Venturing Leader Specific Training

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Venturing Leader Specific Training. Session #3. Leadership and Organization. Crew Code and Bylaws. The crew’s operating instructions, code of conduct, etc. For the youth, BY the youth[new members agree to them] Crew purpose, membership, uniforms, meetings, dues, etc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Venturing Leader Specific Training

  • * Venturing Leader Specific Training

  • *Session #3LeadershipandOrganization

  • *Crew Code and Bylaws The crews operating instructions, code of conduct, etc.

    For the youth, BY the youth[new members agree to them]

    Crew purpose, membership, uniforms, meetings, dues, etc.

    Enforcement as necessary; firm, but fair

    Flexibility not difficult to change

  • *CrewCommitteeAdvisorAssociateAdvisorAdministrationAssociateAdvisorProgramConsultantsPresidentVicePresidentAdministrationVicePresidentProgramTreasurerCommitteeChairSecretaryActivityChairsVenturing Crew Organization

  • *Crew Organization and LeadershipWhen an organization agrees to be a sponsor in Venturing, it agrees to recruit adult leaders: an Advisor, one or more associate Advisors, and a crew committee (3+). These leaders must be adult men and women at least 21 years of age, who will guide the crew.

  • *Adult - Venturer TeamThe elected Venturer officers work hand-in-hand withthe adult Advisors and committee members.

    Activity chairs work with adult consultants (fromcrew committee, parents or other qualified adults)

    Cooperation and teamwork between adults and young adults are essential to the success of Venturing

  • *Adult Leaders Advisor Associate Advisors Crew Committee Consultants

  • *VenturersAge 14 (or age 13 and completed 8th grade)Not yet 21RegisteredSubscribes to the Oath and CodeAttends regular meetings

  • *Elected Post Officers President Vice Presidents Secretary Treasurer

  • Elected Post Officers Quartermaster Crew Guide Historian Activity Chairs (appointed)

  • *CURRENT Youth TrainingYouth Leadership Development for all VenturersIntro to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC)NYLT/NAYLE/WBKodiak Mentoring Others, Trainers EDGECrew Officer Training Progression:Crew Officers BriefingCrew Officers Seminar

  • *Crew Officers BriefingOutlined In The Venturing Leader ManualDone soon after elections, gets officers startedExplains Crew Officer RolesPrepares Officers for the Crew Officer SeminarGets Officers started on Pre-Seminar tasksSchedule PCI, AIS, and SeminarProvide Advisors expectations

  • *Crew Officers SeminarOutlined In The Venturing Leader ManualPlan and Schedule the Crews ProgramMake Leadership assignmentsDiscuss meeting formatDiscuss, begin developing crew bylaws and code of conduct

  • Intro to Leadership Skills for CrewsReplacement for Crew Officer Orientation & VLSC.Presented by Crew Advisor and crew leaders ideally.Made available early 2011 as download to attend NYLT, NAYLE, and Kodiak going forward.*

  • NYLT, NAYLE, Wood BadgeThese courses are NOW open to Venturers.NYLT & NAYLE for any Venturer.Wood Badge for those 18 and older.Intro to Leadership Skill for Crews will be required for NYLT soon.


  • NYLTNational Youth Leadership Training.Week-long or 2 weekendsNow open to ALL Venturers (those under 18).Program-neutral version out.*

  • NAYLENational Advanced Youth Leadership ExperienceWeek-long course.NOW open to all Venturers (under 18).Take NYLT *or* go thru a bridge course.Offered only at Philmont, but soon to be available at regional or cluster-council levels.*

  • *KodiakChallenging 2 weekend or weeklong outdoor trekTeaches 5 useable, relevant leadership commisions/skillsUses nature as a classroom (not indoors)May be offered by a council, district or crew (requires council executive approval)Uses hands-on learning approach with short presentations, constant reinforcementSee for more info

  • Trainers EDGEDay long courseNational course for Wood Badge, NYLT, NAYLE staffers.Also intended for Venturers who want to teach others, either as staff for VLSC, Kodiak, Kodiak X, or just teach others their skills.Course available on-line (#26-242)*

  • Mentoring NOT YET RELEASEDSix hour trainingReceive shirt stripPut training into action by mentoring someoneReceive Mentor medal.*

  • National Youth Leadership SocietyHonor society to recognize those scouts (Boy Scouts, Venturers) who complete training and hold positions.Must complete VLSC or ILSC.Must complete 3 of folowing: Kodiak, Kodiak X, Mentoring, NYLT, NAYLE.Must hold certain youth positions.Nominated/paid by councils.Receive framed certificate & recognition item.*

