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  • 7/28/2019 Venus 5300


    18 HANSA International Maritime Journal 147. Jahrgang 2010 Nr. 3

    Already in the beginning of 2004 firstdrafts of a container vessel with a ca-

    pacity between 4,0005,000 TEU were

    discussed at Reederei Buss. From

    2005 on several discussions were held

    with various yards in Europe and Asia.

    Very good cooperation experiences

    with the engineering office Neptun

    - Stahlkonstruktions GmbH and Chine-

    se Zhejiang Ouhua shipyard in deve-

    loping and completing another vessel

    type in the past led to the conclusion

    to take up this new challenge toge-

    ther again. Therefore, in 2006 a con-tract was signed between Reederei

    Buss and the private Chinese shipyard

    Zhejiang Ouhua on Zhoushan island

    to build four container vessels under

    the series name CV VENUS 5300.

    Ths ws t whn nos shppncopns w stly lookn fo con-

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    CV VENUS 5300 Ultimate Panamaxcontainerships

    Length, overall 294.13 m

    Length, bpp 282.47 m

    Breadth, moulded 32.2 m

    Depth, Moulded,

    upper deck 21.6 m

    Draught, design 12.0 m


    design draught52,620 t

    Draught, summer FB 13.618 m

    Deadweight, summer FB 65,550 t

    HFO storage (dual fuel),

    protected acc. MARPOL 12F6,550 m

    MDO storage 450 m

    Ballast water storage 20,300 m

    Speed, 90% MCR, 15% SM, PTI 25.0 kn

    Radius of action (cond. a. m.) 21,000 sm

    Fuel Consumpt. (cond. a. m.) 172 t/day

    Dangerous Goods in all cargo holds (add. all class 1 in hold 1,

    all class 3 in hold 8)

    TEU slot places, total 5,301

    TEU slot places in holds 2,188

    hom. TEU 14 t 3,370

    Number of 45 Container 733

    Reefer FEU: total / RCP classif. 1,200/1,025

    RCP-Reefer-FEU in holds

    RCP-Reefer-FEU on Deck



    Stack Load hatches TEU/FEU 90 / 120 t

    Stack Load in Holds TEU/FEU 192 / 240 t

    Main Engine 7RT-flex 96 C 40,040 kW

    PTI / PTO shaft mounted 4,000 / 3,000 kW

    Boiler, combined 5.2 t / 5.2 t

    Auxiliary GenSets 9L32/40


    3 x 4,345 kWe

    1 x 3,860 kWe

    Rudder Equipment with Bulb Becker, twisted

    Bow Thruster, c. p. p. 2,000 kW

    Hatch Cover, pontoon type Non-sequential

    Number of Cabins 30 + Suez crew

    Accommodation amidships

    Heeling system automatic

    GrossTonnage 52,726

    GL +A5 E with freeboard 3.837 m, CONTAINERSHIP, NAV-O, IW, BWM, ERS, EP, DG, C2P64, +MC E AUT, RCP 1,025/75

    Main Dimensions CV VENUS 5300

    CSAV Rio de Janeiro, first CV VENUS 5300 type vessel in a series of four


  • 7/28/2019 Venus 5300


    19HANSA International Maritime Journal 147. Jahrgang 2010 Nr. 3

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    ptnt, GB Shppn & Chtn nth sn Consot on NptnSthlkonstktons GbH. Wthn 18onths th sn consot l Np-tn Sthlkonstktons GbH n tsn ptns NE (Rostock), WIG (Ws-) n Itch wok ot tl T-bon D-ol nbln th Tbon lnky to bl sch 94 lon ssl n 15-onths constcton po wthot nykbl nfoton loss.

    Th fst ly took plc n Jn 009wth th ssl CSAV Ro Jno (x

    Chop T) n th scon nt wsl s CSAV Sp (x SonchT) two onths lt. AzonsT hs bn l n Jny nVs T wll follow n Apl 010.Fo ll fo VENUS typ ssls chtsh ly bn fx n 008 wth wllknown chts CSAV.

    Th follown shot scpton psntsso n fcts to llstt how chlln-n t ws fo ll ptns to sn nconstct sch hhly sophstct con-tn ssl wth tchncl fts hh

    bo ony stt-of-th-t stns.

    Ships compartmentation

    Th nnt of th ckshos / fltnk shps o thn ppox. 100 wy fo th nn oo / fnnl pttons qt nsl fo ttonl Pnx sslsn cts n nt fo th IMO nPn sblty ln. Ths ls to nwco fo pnx ssls wth 5,00 TEU,bt lso fo concntt, ths htn-poptz fl sto block, whch s obl-hll potct nst th s shll. Lookn

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    Fo th sn-t ccootonhos th cw cn ch th pss wysn ck by pssn Lft (Ltz) towlk to th nn oo o to th fntnnc pltfos n th sn cohols. Th two pss wys blown ck lons th shp, ntptby two blkh oos only. All co holsh nfo obl-40 lnth.

    Steel structureTh of obl hll / fl tnk cnt

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    ton wth th clssfcton socty GL to tknt fo th btt tosonl stffnssn bnn obstcton lons th co. As slt th shp s sn toch lfspn of nly twnty-f ysn conjncton wth y low stl wht.

    Spcl focs ws wn on th n

    ck n con bnch n cnty ofth ckhos to ns th ncssy -sstnc nst ft. Con bnchswth plt thcknss p to 70 fo 90 kN/2 HTS TM stl llychlln th y n q xttnn of wls s wll s p-wnn b x-y chckn ffots.

