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192GC Column IndexGC Column VF-1ms VF-5ms VF-Xms VF-35ms VF-17ms VF-200ms VF-23ms VF-DA VF-5ht EZ-Guard Rapid-MS CP-Sil 5 CB CP-Sil 8 CB CP-1301 CP-Sil 13 CB CP-Sil 19 CB CP-Sil 24 CB CP-Sil 43 CB CP-Sil 88 CP-Wax 52CB CP-Wax 58 (FFAP) CB CP-Wax 57 CB CP-PoraBOND Q CP-PoraBOND U Page 210 212 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 224 225 227 229 229 230 231 232 232 233 234 235 238 239 GC Column CP-AL203/NA2S04 CP-AL203/KCL CP-Molsieve 5A CP-Lowox CP-PoraPLOT Q CP-PoraPLOT U CP-PoraPLOT-Q HT CP-SilicaPLOT CP-CarboBOND CP-poraPLOT Amines CP-CarboBOND P7 CP-PoraPLOT S Select A1203 MAPD Select Mineral Oil Select Silanes CP-Sil 88 for Dioxins CP-Sil 8 CB for Pesticides CP-Sil 19 CB for Pesticides CP-Sil 19 CB Low Bleed/MS for Pesticides CP-Sil PAH CB UltiMetal CP-Sil 5/C18 CB for PCB CP-Sil 8 CB for PCB CP-Select 624 CB CP-Sil 13 CB for halocarbons Page 240 240 241 242 243 244 244 245 246 246 246 246 248 249 249 250 251 251 251 252 252 252 252 252 GC Column Select Permanent Gases/CO2 CP-SimDist Fused Silica CP-SimDist UltiMetal CP-Volamine CP-Sil 8 CB for Amines CP-Wax for volatile amines and diamines CP-Wax 51 for amines CP-Wax 57 for glycols and alcohols CP-Select CB for MTBE CP-Sil PONA CB for ASTM D 5134-9 CP-Sil PONA CB CP-Propox CP-Sil 5 CB for sulfur CP-Squalane CP-TCEP for alcohols in gasoline Select for FAME CP-TAP CB for triglycerides CP-Sil 88 for FAME CP-FFAP CB CP-Carbowax 400 for volatiles in alcohol CP-Cyclodextrin-b-2,3,6-M-19 CP-Chirasil Val CP-Chirasil-DEX Page 253 254 254 255 256 256 256 257 257 257 257 258 258 258 258 259 260 260 260 260 261 261 261

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Varian GC Columns 193GC Capillary ColumnsWhy Buy Varian GC Columns? High quality Individually tested Application specific solutions Published, guaranteed specifications EZ-GRIP provides ease-of-use Leading-edge technology

Varian GC capillary columns stand for quality and the latest innovation. Varian is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality capillary columns with the most demanding quality assurance specifications in the industry. Thats because we control the entire manufacturing process in-house from the production of the fused silica tubing and stationary phase, all the way through column manufacturing and quality assurance, design and technology. Varian columns are the most reproducible on the market, which is reflected in our published specifications. A final quality touch: each Varian capillary column is individually tested.

Varian GC Capillary Column ProgramVarian offers the most complete capillary column selection available on the market today, and provides a wide variety of ultra-low bleed and general purpose columns as well as specialized Porous Layer Open Tubular capillary (PLOT) columns for gases and volatile compounds. Also available are Select columns, application specific columns for environmental, food and fragrance, chemical, and chiral analyses. Youll find that theres a Varian capillary column to meet your need, with a range of features suited to optimize your specific application. In addition, each Varian capillary column is supplied with EZ-GRIP, the unique system that makes installation, coupling, and operation of your capillary column easier. For a complete overview of Varians GC column program, phase composition and application area, see page 196.

Varians Unique EZ-GRIPSupplied with Each Standard GC Capillary Column Easier precolumn/retention gap and dual-column installation Secure, error-free connections for optimum column performance Saves installation time with complete, unified column system

1. Special tabs on EZ-GRIP secure up to 15 meters of precolumn and retention gap tubing. 2. Each EZ-GRIP includes two brackets to firmly attach single ferrule column connectors to a precolumn, transfer-line, or second analytical column. 3. EZ-GRIP firmly attaches a second analytical column on a 5-in. cage to create rugged and easy-to-handle dual column configurations. See page 194 for more information on Varians GC columns on 5-in. cage. 4. EZ-GRIP tabs conveniently hold the column inlet and outlet ends during storage and installation. Inlet and outlet ends are clearly marked on the EZ-GRIP bar, eliminating accidental reverse-direction reinstallation and the extra time needed to reinstall or bake out/back flush the column. 5. The unique column scale is in the ideal location to help you accurately and quickly measure the correct column length to insert into the injector and detector. Also, standard Varian 3800 GC insertion lengths are pre-marked to save you from time and eliminate errors.

