Varian - Microeconomic Analysis

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Microeconomics Textbook

Text of Varian - Microeconomic Analysis

  • Lee Ines NicoleSmall 'y' = production plan

    Big 'Y' = production possibilities set

  • Lee Ines NicoleV(y) = input requirement set

    V(y) measures inputs as positive, not negative, numbers

  • Lee Ines NicoleConvexity of input requirements set

  • Lee Ines NicoleSOCs for profit max'zn

  • Lee Ines NicoleCD production fct

  • Lee Ines NicoleHOD 0 Property

    Lee Ines NicoleHOD 0 is necessary condition for profit maxim'zn.

  • Lee Ines Nicole?? How to deduce from this that Hessian Matrix is strictly ND?

  • Lee Ines NicoleProperties of the substitution matrix

  • Lee Ines NicoleWAPM

  • Lee Ines NicoleImplications of WAPM

  • Lee Ines NicoleRecoverability: constructing a technology consistent with the observed choices.

    If a set of data satisfies WAPM, we can always find a technology for which the observed choices are profit-maximizing.

  • Lee Ines NicoleProperties of the Profit Function

  • Lee Ines NicoleHotelling's Lemma

  • Lee Ines NicoleApplying the envelope theorem to derive Hotelling's lemma

  • Lee Ines NicoleWhy matrix of derivatives of y is symmetric and PSD.

  • Lee Ines NicoleLee Ines Nicole 15 December, 2014 8:50 PM

  • Lee Ines NicoleCD example

  • Lee Ines NicoleCES example

  • Lee Ines NicoleConditional Factor Demand

  • Lee Ines NicoleProof that the conditional factor demand curve slopes downwards.

  • Lee Ines NicolePrinciple of duality: any concept defined in terms of the properties of the production function has a "dual" definition in terms of the properties of the cost function and vice versa.

  • Lee Ines NicoleMoney Metric Utility Functions