    A hh of jp los h bnspcf to nbl qt flxblty -

    n lon / nlon bt lso ffntlo tons t s. Ths ws ns bynt ,000 MN stll wt honont t s n 6,140 MN n pot.

    Th qnt to xz th nbof f contn slots n ck wsnoth ss. Ths ws ch by sp-

    cl tnssl opn box sn toch sx of th sn possbl hh-cbts wth n lctcl ny spplyn ntnnc pltfos.


    Th shp s qpp wth lshn bssn by Cotc, whch llow 10 tco fo 40 contns n n conjnctonwth lshn coos 90 t fo 0 contn

    Slot places


  • 7/28/2019 Venus 5300


    20 HANSA International Maritime Journal 147. Jahrgang 2010 Nr. 3

    stcks. Th lshn bs oostbl fo fon ct stn s fo45 contns, fo sy f contnntnnc, pow spply n fo lshn.Bt lso to sto th lshn tl n ostconnnt postons.

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    Th shp hs 0 cbns wth own sntynts n cn ccoot fo pssns,

    f nct. Also cbns fo ppntcs fosn to cop wth th n fo wllskll cw n th ft.

    Th shp s ctf wth ltt of co-plnc of th Gn S Bfsnossn-schft (SBG). Accon to SBG ls, spcos noo pool s nstll, whch spoply nslt nst th sonnfl tnks. Th sn nxt to th pool nth show wth chll wt spply co-plts ths pt of th cws cton.

    PropulsionFcn th ost coon poplson

    phlosophy n th p-contct po, b contn shp, spclly wth h ont of f slots, ws obl ton fst, nn 45 knots sc. Ths oft th spls thl ny bco n o popl n th ntntonto spcfy n xhst s pow tbn ton th pos 1,000 kW fo lctcconss only fl by ssn nt-lnk btwn n nn tboch(ABB) bypss n pow tbn nlt


    Fnlly th 8th cyln of th ME wsplc by cobn Shft-Gnto/Moto (SGM) confton, to k thpow nnt o flxbl. Fth-o w swtch to lt-tn coonl nn of typ 7RT-flx 96C fo Wt-

    sl to tk nt of th ntcpt bt-t slow stn cpblts.

    Toy, wtchn th fst onths of thtwo nnn shps on cn concl thtboth shps ly n o thn 45 %MCR to sl t th tn 19 knots Thsls to cton of ts pospct flconspton by nly 50 %. Ths th s-sl os not h spls of sbl thlny whch wol b n to nxhst s tbn. Bt ctnly th PTOs bn s fqntly.

    Ths ns shp pool nnn wth 19 kn

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    tons n so ln ofctons.As slt of ths tsts w slct 5-

    bl hh scw popll (Wtsl

    CME) n cobnton wth l popllcp, wokn clos to spcos blb,whch s connct to hh ffcncytwst ln Bck . Thp. of th Popll s stct to 0 slow lt fo contnos opton. Thss not cs by th Coon Rl Mnnn whch wol llow 10 p btby th stn tb ft bn, snc t s nc-ssy to kp th bn tpt n stbl blnc.

    Vbton pct on th ckshos snl to th stnc btwn n-

    n oo n ckshos.

    As soon s th ME hs lop ppox.10 % MCR whl ln pot, th SGM,s s oto cn stt to cclt thshp spctly ls th ME fo pthl lo ncs. Fo 95 p thSGM cn ncs th shps sp fo p-

    pox. on knot, fn th popll wthp to 4,000 tonl kW.

    In fst s t cn b stt tht sof th onlly plnn 8th cyln ofth ME hs not bn ss.

    Variable fuel concept

    Th wol fcs snfcnt chns nflflln th qnts of MARPOL VI,nly ts son by MEPC.176(58) np ltton of NOx by ns of TIII fo 016 on n lso xt stc-ton of SO

    xt 0.1 % / S n Eopn

    pots fo 010 on, Clfonn wtsfo 01 on n ll ECA (ncl. SECA)wts fo 015 on, not to nton thncl stton of th Ptclt tts(PM). Th potnc of ths fct wllow sbstntlly wth th plnn n-lnt of th ECA ons by nlycoplt Noth-Acn wts wthn 00 s zon, ppo by MEPC 59/4Jly 009 n pnn fo opton tMEPC 60 n Mch 010, con ntofoc Jly 010.

    Consn th bo, on hs to thnk

    of th ffnt sots of fl whch htb HFO wth .5 % / S, low SlphHFO wth 1.0 % / S n Low SlphDstllt Ol (LSDO) wth 0.1 % / S no to cop wth ll nonntl s-pcts fo th ys to co.

    Th shp hs thfo th-fl con-fton n cn hnl ffnt typs offl y flxbly. Nthlss th stns to h ct fl nntpln to po th ht fl wth th httpt n sffcnt ont t thht t.

    All ths qs xpnc n y l

    Five-bladed high screw propeller with Becker rudder

    Tecklenborg, Kegel

    Drahtseile Tauwerk Ketten HebetechnikAnschlagmittel Seilmontagen im In- und AuslandPrfmaschine bis 250t Prfservice

    Drahtseile Tauwerk Ketten HebetechnikAnschlagmittel Seilmontagen im In- und AuslandPrfmaschine bis 250t Prfservice

    Herwigstr. 36 27572 Bremerhaven PF 290461 27543 BremerhavenTel. 047 1-93183-0 Fax 0471-76327

    Gelnde der AKER-MTW Werft Nordkai 23966 WismarTel. 03841 -704607 Fax 03841-704606

    Herwigstr. 36 27572 Bremerhaven PF 290461 27543 BremerhavenTel. 047 1-93183-0 Fax 0471-76327