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Varian GC ColumnsVarians Application Specific Columns: Select Columns

The Latest GC Capillary Column InnovationsVarians Ultra-Low Bleed FactorFour ColumnsWith the introduction of FactorFour Varian has set a new standard for capillary column performance. The comprehensive family of stationary phases with up to four-fold lower bleed specification than comparable competitive products available today has been expanded with both new dimensions and new phases.


Varian Select Silanes

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The Varian Select Silanes fused silica capillary column is a stabilized trifluoropropyl-methyl polysiloxane phase optimized for silanes determination. The thick film of the Varian Select Silane results in a high capacity and retention for highly volatile silanes, which also enables you to perform composition as well as impurity analysis down to ppm levels.



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Phase composition: A mid polar arylene stabilized equivalent of 50% phenyl, 50% dimethylpolysiloxane low bleed stationary phase. Ideal applications: antidepressants, herbicides and pesticides.


Varian Select Al2O3 MAPD

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The Varian Select Al2O3 MAPD is an aluminum PLOT column optimized for Methyl Acetylene and Propadiene (MAPD). Response for unsurpassed analysis of trace reactive hydrocarbons in the C1-C10 range.



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Phase composition: A mid polar arylene stabilized equivalent of 35% phenyl, 65% methyl dimethylpolysiloxane low bleed stationary phase. Ideal applications: aromatic compounds, pesticides and herbicides, sterols and other substituted aromatic compounds in trace environmental and analytical analysis.

Varian Custom GC ColumnsVarian offers a wide range of stationary phases in several dimensions. Sometimes, however, you need to use a column that has nonstandard dimensions, tests, or other special criteria. Because Varian performs the entire production process in-house, we can address almost any requirement and supply almost any special column you request. For instance, some of the custom columns that Varian can deliver include: Columns in a variety of lengths and film thicknesses EZ-Guard columns Columns with a retention gap or transfer line tested for leaks Analytical columns coupled and tested for leaks Columns custom tested with a specific test mixture and test conditions Dont let a special requirement prevent you from following up a line of critical research. Please contact your local Varian sales office with any questions regarding custom-made columns and price quotations.



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Phase composition: A trifluoropropyl-methyl low bleed stationary phase. Ideal applications: high dipole (electron rich) compounds like ketones, aldehydes, nitro-, chloro-, bromo-, fluorocontaining compounds, substituted aromatic compounds, unsaturated compounds, silanes and CFCs.


0.53 mm columns are ideally suited for specific injection techniques such as valve, on-column, and direct injection. High flow rates are possible, allowing fast analysis and low elution temperatures.

0.53 mm ID VF-1ms and VF-5ms columns

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Columns on a Varian 5-in. CageMost GC columns are also available on a 5-in. cage. The 5-in. cage can be attached to Varians standard 7-in. cage with EZ-GRIP. This lets you easily and conveniently install together one 7-in. and one 5-in. column with EZ-GRIP, saving valuable oven space. The Varian 5-in. cage will also fit the HP6850 GCs. Varian capillary columns on 5-in. cages can be ordered via standard part numbers by adding the suffix i5 to the end of the regular 7-in. part number. For example, the 5-in. version of CP8944 will be CP8944i5. The price of the column on a 5-in. cage is the same as the price for the same column on a standard 7-in. cage. Note: Our columns on 7-in. cages are delivered with EZ-GRIP, but our columns on the smaller 5-in. cages are not.


EZ-Guard Columns

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The Varian EZ-Guard column combines a FactorFour column with a built-in Varian guard column (retention gap). Theres no coupling so no leaks! The EZ-Guard columns also have a unique uncoated section at the column outlet, which acts as an integrated transferline. When used with any type of detector, a shorter stabilization time will be obtained.

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Varian GC Columns 195GC Column SpecificationsOptimized Performance Through Controlled and Tight SpecificationsVarian GC columns are produced following exacting ISO 9001 certified procedures. This process guarantees that all Varian GC columns are manufactured using a systematic and controlled process. Varian draws its own fused silica tubing in order to control quality. In addition, Varian synthesizes the stationary phases that we use for our capillary columns, which enables us to produce capillary columns to the tightest specifications.

Operating Temperature Ranges for Varian GC ColumnsVarian specifies the maximum and