Valves and pumps for city centrepiece

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    Guernseys Penin- sula Hotel is using Grundfos APG grinder pumps to pump hotel sew- age.

    Hotel tackles its own sewage disposal

    A hotel in Guernsey, UK, is using the recently launched APG Grinder pumps from Grundfos, to pump hotel sewage to the mains drainage systems, which is located 900 metres away. The pumps have enabled the Peninsula Hotel to reduce its sewage disposal costs signif- icantly, saving up to f15,OOO per annum.

    The Peninsula Hotel, which has approximately 100 rooms, uses an underground cesspit to hold the sewage until it is emptied. The cesspit is in two sections, a pumping chamber and an overflow pit and holds up to ten thousand gallons of raw sewage in each chamber. Until recently, this was emptied by a tanker, ten times a day.

    In view of the high and steadily increasing disposal costs, the hotel management considered a number of options to dispose of its waste. The most effective solution proved to be the Grundfos APG grinder pumps.

    The pumps feature an impel- ler system which cuts up de- structible solids into small pieces so that the sewage can be pumped at high pressure through a standard 90 mm MDPE pipe to the main drain. The pipework to the mains sewage system is routed be- neath the foreshore sand dunes,

    as the hotel is situated on the sea-front.

    The APG Grinder Pumps are manufactured from cast iron and feature single channel im- pellers and hardened stainless steel cutter blades. In addition Grundfos says the pumps are

    easy to install and operate, and have been specifically designed for projects of this nature where sewage must be pumped over long distances.

    The reduction in disposal costs achieved by the Peninsula Hotel has prompted a neigh- bouring hotel - the Houmet - to order a similar system.

    Contact: Grundfos Pumps, Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. LU7 8TL, UK. Tel: + 44 1525 850000; Fax: +44 1525 850011.

    Valves and pumps for city centrepiece

    Crane Fluid Systems is supply- ing pumps and valves to Belfast City Councils new f29 m Waterfront Hall, which is due to be opened in 1997 and is said

    The Belfast Waterfront Development under construction, into which pumps and valves manufactured by Crane Fluid Systems have been installed.


    to be the centrepiece of the Laganside development project, in Northern Ireland.

    It is hoped that the Lagan- side project will bring new life and prosperity to the previously derelict part of Belfast city dockland on which it is sited. The circular building will have a domed copper roof, red brick and a glass frontage. Inside, the centre will comprise a 2235 seater air-conditioned main auditorium and a 500 seater minor hall. Broadcast boxes are also planned for the media.

    Many hundreds of Crane valves have been supplied for this substantial contract, in- cluding butterfly valves, bronze ball valves, quarter turn isola- tion and balancing valves.

    The pumps supplied were Crane G range 2000 series belt driven end suction C range pIImps, sump pumps and MF and K range circulators. All the pumps supplied had to meet strict noise controls to meet the acoustic requirements of the

    building and the pumpsets have been installed overhead as building work.progresses.

    The G range 2000 series belt driven pump is designed for systems which are developed incrementally to full capacity, making it ideal for the Water- front Hall, where the load may be increased in the future. MF circulators are suitable for a wide range of building services applications. They combine multi-speed single phase and three phase motors with four position flow regulation to offer sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of systems such as that in the conference centre. The K range in-line glanded circulat- ing pump, is suitable for low temperature hot water, medium temperature hot water and do- mestic hot water system appli- cations.

    Contact: Crane Fluid Systems, Nacton Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9QH, UK. Tel: +44 1473 270222; Fax: + 44 1473 270221.

    Lubrication arrangement by request

    Twelve months ago specialist pump manufacturer Girdle- stone was disappointed to hear from engineers at Mobil Oil that its vertical sump pump did not meet the requirements of the Coryton Refinery site in Essex, UK, for handling oily water.

    Mobil prefers the intermedi- ate bearings on vertical pumps to have oil bath lubrication, to

    One of the vertical pumps supplied to the Coryton Site.