  • *How toConduct aReflection

  • *


    This is the BSA PowerPoint presentation, modified by George Crowl (S.H.A.C.) and then by Rick Vanglish (C10) and now by Michael Brown (SFC/GSC). [Thanks George; when you stand on the shoulders of giants . . . .]CAVEAT: This PowerPoint presentation has many references to BSA publications, videos and other materials which may or may not be currently accurate, as the page and product numbers of these materials change periodically (and, occasionally, so does the language/substance).This training course is MORE then five hours, without any breaks. Sessions 1 5 run 45, 90, 50, 60, and 60 minutes, respectively.


    Introduction. This training is designed to introduce adults to the basic information needed to operate a crew. The training is divided into five sessions: (1) Heres Venturing, (2) Understanding and Protecting Youth, (3) Leadership and Organization, (4) Awards and Recognitions, and (5) Resources and Program Planning.

    Course Format. The course can be offered in five separate sessions, in two longer sessions, or in one day with a lunch break. The course can be held indoors or in a camp retreat setting. Try to have different people present each session. You can also have youth present some sessions.

    Audiovisuals. The videotape New Crew Fast Start, used in sessions 1 and 3, and both Youth Protection videos are available through your BSA local council. Instructors should preview these videotapes prior to the training session.

    Appendix. The appendix of this training course is designed for BSA local council reproduction. The items may be used as handouts and/or overheads.

    Materials Needed. [This presentation needs a video projector and computer. It could be used on a large screen computer for a small group or personal coaching. The slides could be converted to overheads if a video projector is not available.]VCR with monitorFlip chart or blackboardOverhead projector (if desired)New Crew Fast Start videotape, AV-03V013Youth Protection Guidelines: Training for Adult Venturing Leaders, AV-03V14Youth Protection: Personal Safety Awareness, AV-09V027

    Materials needed: Flip chart or blackboard Handouts 7, 8 and 9 Venturing Leader Manual (VLM) VCR, New Crew Fast Start videotape, AV-03V013 Venturing Leadership Skills Course (VLSC) syllabus

    Start at 12:55, session is 50 minutes.

    The purpose of this session is to provide participants with an orientation on the leadership and organization required to operate a successful crew.Show the remaining 13:23 of New Crew Fast Start videotape.The key to success of a Venturing crew is informed, enthusiastic leaders and an exciting program of interest. We will talk about organization and leadership in this session.Crew by-laws: Read the paragraphs under the heading Crew Code and Bylaws in the Venturing Leader Manual. Photocopy and distribute VLM sample (or other examples) if desired.

    Chartered organization may impose some rules (e.g., LDS units are male-only), but otherwise, the youth need to make up their own. All members should agree to the by-laws of the crew; with new members receiving a copy before joining.

    On enforcement, youth can be intolerant and very harsh on each other; adults need to guide and temper any punishments.

    Bylaws should be easy to amend (no supermajority quorum; maybe just notice of proposed changes before the meeting and a normal majority vote).[This chart is a good reminder of the adult - Venturer team concept (covered next).]Crew Committee: Recruits Advisor and Associates Maintains PCI Obtains equipment Approves crew program Helps fund raising and financial management Meets monthlyConsultants (more, later in the Awards session) Technical experts for program activities planned by the Venturing activity committees. May be one-time-only, often identified by PCI. See the Venturing Leadership Manual for more information about the consultant.

    Note that the newer Crew positions are NOT shown on this chart.Distribute chart 7, the Typical Crew Organization Chart.When an organization organizes a Venturing crew, its leadership agrees to recruit adult volunteer leaders. These consist of an Advisor, one or more associate Advisors, and a crew committee of three or more members, one serving as the chair of the committee. These leaders must be adult men and women 21 years of age or older who will guide the crew toward programs resulting in good character, citizenship, and fitness for Venturers.

    Notice that across the organizational chart, there are equivalent Venturer and adult positions: the president works closely with the Advisor, the vice presidents work closely with the associate Advisors, the Venturing treasurer works closely with the crew committee treasurer (if there is one), and the activity chair works closely with the consultants. No position is completely independent. Cooperation and team work between adults and youth is essential.

    The adults are NOT a shadow government, but are there for guidance (and back up).Remember, Scouting provides a safe place to fail. Thats part of the learning process.