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<ul><li><p>VERBAL JUDO INSTRUCTOR COURSE THE ORIGINAL TACTICAL COMMUNICATION PROGRAM </p><p>Founded By: Dr. George Thompson AKA Doc Rhino </p><p> Register NOW! Verbal Judo </p><p> FIVE DAY (5) INSTRUCTOR COURSE - July 9th July 13th 2018 </p><p>Instructor: Doug Haig (VP) Train the Trainer Hosted By: Biloxi Police Department, MS </p><p>Training Location: Mississippi State University Coastal Research &amp; Extension Center 1815 Popps Ferry Road, Biloxi MS 39532 </p><p>Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Only Class Time: 0800 1600 Dress Code: Casual </p><p> Closest Airport: Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport (GPT) </p><p>Hotel Recommendations: La Quinta Inn &amp; Suites 957 Cedar Lake Rd Biloxi (228) 392-5978 (closest to training) Hotel on the beach: Hampton Inn Biloxi 1138 Beach Blvd. (228-435-9010 </p><p> $1,495.00 per person Instructor Certification </p><p>$1,195.00 per person Re Certification (Please provide proof of current certificate) (Attendees are responsible for all travel, transportation, lodging, food &amp; misc. expenses) </p><p> Teach Verbal Judo the way Dr. Thompson, AKA Doc Rhino intended for it to be taught. </p><p>Continuing his legacy! </p><p>Its not enough to Be Good! You have to Look Good, and Sound Good, or NO GOOD! In order to attend our five (5) day Train the Trainer (TTT) program, and become an authorized Verbal Judo in agency Instructor, one must first be sponsored by his/her agency. At the inception of the 5 day program, the attendee will sign a waiver (a legal and binding document) indicating their understanding and agreement with the stipulation that after successful completion of the program, the attendee will be authorized to teach the basic Verbal Judo program Only to members of the agency/institution with which they are currently employed as signed and represented on agreement. Compensation is prohibited. Authorization to present Verbal Judo separate from sponsoring agency is prohibited. All attendees are required to recertify every three (3) years to remain authorized to present Verbal Judo. All rights reserved and protected by Federal Copyrights. </p><p> For more information contact Pam Thompson at 800-448-1042 or Verbal Judo Institute, Inc. Copyright 2018 </p></li></ul>


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