 5-Day Verbal Judo Train the Trainer Instructor certification course will givethe instructor the expertise to teach Verbal Judo. The certification will limit theinstructor to train only members of his/her department. Verbal Judo, the martialart of the mind and mouth, will give the instructor skills to train practitioners tobecome Samurai Warriors of communication.

    Verbal Judo teaches a philosophy of how to look creatively at conflict and usespecific strategies and tactics to find peaceful resolutions. These skills arebeneficial to officers in their duties because dealing with the public is oftendifficult and trying emotionally. Maintaining a professional face is crucial ifofficers are to remain under emotional control and able to effectively findsolutions to potentially violent encounters without escalating to physical forceoptions. Further, where there are times that such physical force options areindeed necessary to protect both citizens and officers, such force must always bepart of the professional process so officers are protected within the four arenas:with our peers, on the streets, in the courtroom, and with the media.

    Verbal Judo is the only tactical communication course in America. The principlesand tactics taught enable graduates to use presence and words to calm difficultpeople who may be under severe emotional or other influences, redirect thebehavior of hostile people, diffuse potentially dangerous situations, performprofessionally under all conditions and achieve the desired outcome in theencounter.

    For more information on the Verbal Judo Institute, training programs andproducts, see:

  • Verbal Judo Instructor CourseMay 22-26, 2006 8am 4pm

    Location:New Jersey State Police Training Bureau

    Sea Girt, NJ 08750

    Cost:The $800.00 registration fee includes 40 hours of training from the Verbal

    Judo Institute. It certifies the Officer to teach the two-day VERBAL JUDOcourse to members of his/her own agency.


    May22 26, 2006 8am 4pmName _________________________________________________________


    Mailing Address_________________________________________________


    Phone Number _________________________________________________

    Mail $800.00 registration fee to: NEW JERSEY STATE POLICE TRAINING BUREAU

    SEA GIRT AVENUESEA GIRT, NEW JERSEY 08750(732) 449-5200 EXT. 5216 FAX: (732) 449-8763E-MAIL: LPP5318@GW.NJSP.ORG

    Mail, fax or e-mail the Registration Form to the NJSP Training BureauAttn: Sgt. C. Shallcross #5318

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