Venturing Outside

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Venturing Outside. An ecocritical approach to writing nature poetry. ‘…if poetry is the original admission of dwelling, then poetry is the place where we save the earth.’ (p.283) Jonathan Bate (2000) The Song of the Earth. Approaches to teaching poetry writing. Close observation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Venturing Outside

  • Venturing OutsideAn ecocritical approach to writing nature poetry

  • if poetry is the original admission of dwelling, then poetry is the place where we save the earth. (p.283)

    Jonathan Bate (2000) The Song of the Earth

  • Approaches to teaching poetry writingClose observationShaping experienceLanguage gamesPoetic forms and formulasCapturing everyday languageWorkshop collaboration

  • EcocriticismA burgeoning movement in literary studiesASLE Association for the Study of Literature & the EnvironmentBuell, L. (1995) The Environmental ImaginationKerridge, R. and Sammells, N. (1998) Writing the EnvironmentJonathan Bate (2000) The Song of the EarthGarrard, G. (2004) Ecocriticism

  • Principles of ecocriticismmakes the non human central to interpretationcares about animalsaddresses environmental contexts of reading and writingtends to be concerned with moral and political valuesaspires to interdisciplinarityChallenges language as the first influenceRaises the profile of nature writingCelebrates the natural and deplores its destructionAdvocates the experiential benefits of learning and teaching outside (or at least looking out of the window)

  • Notice the detailed and analytical style of drawing in the following example from a field guide. Walk along your trail and choose a plant to draw in detail as if for a field guide. The purpose of this is to focus your attention on the detail of the plant. (Use the space overleaf for your sketches)

  • The shared experience of place and activity Literary modelsClose observationCollaborationScientific languageNew knowledge of the natural and constructedField guides Herbal lore and legendGeographical guidesLiterary concepts: picturesque and sublimeNature writingTintern AbbeyThe Forest of Dean Sculpture TrailWriting WorkshopSpinoffsCreative writing anthology

  • The poetry anthology

    Use of literary models and conceptsIntegration of illustration drawing and photosUse of language from field guides and researchRecounting shared moments of experienceReflecting (often ironically) on the method

  • Ecocritical approach to poetryAn attitude to poetry as rooted in the rhythms of EarthCommitted writingShared experience of environment the encounterReflection and research with interdisciplinary knowledge and languageStarting with something real to write aboutPromoting the eighth intelligence

  • Why write poetry?to save the Earth?

    The aesthetic experience of writing sharpens and focuses moral issues more effectively than any amount of didactic teaching on the environment Pirrie 1987